My communication with Timarak 

In the summer 2010 I communicated with Timarak, with 7-bit-ASCII-codes completely down in the end of my crop circle page at that time. I hid that a little bit, so that does not see everyone directly. Normally one does not scroll completely downward the page and the codes was completely down, in the end of the actual HTML page. Which I wrote, I do not know today no more, I noted only two transmissions: 

Transmission 1: o.k.(Delete)(Enquiry)_but (Acknowledgement)_icu (Enquiry)+ 

Transmission 2: +yes+your wisdom+your love+peace+your society+your

nature+icu+where+when?+learn from you+++

Timarak answered then as follows to my signs. He got my Internet address from angels, he can tap above in the universe an Internet satellite, has thus entrance to the Internet. 

(10 crop circles)


25 June 2010: Here he discovered my secret signs, the ASCII-codes, hidden however nevertheless visibly.




3 July 2010: A star is risen! Finally once someone from the earth communicates with me.




6 July 2010: Many pictures. That were the preview pictures of my crop circle page, it were outside squarely and inside round, on the inside was then the crop circle to be seen.




9 July 2010: But more. It concerns about more as to show only the crop circles. Why I do make it? What for a sense has that to make crop circles?




10 July 2010: But danger! Lucifer informed the CIA that I communicate with extraterrestial ones. They would not have experienced it at all, if Lucifer had not given them the hint.




17 July 2010: Versatility is in demand. Higher intelligence like the Dracos be just more versatile as we are.




25 July 2010: Again danger!




30 July 2010: Here he answered with ASCII codes, see the Wickham Green decoding.




8 August 2010: A police cap. I also used the police then, in order to save my life. That was scarce at that time! Now the killer sit in the prison and I live.




Photos: by Lucy Pringle

13 August 2010: A lamp. I shine for you on all your ways. And it also helped. Today Lucifer is dead, the 8000 black angels be white angels and does property. There is nothing bad more from the heaven, now the heaven is good.


18 September 2015



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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