The Crabwood Crop Circle - Review (v.10.2015) 

  *A great many thanks to Roy Leraand, who seems to be the person who uploaded in 2013 images 2, 3 & 4, you see above, which are now probably one of the best photos we have to this day of the original Crabwood crop circle. For more pictures of this formation, look here. 

I.             Introduction

The Crabwood crop circle is a crop circle design that appeared in a field near a communication tower in the area of Winchester, near Crab Wood, England, on the morning of 15 August 2002, featuring a face of a being from the type "grey" and a coded message (accompanying the image) in a CD format. Nobody claimed ownership over the work at the time. Lucy Pringle - a well known crop circle researcher, did an amazing job in documenting the case

This crop circle is probably one of the most interesting such because it is one of the very few formations that contain an actual clear & direct message embodied in them. Another example of such crop circle, containing a clear & direct message, would be the Chilbolton crop circle

II.            Basis

No matter how many pictures and how good images have been taken by researchers at that time when the formation appeared, there are in reality very few pictures of the Crabwood crop circle with high resolution on the internet. If this crop pattern is a serious communication from a serious instance with a serious message, it is crucial that we know exactly what the communication contains and have all the details about it. The back-engineered images you will see here are meant to set a record of the results of a rigorous & precise examination of both the image and the message of this crop pattern based on the documentation available and are meant to offer to some degree a better quality of view and to possibly show in more details the crop circle itself, for this crop circle is everything but a simple one and it is probably not out of place to say that all details it contains matter for one reason or another. 

III.         Research

- From the summer of 1952 until the summer of 2002 there are exactly 50 years – Q: What happened in the summer of 1952? A: The UFO lights over Washington, USA.

- From the summer of 1947 until the summer of 2002 there are exactly 55 years – Q: What happened in the summer of 1947? A: An unknown vehicle with beings inside crashed in Roswell, USA.

- From 1942 until 2002 there are exactly 60 years – Q: What happened in 1942? A: The event known as “The battle over Los Angeles”.

- Between 2002 and 2012 there are exactly 10 years.

- It seems that there is actually no bell sound at the end of the Crabwood message and that the “bell sound” mentioned by some previous crop circle reporters (included at the end of the Crabwood message) is very very possibly a misdecoding of the last “dot” finishing the last sentence of the message. Investigation on this issue is advised for everyone, who might have some doubts about the results of this research.


IV.         Results



V.           Notes

Note: Be aware that the decoded message in English letters and the restored image with it, together, are as accurately investigated as it is possible based on the documentation available and are quite possibly the most accurate back-engineered pieces of information that one can find around regarding the Crabwood crop circle. Anyway, hereby it is acknowledged, that even so, the restored pictures are not absolutely 1 to 1 equals to the original image and it is known that there are still some imperfections between the original image and the digitally enhanced image. If you believe you can do a better job in fixing those imperfections, you are free to build upon this work by following the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). Perhaps it is also not a bad idea for you to check everything out for yourself, if you have doubts regarding the results of this research. 

As an author of the back-engineered pictures, I can submit clearly my position, that in the process of restoration of the Crabwood image, I convinced myself that this crop circle is made with the help of a more complex piece of technology than with the help of ropes, planks of wood and measuring tools. Based on the lack of evidences, we can only speculate, as to whom this technology belongs to, or who, or what was involved in the creation of this formation. Ultimately, the complexity of this crop pattern is forcing us to consider its message & its implications much more seriously.

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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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