HOW WE MADE E.T. CONTACT... (first kind)   

The story of me and the cropcircle of 26 july 2015 is as following.

My wife and I went to a local campsite in a park in amsterdam city the 25 of july, the day before. We were having a great time around a camp fire, singing with some 50 locals.
Here we met this Israeli guy named Boaz.
Boaz invited us to come at 20.00 hours to a small hill just above the camp fire.
He wanted to do a E.T. meditation, this he learned from steven greer. Offcourse me my wife and some friends were up for it. So there we went with 9 others and Boaz wich makes a total of ten people.

We started with a breathing session to get our energies up.
Then Boaz the israeli placed a small speaker in the middle with beeping sounds he said could attrack E.T.'s.
This he got from the website of steven greer. The session begun offcourse with some talking and explaining why we were doing it.
He said that E.T.'s were interrested in contacting locals instead of goverments they allready had contact with. With no succes. So now they were looking for locals. Very interresting I thought.  After the breathing session we had to hold hands for while and visualised ourself leaving earth and visualize ourself higher and higher. Untill we reached out of the galaxy, Then back to earth again. 


This energy of all of us flowed through our arms and right through my tatoo between my shoulderblades. This is the tatoo I told you about the one that apeared in the cropcircle.
All this energy was beamed into the sky right through the symbol I have on my back.
This must be the reason it appeared in the cropcircle. Because where the mind goes the energy goes. (Taoism). This same evening we were having the E.T. meditation, the crop apeared in a field near wilthshire u.k. This has to be a response to our call for E.T. contact.


Also interresting is the white horse wich showed on a hill nearby the crop. My chinese astrology sign is horse, and my etnic is white. Could they again be pointing at me?

But the thing that made it posible for me was that on the evening. The 26th of july there was a code red for the coming stormy weather. On the news they were scaring us for days about the coming storm.
So everyone in holland was anxious awaiting the coming storm.

But we were on top of an hill with ten people beaming love and positive energy into the galaxy.

Probabbly the only one in holland that time wich had such a strong force of love.
This 10 peoples energy multiplied by the 50 people singing and chearing around the campfire  down the hill made such a strong beam of love into the galaxy. Plus the intentions we wanted to make a E.T. connection made in my eyes a proper *First Contact*.
For years my interrest is going towards the possibility of life beyond earth.
I didnt even doubt that before. But now I am even more sure about it.

This cropcircle was not as one your folowers said ''the blue kachina''
But the raven god of the native indians. The creator raven from the haida clan.


Thus not an eagle. Beacause in almost ALL creation myths a raven is there... as much of you allready know. Odin, Eliah, Bran, Haida and the Chinese all talk about a ravens in their creation myths. there is even a Ravne tunnel underneath the biggest pyramide in Europe Bosnia.


I am not saying they contacted me personally. I am an energy. And so are you.

Interresting fact is that my name is MARK RAVEN. So this could be the mark of the raven. In a field that showed also my chinese astrology sign. Plus it showed in the cropcircle a figure with the same symbol between his shoulders or underneat his head. As do I have. This was for me jaw dropping. Most of my friends believe we made first contact.
The crop circle also showed the caracter having a kind of necklace with ten digits... these ten digits could refer to the ten people I was with. And this greater circle is in my eyes a stargate. Or it was a depiction of  the 50 people below around the campfire... because they were sitting in a half circle. Or in numerology its 5/5 like Marc Smulders mentioned.


Another fact is that Raven is a mystical bird wich often is seen as a bridge between the upper and the lower worlds. In tarot I am the hierophant the fifth card, the hierophant is also a bridger between god and the people.


So make your own opinion about my store and all feedback is more then welcome.

Also the first crop circle this year was with my back tatoo in a 5th circle in four other circle wich meant in my eyes some sort of evolution. 


The symbol I am talking about is an 3000 year old chinese symbol of longevity. I am wearing it on my upper bacl since 2008 and I let it made in shanghai city. Since then I am searching for the fountain of youth or longevity. With succes.


When my wife just heard the story after diner she mentioned the ufo weve spotted.  


This ufo  apeared  the day before the first cropcircle this year when my wife and I were in spain in galicia on a beach were weve spotted also a ufo cloud like weve seen in poland, and also after this day I saw the cropcircle. The second connection between my tatoo and a crop....  According to the Alien Race Book (ARB)  it is a ship from the messengers.

The bird coming out of the circle is for me also very interesting because it looks like an raven. Or an ancient egyptian forehead kundalini energy. 


Then again my friend showed me the squared circle in this crop is off a couple of degrees.  

Could this be the degrees of the earth thats tilted this way? I dont know..

Then a couple days ago in germany near berlin were a good friend of mine lives was also a cropcircle of a bird in a circle...

Could this be the follow up on the first crop?

one more thing came to my mind, visnu said he would apear in his 13th and last form in the form of an white horse...



Mark Raven, Amsterdam 2015 #Three Eyed Raven


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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