Harvest of the ‘Eagle’.


"The words in the interview say it all". 

"It really is up to us now to take this thing forward with positivity and respect. We are just guests on the farmer’s land after all. Discouragement of, let's say, the 'negative' elements in our midst will help enormously. This can simply be done by groups and individuals actively avoiding any misnamed local Wiltshire CC venues e.g. an (Dis)-Information Cafe which does not sympathise with Brighter Futures or charity and are attempting to derail our PR successes by for example, ’character assassination’ of myself and CGI…without any success whatsoever I may add. This message is especially important to protect vulnerable first-timer visitors who are easy prey for debunkers and attention/adoration/power seekers who reside at this dark and creepy place. Things are not always as they seem I’m afraid”. 

“Like saying goodbye to an old friend”. 

"This is the opportunity we have all been waiting for since CCs started some 35 years ago. The BBC seem to be taking an active interest in all this which will make a huge difference in terms of both popularising CCs and also in helping with the Brighter Futures Appeal".  

"Now we have a chance to really put something back into the community by supporting the 'Brighter Futures Appeal', which of course is just a catalyst and will only be the starting point. Hopefully there will be many more 'Brighter Future' projects we can help with in the coming years and in so doing bring CCs into the public's consciousness in a much more positive light. People will quickly learn to equate CCs with CHARITY and GOOD CAUSES instead 

of jokes about 'Green Men’…charity-association was the primary brief wrapped around the CGI concept four years ago. Brighter Futures could not be a more serious topic and should be treated with the greatest of respect”. 

"As with so many CCs, we can see here that the 'Eagle' CC just refuses to go away, even after harvest. It's beauty is still evident and will remain so until the ground is ploughed in later on".  

"This CC is arguably the most important and significant CC in the entire history of the phenomenon because of the events that surround it. Also, this CC alone has raised the best part of £6K which is a record for us. Previously, CGI has only managed to raise a maximum of around £4K in a single year, in a climate, it has to be said, when farmers and press were reluctant participants largely, so this is a leap forward both in a PR sense and also in financial terms”. 

”Our total at time of writing is around £6300 which includes donations from ‘The Rose’ and ‘Stars’ at Etchilhampton”. 

"Look out for the supporting film...'2015...The Year of Transition'... which will hopefully be out on YouTube in the near future”. 

Paul Jacobs (CGI)


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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