The Crop Circle Phenomenon – reloaded    by Joachim Koch, Germany

Two friends of mine, also members of  EFODON e.V, Germany, visited in the  summer 2014 the circular land art inside a corn field near the  parabolic satellite communications antennas at Erdfunkstelle Raisting, Bavaria, Germany, the biggest facility for satellite communication in the world. It is used by the NSA as well, of course. Not far away is lake Ammersee which is why this land art sometimes was called the “ Ammersee Circle”.

After returning from their visit there both were very impressed by the dimension and design of this pictogram. But they also had a certain feeling of helplessness regarding the meaning and the way it was created. They asked themselves: “What are the implications of the crop circle phenomenon? Is it a message? Art? Deception? Showmanship? Natural phenomenon? Extraterrestrial activity?”

Well, I thought I could help them with their questions and maybe I could help others here, too! But right at this part of my article I urgently appeal to everyone to try to stay unbiased because in the meantime since the beginning the crop circle phenomenon has become so multi-layered that a rough understanding of its dramatic development can raise, only if one is in the position to have a first-hand overview of the past 26 years since the phenomenon had reached public awareness.

One single pictogram at Ammersee makes no crop circle phenomenon, not at all.

A statement about what this phenomenon once had been could go like this: it was a cosmic-human interaction, a close encounter of the third kind.

And why especially I believe to be someone with competence in this subject I may explain briefly in the following paragraphs.

When in the very same corn fields of Wiltshire, South England, in 1989/90  several complex pictograms emerged from the morning mist and initially no one was able neither to explain their origin nor meaning. The national and later even the international media started to give attention to this new phenomenon which in the beginning manifested so impressively for some obscure reason only in South England. Hans-Jürgen Kyborg and I, at this time were still deeply involved in UFO-research as members of MUFON-CES, became aware of the crop circles and then started to analyse this completely new phenomenon.

Being active hobby astronomers, we very soon discovered various characteristic astronomic features in the pictograms. We thought that if an extraterrestrial intelligence is showing up here with some symbols these should or could have a specific meaning. Maybe it is a message for humankind?

We were the first ones up to this time who developed an astronomic decoding of the so-called “cerealoglyphs” by using the available data in strictly chronological order. In July, 1991, for the first time we drove to Wiltshire to verify our theory with the help of an experimental pictogram on the spot. That means we used the code of the so far unknown circle makers and asked them if they might come from one of the four possibly existing planets around Alpha Centauri A. As always done in our experiments, we used the simplest, the most obvious and therefore the most plausible scenario. So the double star system Alpha Centauri (with a third component Proxima Centauri) with its A-component represents the next star to our Sun being of the same spectral type.

Experimental pictogram 1991 (read from the bottom to the top):" Hello! We are here on the third planet of our solar system and we have one moon. Roughly 4  away from us [binary code in the middle of the pictogram] there is the double star system Alpha Centauri. Do you come from its main component Alpha Centauri A, which might have 4 stable planetary orbits. If so, please enlarge one of the four orbits attached to component A”. (Picture courtesy: Busty Taylor)

After having completed our 36m pictogram with the encoded question (done without planks and literary only by hand) we had to wait for the next three days for a new pictogram somewhere in the area. Then it happened with great excitement all around and we received answers with the next two complex pictograms, the one at Preshute Down on Temple Farm and the one on Farmer White’s farm below Barbury Castle. These two pictograms, after their decoding, led us right to a very interesting star named HD 42807 which is in the centre of an arrangement of 6 mighty star constellations, also known as the Winter Circle“.     

First answer pictogram in the Preshute Downs nr. Rockley on the Temple Farm (again read from the bottom to the top): Hello you on your third planet with its moon in your solar system. It is not a double star system [as shown in the upper part of the pictogram] but a single star system with two orbiting planets. The second planet is important.”

It is not possible here to report the fantastic events following this initial question and answer communication. We followed this concept for the next two decades up to 2009 and so I can only  recommend to you to read our two books „Die Antwort des Orion“ (1991-92) und „Vernetzte Welten“ (1993-2000). There you can find all what happened in chronological order and from today’s view of 2015, it has become a real anthology.   In summer 1994, George Wingfield covered our findings in a long article in his leading crop circle magazine "The Cerealogist“. Every summer since then we organized major meditation events locally and globally with outstanding success. Even Roger Nelson from the Global Consciousness Project of Princeton University worked with us and you can find his results on his website. To show how effective we were with our teams I like to remind you of the appearance of a coloured globe in Avebury and the UFO encounter at Silbury Hill. To end this here, one thing is for sure: we know what we are talking about.


Genuine or not genuine?

The question regarding the so-called "genuineness“ of circles divided  the international crop circle scene in two large camps from the very beginning.

"Genuine“ means: not man-made but of extraterrestrial or supernatural origin or done by Planet Earth herself. "Not genuine“ means: man-made (hoax or land art). Animals, lightning or the wind cannot create complex pictograms.

Crop circles mainly were made at night time and became visible at dawn. In the beginning no traces could be found, the fields were seemingly untouched. Later the enormous size of hundreds of metres in length or diameter and especially the more and more sophisticated inner structures led crop circle tourists to believe that no human could ever create such a huge formation in one night.

Many of them who breathlessly watched the East Field in Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, from above the road were overwhelmed by the size of these pictograms and how they were deliberately placed right into the heart of this sacred countryside.

Today we surely can state that there was only a short phase in the beginning of  the crop circle phenomenon around the early 1990s in which most if not all researchers were convinced that extraterrestrials or Mother Earth herself had been at work. It was this very special period of time when our answer pictograms appeared, when helicopters chased balls of light above the East Field, when sightings of columns of light coming down from the clouds were repeatedly reported, when strange sounds above and inside some fields were recorded, when  the Dürckheim brothers recorded spheres of light floating across fields, when the famous UFO encounter with one of the tractor drivers on the Carson’s farm happened and all the electromagnetic irritations inside crop formations fooled electronic devices as Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado reported them several times.

If there ever have been "genuine“ crop circles then it might have happened in this short span of time up to 1992. At also in this time it started that people very soon named the products of the copy cats “hoaxes” which in turn means that there must have been “originals”. It was known that inside the hoaxer scene in England some respect for a so-called and unknown “Team A” prevailed and it meant some kind of extraterrestrial agenda.

The East Field in which the first large pictograms appeared was respected and avoided by the hoaxers for quite a long time showing a rest of a "conduct of honour“. It was a quiet agreement that this field was reserved for the "A-Team“ only. And really, if you dared to enter this special field you had a queasy feeling and lowered your voice. Of course, at that time we also didn’t know that a strong energy line and the Ridgeway from Barbury Castle both came through this amazing field.

Of course, this all changed very soon and exceedingly radical. Remote controlled hoaxers such as the senior citizens Doug&Dave claimed on camera that they had created all (!) circles, sometimes several in one night at different locations. After that  the mainstream thought the circles were now and only the products of crazy hoaxers and these two pensioners and the world was in order again.

Only man-made circles since 1993

Because of the increasing negative public perception of the phenomenon and the alarming degree  of hoaxing both crop circle parties tried  to collect physical proof for their favourite thesis. In summary one may say today:  with no soil- or crop samples no one ever could provide proof for a non-human mechanism responsible for the creation of any of the crop circles as known so far.

Much was assumed and persistently claimed, but in the end nothing could be really proved. I remember the project of Michael Chorost who tried to prove the existence of exotic isotopes in the soil inside crop circles and how he failed dramatically. I remember the photographs of Busty Taylor showing crop stems which looked like being burnt from the inside. Very often swollen or disrupted vacuoles inside the stem nodes were claimed as to be the result of micro wave exposure. Even the tests of Dr. Levengood in his laboratory could not provide unambiguous results for the benefit of one or the other crop circle party.

Regarding the plants you always have to face the fact that these are living creatures, genetically breed specialists within their species to produce highest results, which are resistant against many environmental impacts and always searching for sunlight. You have to know that (not only) English farmers expose their fields to extensive chemical treatment. This causes considerable effects. The one who is not a crop expert may trap into anomalies and illness of plants and may explain these anomalies as the result of extraterrestrial influences.

Also there are very few reports for the “spontaneous forming of crop circles” which lack any verification. And also the infamous Oliver Castle Video was exposed as a fraud and many other similar attempts as well.

All the once  the "sacred“ criteria for the genuineness such as  "bent but not broken“ were simulated by the land artists who increased their skills year by year.  All the physical features to make believe so-called "crop circle researchers“ that they are inside a genuine crop circle could be performed by the makers. I know what I am writing about.

If you are not familiar with the landscape you can’t realise that a pictogram is perhaps placed on a magnetic earth line, a specific geological  feature, a blind spring, on or near a planetary power place. There are drains, tanks and irrigation systems in the ground which often even fooled untrained dowsers and led them the wrong way. If you know these techniques you can  find a crop circle or parts of it with various energies which are taken up by the visitors. And whatever you have implanted there produces the corresponding sensations or feelings in and around them. This ability provides a wide field of possible actions and reactions. It is not magic but produces magic effects.

To show an example, here are the "St. Mary’s“ line (above red) and the "St. Michael´s“ line (below blue). These are mighty earth energy lines which run along the whole South England. Many of the famous Neolithic sites are placed on or are aligned to these two major lines. Here you see them in the area of Marlborough/Avebury. Many of the crop circles were, are  placed upon these lines to suggest "genuineness“. Maybe or hopefully there are also a few among the circle makers who respect these lines and use them as amplifiers for their positive messages to the universe.

The one and only method to identify a crop circle as "genuine“ or "not genuine“ is serious dowsing. Every activity, no matter of which provenance, leaves its specific energy signature behind. A well trained and serious dowser can accurately find what was done by whom. No trick remains disguised, no trap hidden. Where all technology fails, the rods show radiation and direction reliably and accurately. To be and remain absolutely unbiased inside a crop circle is basic standard. Also a must is humility regarding the area you are in and all which is included there as well as the ability to submit to the dowsing job you are about to do. Unfortunately, there are gurus among the dowsers who literally have lost hold to the ground.

Learning how to deal with the invisible, about the energetic patterns behind the mere visible and how we humans interact with these energy fields – this was the more profound intention of the crop circle phenomenon. Our experiments in 1993 produced indisputable results because after hours of dowsing we found well defined energy grids with a clearly distinguishable dumbbell "pictogram“ in large set-aside fields without any vegetation. These experiments boosted our courage because they showed clearly that we humans possess capabilities far beyond the material aspect of our existence which are most effective. Across infinitive distances of time and space we can influence things, alter them and even create them only with the force of our spirit.

Of course, this is not new knowledge but the crop circle phenomenon in a whole, besides the discussion if man-made or not, was and is a reminder to learn anew how to deal with this knowledge in a cosmic context and for the benefit or our planet.

After the phenomenon became aware in 1990 internationally and attracted many individuals and groups to come to England, the circles began to appear in other countries as well and this has a simple explanation. Everyone who has been in England and who experienced how easy it is to create a beautiful crop circle started to do it after returning home. They did it immediately and continuously. It is known that nobody could withstand this attraction, almost all croppies and researchers, even the most inquisitional hoaxer hunters, could not resist to do "their“ circle. If you once make a start with circle making and you see that "your circle“ becomes an object of admiration, it is hard to stop that, it is like an addiction.

From the beginning of the crop circle era on and even nowadays the names of crop circle artists and teams more and more became known to insiders of the crop circle scene. You can assign their fabrications according to style and signature. For example, I possess three video cassettes and DVDs where human circle makers report about their motivations and experiences inside the fields. During the past two decades I met most of the known land artists. There are no illusions any more.

Every autumn when the harvest is done, the planning for the next season starts and right now they all are active again. The designs for the new pictograms are fixed since months, now the fields are being watched to find the best one according to vegetation, surface conditions, presence of water tanks, energy lines, slopes inside the field, places to watch out for not welcomed visitors and even mist conditions at night. And, of course, the hostility of the owner of the very field plays a crucial role.

The first circles usually appear in rape fields and in the beginning everyone was stunned because it seemed to be impossible to bend these strong rape stems without breaking them. What  insider knows is  you can create circles in rape but only when the plants are young because then they are soft and have a curved part of the stem right on the ground which is rather flexible at that time of their growing period.

“The Stargate“. Such was the name of this pictogram which was part of our "Project Toliman“ in 2004. It possessed a very special energetic signature and was located in the "Tawsmead Field“.  At 100m above this field we experienced frightening electromagnetic interactions while sitting in an airplane in 1992. The ceremony of “the opening of the way” was also applied to this pictogram.

After 26 years of crop circle making only the sky’s the limit. Even for the largest pictograms or the most sophisticated inner structures of a formation you only need a few, silent, sworn and extremely coordinated team members or several of such teams. Each one is trained to do exactly what he or she has to do according to the plan to create and finish the work within three hours. In the past years, some found it very funny to enlarge their pictograms massively during the following nights. What you also need to enlarge the magic of your circle are good story tellers who are full of strange experiences regarding your pictogram. And if some illuminated balloon-bundles were  airborne the same night you even can report UFO-sightings.

Inside the crop circle community there are not only a few who unshakably stood for the genuineness of all circles and pictograms. I remember one croppie, she loved to dress like a native American, who told me that the only man-made pictograms she knew at all were those of Hans and me.

Apart from all the lovely, gullible people, the "esos“ and the hippies some awkward and sometimes really militant customers emerged who preoccupied the phenomenon and believed to be the true custodians of it. They all know each other, exchange information about events and croppies, link each other on their websites and celebrate themselves as "the ones in the know“. Accordingly they inquisitorially chase after every one who was under suspicion to be a "hoaxer“.

They all have their theories about the creation and meaning of crop circles and exploit them lucratively. If you discuss with these “crop circle VIPs” and criticise their theories or even worse, tell them that there are no genuine crop circles any more, they regularly go on the rampage.

A few of the good-natured ones were fed up with these characters by the time and turned their backs to the croppie scene because of the hatred and discord and risked to lose those who once have been good friends.

Since many years real crop circle tourism with “guided” tours to England has established. Among the guides you’ll find names of either sex, some of them from the old crop circle days, some from the next generation. I have no objections to show people the fascination and some of the hidden secrets of the landscapes of Wiltshire and also to lead them into crop circles which are sometimes real good land art. 

There were many who experienced a real heightening of their awareness while walking around in Avebury, sitting on Silbury or Walkers Hill and looking down to a pictogram in the fields below the cliff of the Vale of Pewsey. They went  home somehow changed in mind and with an absolutely increased positive thinking. Who ever heard Enya singing on Wandsdyke Path beneath the stars will never forget this magic moment of cosmic touch.

On the other hand, still today some of these gurus who claim to be "in the know“ lead gullible crop circle tourists into circles which "purely by chance“ appeared at the beginning of their tour or allegedly were "visualised in advance“ during “meditations” to be right in time when the tour begins as a proof of their credibility.

The experimental pictogram "Armonia“ which was part of our project "Wandsdyke Path“ in 2009.  With the help of special techniques it was possible to implement energies which could perceived by visitors who later reported about special sensations inside the formation. Please notice the green strip in the right-hand side of the picture.

Though obviously being done as commissioned works they claim these circles to be genuine and sell them in fine decorated picture books or graphically blown up calendars.  So you increase the acceptance of your own tour and the sound of incoming money to one’s cash.  It is a win-win-situation. We have remarkable and actual examples in various European countries. I call this charlatanism. (Expl.: Definition of charlatan noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's dictionary: a person who claims to have knowledge or skills that they do not really have).

Land art like the one at Ammersee in the beginning might have had a pretty look from above so they quickly launched a balloon to shoot photographs as much as possible to create the myth and to make most money out of the pictogram. After two days everything was destroyed on the ground by the many visitors. But for senior croppies this pictogram was nothing else than a kind of plagiarism according to the site where it was placed. It was intended to create the same effect on the public as it happened with the pictogram at Chilbolton radio telescope in England which was supposed having been created by the telescope team himself or at least with their approval.

Why haven’t the Ammersee croppies compensated the damage they caused inside the field? They could have done this anonymously without any problem. Why didn’t they come forward and explain why they had created this pictogram and what should be the meaning of the design? Because these guys have nothing, really nothing in common with the real crop circle phenomenon. Instead they were sitting behind the bushes and laughed at the expense of well-meaning and naive crop circle visitors.

Why did  the crop circles appeared at  the beginning only in England?

One of the first questions was: why only in England? Today, we know one answer at least. For us it was amazing to see that something stayed intact in England for hundreds of years which is completely lost in a country like Germany, for example. First, it is the fairly intact relationship of the English people towards their cultural heritage. They respect their old places far more and in a different way than they dare to do in Germany. They have organisations which protect and restore their sites like the "National Heritage“. In Germany such an institution would be named "Nationalerbe“ and many groups with political influence would scream here because it would remind certain people of one of the rotten Nazi institutions of a time long ago.

On the other hand it is because of the megalithic remains which still stand throughout the landscapes and remind us of times when human kind obviously had a more sincere relationship to the cosmic neighbourhood than nowadays.

Many thousands of years ago, huge stones weighing many   tons  have been moved around, were shaped and erected at certain sites in circles or in lines. Linked to these stone arrangements were earthworks, henges, hillforts, tumuli, cairns and dolmen. You still can find alleys of all lengths, barrows with sophisticated inner layers and the remnants of settlements of all size. This all together makes the enigmatic Megalithic Culture. In the UK alone there exist more than 900 intact stone circles with Stonehenge and Avebury as their most prominent examples.  

Today we know that the megalithic buildings were built  according to elaborate plans, we know about their astronomic alignments and about their connections to local and global planetary magnetic fields. We know about their various interactions with the surrounding landscape and about the possibilities of individual influencing. We suspect that with them certain knowledge was left behind which might not have come from this planet and which is much older than we are allowed to believe.

The gigantic site of Avebury. Here I am standing between the huge entrance stones in the southern part of the henge. Avebury is one of the most important megalithic centres on Planet Earth.

And exactly here, right in the middle of this ancient and sacred landscape of Wiltshire a new phenomenon manifested which made us wake up and aware of a larger reality. We should also not forget that when the circles appeared so massively, it seemingly was in a context with other globally shaking events such as the Belgium UFO wave, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the disappearing of the Warsaw Pact.

With the help of flattened corn inside a sacred landscape up to a deeper understanding of man’s own existence and forward to the re-awakening of cosmic connections and responsibility – this is the true  essence of the crop circle phenomenon.

Looking back now, for us old, honest, humble and upright crop circle researchers on either side the crop circle phenomenon of the early days, no matter if completely man-made or at least for a tiny part extraterrestrial, appears as a cosmic wake-up call for humankind: “Hey, how are you dealing with your planet? Is this really the way you have chosen to become a cosmic civilisation? Look and think – and act!“

This wake-up call was heard by many humans. They looked and thought about it and became the mediators of a new global consciousness process. The stronger this new consciousness became the more hysteric and cynic reactions followed by those who believe to be the rulers of our Planet Earth by their new world order. We see right now down here at the dreadful side effects of the deathly convulsion of the failing old systems.

After the phase of decadence always a new archaic phase follows. This will be the same here inevitably though it may take some time still. But the road is already prepared.

Let us joyfully continue our work towards a future in which so-called "religions“ -  the real obstacles to reach a better world - with all their disgusting prophets, saints and other protagonists are abolished, a future where the greed of some families or dynasties, corporations and military for global power is therapeutically healed and where there is only one maxim for humankind: to live in a healthy and responsible-minded human civilisation in complete harmony with the gifts and potentials of our planet.

Let us all look forward for our cosmic future as a member of the galactic family.

This  the legacy of the genuine crop circle phenomenon.

Addendum to the article   “The crop circle phenomenon – reloaded“ 

Very often unusual features in and around or near crop circles lead people to believe that this might be of non-human origin. Very often these features gave birth to amazing myths which last for many years. Sometimes they were right, mostly not.

On the Crop Circle Connector’s website at (Woodborough 2009) you can see Janet Ossebaard investigating two surface indentations in the grass strip,  I am  reminded in the description of the picture of the wonderful pictogram named "Armonia“.

The text on the CCC’s website is: "Two circular features were found on the ground close to the Woodborough Hill formation. See photographs. Janet Ossebaard, the well-known crop circle researcher, is going to ask the farmer who owns the land if he knows what created them. As soon as we have further information we will let you know whether there is a simple or a more complex explanation.“ Janet may have lost interest to fulfil her promise so we would do it now.

We looked for these indentations, too, and found them on the grass strip between the Rabbit Holes field and the Copse field.


The grass strip was seeded and maintained by Farmer Carson to allow
horse riders to ride along his land without damaging the fields.

These strips must be cut from time to time. So he told one of his farm workers to do so and
while he was busy on the very grass strip his cell phone rang.

He stopped and started talking but didn’t  switch of the lawnmower. Here you can see this machine:

It has two propellers underneath and while the driver was talking and the machine was running but not moving, it imprinted the rotating axes of the propellers into the ground producing these two markings Janet was so enthusiastic about.

Of course it would have been great to claim this as evidence for a UFO landing site after we had created our pictogram but it was nothing else than a lawnmower. Sigh!

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