The Chinese ferry disaster of June 1, 2015: were any images of that near-future event drawn in crops? Two crop pictures in Beijing on May 8, or Berlin on May 18, certainly gave “clues”. The Beijing crop picture, supposedly made by “50 farmers to promote agricultural production”, shows a mathematical code which matches that used at Manton Grove in England on May 24, two weeks later. 

Many important near-future events have been shown cryptically beforehand in “crop pictures”. This is an often-repeated activity by unknown but advanced intelligences, who choose at present not to reveal themselves openly to everyone on Earth. Perhaps those unseen visitors are capable of “time travel”, or at least of viewing future events “before” they happen?  

During the month of May 2015, two crop pictures in Beijing on May 8 (see Fangshan 2015), or Berlin on May 18 (see Ringslebenstrase), showed images which suggested that there might be some kind of trouble soon for “Chinese Star” ships due to rough seas. My guess at the time was that certain Chinese ships might sink due to huge waves in the ocean, perhaps after an earthquake?  

The truth however proved to be much stranger than anything we could have imagined. After leaving port on May 28 for a river cruise, the Chinese “Eastern Star” ferry sank suddenly on June 1, 2015 on the Yangtze River. No one is certain at present, what kind of severe weather caused it to suddenly tip over and sink? Speculation has focussed on a rainstorm with high winds (see china-ferry-disaster-death-toll-rises-to-396 or china-ferry-disaster-almost-400-bodies-found-in-countrys-worst-maritime-disaster-in-decades).  

Here we will briefly review crop and landscape images from those two May 2015 crop pictures, in retrospect, to see what might be learned?  

A “lotus flower” loses a “petal” in Beijing on May 8: they are “crying” for us 

The “lotus flower” crop picture which was drawn in Beijing on May 8 has a strange shape and appearance. It looks slightly lopsided and irregular, as if “one petal” had fallen off or gone missing? We learn now in retrospect that this was probably part of a subtle mathematical code:  


That “lotus flower” was drawn in the field very precisely. Its central point, which lies inside of a “hexagon”, creates a special right-angle triangle, along with two small buildings nearby. This is called a “5-12-13” triangle, owing to the relative lengths 5, 12 or 13 of its three sides.  

Sides of length “12” or “13” overlap with two outer “petals” from the crop “lotus flower”, thereby telling us their “numbering scheme” from 1 to 13. A tall “telephone pole” near outer petal “1” confirms their numbering scheme in another way.  

This is essentially the same mathematical code which was used at Manton Drove in England on May 24, two weeks later (see manton drove). There saw another “5-12-13” triangle. It was used in a similar fashion to help “number” a “wheel” with 13 outer star-like segments (just like for this “lotus flower” with 13 outer “petals”).  

One petal is lost when we enter month “6” or June  

By writing down specific numbers for other “petals”, all around the outside of this “flower”, we learn that an “extra space” has been drawn between petals “5 and “7” out of 13 in total. This is apparently because petal number “6” (labelled in blue) has been “lost”. Indeed, as we entered month “6” of June 2015, over 400 Chinese people died in a terrible ferry disaster on the Yangtze River. The unseen crop artists seem to be “crying for us”, and this was a way of showing their concern.  

My Chinese friend (a Professor at Beijing University) called an administrator of the institute where that crop picture appeared on May 8, to ask for more information? He was told an elaborate story of how “50 farmers” had been brought in from the provinces to create a huge “sunflower” image, in order to encourage “agricultural production”. When he asked for any evidence to prove that such an unlikely story might be true, the manager was unable to provide even a single photograph of this “lotus flower” being made.  

A very similar crop picture appeared six years earlier in England, almost to the day, thereby confirming the meaning of their mathematical code as month “6” or June 

In order to help us understand their “code” more clearly, the crop artists drew this new “lotus flower” in the shape of another “flower” which was drawn six years earlier in England, almost to the day:  

To summarize, we learned from careful study of their 2015 mathematical code that petal number “6” of the Beijing “lotus flower” had fallen off or been lost. Now we can be fairly sure that interpretation is correct, because “6” years had passed since a similar image had appeared anywhere in the world in crops.  

Near the centre of this Beijing “lotus flower”, we can see a small image of the “Buddha” 

When we look closely at aerial photographers of this Beijing “lotus flower”, we can see a small image of the “Buddha”, just above its hexagonal centre:  

The symbolic image of a “Buddha inside of a lotus flower” is well known for that religion, and may be seen in Buddhist art or bookshops worldwide. It seems very doubtful that “50 farmers” would have had the knowledge and/or skill to produce such a detailed and appropriate image, using “rope and boards”.  

Just next to that “lotus flower” in the landscape, we can see a huge image of the “Eastern Star ferry” 

When we look on Google Earth to see where that Beijing “lotus flower” was drawn, we can see immediately the huge image nearby of a “large ship”, which looks in retrospect like the “Eastern Star” ferry:.  

 A broad motorway below that “ferry” appears highly curved, and gives the impression that such a “ship” might be sailing on

“stormy seas”. 

The Eastern Star ferry set out on May 28, then turned upside-down four days later on June 1, 2015 

Further below that “lotus flower” crop picture, and landscape image of the “Eastern Star ferry”, we can see several large, white “numbers in the landscape”. These “numbers” have been enclosed by a “white box” on the left-hand side of the slide below:  


When we flip the entire image upside-down, as shown on the right above, now we can read those large, white numbers easily as “17” and “11”. Those two numbers add to “28”, which matches a date of May 28 when the Eastern Star ferry left port. Four days later it flipped upside-down during a sudden storm. We can also see four small “squares” below “17” and “11”, which seem to denote those additional four days.  

We can see nearby in retrospect a date of “6-0-1” or June 1, when the Eastern Star ferry was lost 

While studying these images carefully on Google Earth, we saw other landscape symbols close to the crop picture itself, which seem to read “6-0-1”, and match exactly when the ferry was lost on June 1:  

They are located over the shape of a landscape “fish”. Just below to the right, we can see another landscape image which resembles a “boat turned upside down”.  

A second crop picture in Berlin on May 18, 2015 showed “Neptune, god of the sea” playing with a “boat” on day “1” 

Ten days later on May 18, another crop picture appeared in Berlin. It showed a five-pointed star which resembles a  “sea star” or “starfish”. Not far away in the landscape, we could see a huge image of “Neptune, god of the sea”, who seems to be “playing with a boat”:  

Other landscape symbols nearby suggested a date of day “1”. 

The sea-god Neptune plunged his “trident” into the “Eastern Star” ferry on June 1, 2015 

Two weeks later on day “1” of June (month “6”), the sea-god Neptune metaphorically plunged his “trident” into the “Eastern Star” ferry. We can see several landscape images, just below and to the right of that “sea star” crop picture, for a “trident” which is “sinking a ship”: 


Above on the left, we can see another landscape image which suggests the number of day “1”.  

Three large trees, not far away, match a triangular arrangement of Mercury, Sun and Mars on June 1, 2015  

We can also see three large trees, not far from the “sea star” crop picture, which match a triangular arrangement of Mercury, Sun and Mars in Earth’s sky on June 1, 2015:  


All of these symbolic features were noted at the time, before the ferry disaster had taken place. Yet we did not understand then that “Chinese Star shipping” might refer to the “Eastern Star” ferry, rather than to some commercial, ocean-going ship (see Ringslebenstrase).  

Neither of these two crop pictures could have provided a “specific warning” beforehand 

In summary, although it is not pleasant to search for “warning signs” of a tragic disaster after the fact, we would have had no way of deducing, from the two crop pictures which were drawn, exactly which Chinese ship might sink soon in rough seas, nor where it would have been lost.  

Why then did unseen crop artists draw such field pictures, if not to “warn us”? They seem to have been “expressing sympathy” over some tragic event which they were unable to prevent, rather than trying to change the actual sequence of events in our historical timeline, as they “perceive” it.  

Without a greater knowledge of the near-magical technologies which those visitors possess, we cannot really understand their actions or motives. Perhaps they do intend to change our timeline soon---metaphorically to “reset time” as described in fictional TV shows such as “Fringe”---but the chosen time has not arrived yet.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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