“ Polygons Hidden in Plain Sight” in Crop Formations

Geometrical proof of the paranormal origin of many current and historical Crop Formations. 

In various archives available on websites there are some seemingly unspectacular multi banded crop circle images which have raised little or no comment from most observers of the phenomenon.  Prior to this article, to my knowledge, only two people have been able to reveal the geometrical sequences of polygons found to be hidden in the construction of some of these formations 

1. Mr Maurice Osborn, an American gentleman, published a Video over ten years ago, still available on this link:   www.youtube.com

He entitled it “Crop Circles: Real Tangible Alien Messages.” It is a ‘must see’ for anyone

seriously curious about the subject.  A very important section of the video describes and pictures the results of his pioneering analysis of a range of the seemingly simple multi banded formations which occurred during the 1990s. These were and still are a revelation, yet they did not at the time appear to be noticed or commented on by other researchers, certainly not in the UK. Mr Osborn has told me that he has done no similar work since the year 2000, which is a great pity. His insights were unique at the time and I have included some of his images below, in the interests of informing the current wider internet audience of the value of his work 

2. In July 2014 Mr Andrew Edwards, a Mathematician and Geometer published on the internet his analysis of again, a seemingly simple multi banded crop formation which appeared at the West Kennet Long Barrow. This was the remarkable creation which seemed determined to call attention to itself in that it was replicated some five times in identical size and form, and in an identical field location over a period of two years.

The Crop Circle Connector has published my article about this event already in the site ‘Research’ pages.  I have included the image of this formation in the series shown below to complete as far as I know, the historical record of the hidden polygonal structures.                                                                                                                                                                                            

The No 2 formation at the Rollright Stones    Polygons:  1 x six sided. 1x 5 sided 1x 4

July 9th 2015.  Sided.

Devils Den. Fyfield Wilts. 12th July 20 15.       Polygons: 1 x 6 sided and 1x 5sided and

6 pointed star.

West Kennet Longbarrow  13th July 2014.     Polygons: 1x4 sided, 1x5 sided 2x6 sidedx7 sided

Cherhill  Wilts. June 25th 2012                 Polygons: 1x10 sided, 2x 8 sided,1x4

Sided and 2x5 sided plus 5 pointed Star.

Cheesefoot Head   1st August 2012                 Polygons: 1x10 sided 2x5 sided.

Holland 1997. From Maurice Osborne’s      Polygons found by Maurice Osborn:

Video of “Alien Messages”                        1x6 sided, 2x5 sided, 1x4 sided, 1x3

sided and a 5 pointed Star

Welten Limburg Holland 1996. From          Polygons: 1x9 sided, 1x5 sided,

Robert Boerman’s Dutch Archives             1x7 sided, 1x4 sided. 

There are others dating from the 1990s shown on Maurice Osborn’s Video, (see link above). He also includes other seemingly simple formations which have hidden geometrical structures. I have included one of the most striking of these below with my own explanation of the hidden geometry needed to construct it by its author, wherever he may hail from. 

Should you wish to verify the truth of all the above analyses or analyze any similar crop formations you may encounter, the following notes will help you:- When it is not possible to measure the radii of the circles and bands directly in the field then obtain the best available overhead photograph and print the image, with an external diameter of about 13 centimeters.  

If the image has some angular distortion, chose the diametrical line on the print which seems to be the most true, and measure in millimeters the radius of the outer circle and those of the other rings and bands. 

On a Drawing Board use these dimensions to produce with compasses, a  true circular replica of the field crop formation, this will be the basis of your analysis and the outermost band bounded by its two rings is the key element.

Note: The sides of any polygon to be revealed can be regarded as ‘chords’ of the outer ring and they will be tangential to the second ring. See any of the completed analyses above. 

On your drawing, now draw just one chord which fulfils the conditions of the ‘Note’ above and from the ends of this chord draw radial lines to the centre of the whole circle. You are now able to measure the angle subtended by your first chord which will enable you to estimate the probable number of sides of the first hidden polygon, e.g. say you find the subtended angle is 43 degrees, this is near to 40 degrees and 360 divided by 40 will give a nine sided polygon. Test this estimate by dividing accurately the outer ring into 40 degree segments and then line in all the chords. If the crop formation is structured by polygons, the second circle will fit near perfectly inside, touching the centres of all the chords and the true proportional width of the first band will be defined.  If there is a substantial discrepancy of ‘fit’ repeat the estimating process with near whole number divisions of the outer ring. 8 divisions will broaden the first band, 10 divisions will narrow it. If your first estimate discrepancy is marginal and the first band almost mirrors proportionally, the formation field image band width, then your drawing board image should be corrected to match the 9 sided polygon estimate its generated first bandwidth is geometrically correct and is immutable. 

To find any remaining polygons, process the remaining bands successively exactly as done with the first one but using your corrected drawing. You may find that an exactly fitting polygon again displaces an initially drawn boundary ring but remember that the polygon governs the bandwidth and the location of its inner ring. If the result seems   proportionally right compared to the field image your analysis is correct and must be as the ‘author’ intended. 

The design process required to produce the polygonal structured crop formations is basically the reverse of the analytical process. On a drawing board draw a single line ring of any convenient size. Decide how many sides you want your first polygon to have and make the number of angular divisions required Then draw the chords and the required second ring, The first band width will have been determined,  Next decide the number of sides you want in your next polygon and divide the already installed second ring accordingly. Successively continue the process in the circular space remaining as far as you wish.  The difficult bit will be getting your resultant design implanted in a crop field without any visible construction lines, no visible centre where your tripod was installed and  no unwanted marking of standing crop, all done in a few hours of darkness in a summers night.  Good Luck.  

In England,  Scotland  and some countries of the European Continent a golden  three balled symbol is a traditional ‘Pawn Brokers’ sign dating back to its use by the Medici family of Bankers in Florence. Probably this has no bearing on this crop formation but it is a curious coincidence                    

Three Golden Balls formation       Expanded analysis by J.S

From Maurice Osborn’s 90s          See detailed explanation

Video Alien Messages.                   Below.

To replicate on a drawing board this three disc formation as it appeared in the field, follow these instructions. 

1: Draw an equilateral triangle of any suitable size.   2: find the exact centre of each of the sides. 3: Draw an extended line from each apex to pass through the centre of its opposite base.  4: Set your compasses to the distance between any apex and the centre point of the opposite base. This distance is the radius of the golden circles from the base centres. 5:  With the same compasses setting mark of the centres of the circles from the base centres.  6. Draw the three circles.  7:  Erase all construction lines. 8 Check that if required, common tangent lines can be drawn corresponding to the sides of the initial erased triangle and that each of these three tangents touches each of the three golden balls as shown above.  

Robert J Boerman’s   ‘Archive’ pages on his Website, carry a multitude of small seemingly insignificant designs recorded over many years similar to the one above . I feel certain that some of these would repay time and effort spent in attempting geometric analysis. The link to Robert’ site is  :   WWW.dcca.nl/new.htm     

­­­­­­­­Evidence such as presented in this whole article, of a non- human intelligence and superior technical ability present amongst us should tell us that these ‘communications by crop markings’ are precious must be available to everyone. They should not be thoughtlessly and immediately erased by landowners or farmers concerned about a minor loss of profit, which is mainly funded in any case,  by subsidies provided by taxpayers.  The crop formations represent a phenomenon of potentially much greater value which may be fully revealed by some budding ‘Einstein’ visitor with more than common insight. There already exists concrete evidence that an ET presence may have prevented the global catastrophe of nuclear conflict by disabling nuclear weapons, e.g. the Rendlesham, American Air Base incident and the disablement of ICBM Silos in the U.S..

 The base commander there at the time of the Cold War in 1980. Lt. Col. Charles Halt has now confirmed that the missiles under his command were disabled  when the UFOs visited the adjacent forest. See various reports via Google. Also the American Press Council Disclosures Conferences, have laid witness to the presence of UFOs when ICBM Silos in various U.S States found that their launch systems had become immobilized. 

Perhaps it is time for Governments to confess to and abandon the very obvious conspiracy operating for the past 30 years or so, to misinform the general public through control of the media and by other more direct activities. We all have a right to know the truth of the presence of an Extra Terrestrial Intelligence here in our skies and fields. General ignorance may be putting our development and the future wellbeing of the whole planet at stake.  

Jack Sullivan


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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