Does Myth Mask Communication? 

A bit of background to start.
It’s not inherent in the human condition for groups to perform great acts without the need for recognition. OK, I will concede there are philanthropic individuals who would wish to remain anonymous but undisciplined  groups as a rule behave differently. You can’t rely on confidentiality outside of a military or professional context…individuals tend to break cover due to personal need of glory  and ego. The super-human calibre of intellect required to perform such consistently brilliant technically- sound works of art, logic would suggest, would not waste their time for zero secondary gain. Besides, it’s proven impossible for Man to replicate anomalistic features in CC’s…that’s not my point though. Generally speaking, Mans’ nature needs recognition praise and encouragement to thrive. We live in a praise oriented society of celebrity and status…these are the people we most adore and aspire to generally speaking. This is just the way folks are wired right now.
In my experience, the negative contingent tend to be of an attention-seeking mentality so would probably be incapable of keeping quiet. Broadly speaking, those few individuals that infer their involvement but never directly admit it and are often cited by many as possible candidates for Circle making, just don’t have the means, knowledge or practical mastery to perform such acts consistently, year after year on a global basis without getting thrown in jail or worse!. (even in Iran now I see!) This whole man-made hypotheses is quite simply preposterous. I suggest they are just a myth hyped up by the media. ‘The Team from Belgium’…ho, ho, ho…that was a good one. ‘They’ didn’t exist…yet apparently these mythical beings where responsible for breath-taking  accomplishment a couple of years back. Yet groups like this seem to remain a recurring theme in Circle- Community consciousness. I see absolutely no evidence whatsoever for this hypothesis. The myth is a way out. If we don’t feel comfortable with a particular CC, myth serves a purpose.
So now, on to the point.
I talk specifically about the ‘Wormhole’ CC in July of this year largely regarded as a ‘fake’. For most people the Cherhill  Peacepipe  Alien CC of last year was also just too much. Written off as a joke and given little further attention. Good fun but that’s all. But now consider this… the ‘Wormhole’ at Boreham Wood. Take away the comic face and what do we have? Perfect geometry in an undulating landscape (variants need compensation on the ground), wonderfully well executed design and the tell-tale hallmarks of a mysterious event that went largely unrecognised (or ignored). Sub-lay features were undeniable in the face ( I took witnessed photo after discovery.) So the problem with this CC was the childlike face of a smiling ‘ caterpillar’. I actually didn’t see it as a caterpillar at all, moreover staged or layered levels of emerging communication from another dimension perhaps (the wormhole) ending with the face, a light hearted, infantile, non- threatening token of goodwill.
 With the Peacepipe Alien of last year, the same thing …looked comic but more importantly an evolving form of communication ( of which I wrote in more detail in a previous Spiral edition.) Social pressure came to bear as folks were influenced by cries of “fake, fake, done by boarders”…the judgement was made…people felt safe, could explain it now and move on. The problem with this one though was that based on the evidence on the ground and cross referencing features and trends to countless other CC’s worldwide that were widely  considered mysterious by serious observers, this CC had an appearance of faultless construction, outstanding qualities and recurring themes . In other words if this was ‘fake’ so were most of the others, which is just no longer a realistic option.
In my view, this development in communication is huge but it also demonstrates a clear irony. As the governments and institutions of the world spend tens of millions on radio telescopes and the like in an attempt to make contact with ‘E.T’. they don’t seem to realise it’s right there under their very noses…CC communication. Or perhaps I’m wrong, maybe it is all an elaborate smokescreen…the establishment contriving a sense of control where-on they can announce…”nothing detected as yet”. Perhaps we, the interested minority in CC activity don’t always recognise it either when presented in such a novel form as this…it has to be man-made  doesn’t  it?…it’s just not geometry!  
I feel we really do need to keep apace of events, to be mindful of new forms of  communication  using a non-judgemental openness that we all profess to nurture but perhaps not always practice.  
Happy Circling!
Paul Jacobs.  


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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