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The Natural Matrix of the Crop Circles.

Perhaps crop circles are made by god, higher mind, or premeditated by intelligence with powers beyond our grasp,

 But, I hope to explain, how Mathematics, Algebra, naturally illustrates into pictograms of organic geometry.

both languages might share the same source, both present "mind over matter", peace and wisdom.  


Recently I found this matrix, I named "The SHABATICAL tablets" in the house of Aleph, since Shabbat (numerical value 702) is the main theme in the tablets.

A linguistic arc of covenant starts with Aleph, the first Hebrew letter, numerical value = 1, but the name Aleph =111

The last 22nd letter is Tav.  (Plus there are 5 final letters, 22 + 5 = 27 letters all in all)

The word "Shabbat" appears many times in the tablets (always painted in yellow) and seems to ascend through the numbers. Hebrew, the language of Nature, is found to be true mathematically, numerically, geometrically, and it makes sense. Please follow the 22 numbers, 1 - 22 as seen in first column, on the right side of the tablet bellow:

The mathematical rule, here, is that each new column (added on the left side of any column) contains the sums of the previous numbers descending from the previous column (on its right). See the results of the next column from top down (or see the next line, from right to left) as seen in the tablet above:

1,      1+2=3       1+2+3=6        1+2+3+4=10   1+2+3+4+5=15   … 21, 28, 36….ending 253     

22 main Hebrew letters sum up to - 253, in Hebrew Gimatria the word means "Nivera" = 253 - "created"

According to Jewish bible, the Hebrew letters were the first to be created. And the world was then created by them, by speech. God said and it was done, created…this is proved here, with 22 numbers sum 253 "created". Also notice, the 22nd column ends with 111= ALEF. Meaning that 22 additions sum again in one, in Aleph = 111, the first letter, so it all started from ONE and it all ends with ONE (Aleph =first= 1= 111)

 Keep in mind that I am using the principle of Gimatria which puts thousands back into ones,

See how the third column sums 26 = YEHOVA, also notice in the tablets words like "ISRAEL" 541, "Moshe" = 345, "Shabbat"(in Yellow) =702, Adam=45, light OR =207, truth EMET= 441, Aleph=111 etc.

While Moses went up the mountain for 40 days, each day he learned something new. Imagine him as a child in a little box or a cradle by the water, as the story goes, see the value 345 = Moshe, by a bunch of numbers (at the bottom left side of the tablet) creating a unique area of triple numbers (bluish), see close up above, Moshe 345 is watching SHABAT 702 sitting like a queen on the chair, or climbing a mountain, ISRAEL 541 next to Jehovah 26,  truth EMET 441, Mercy "Chased" 72, light "Or" 207, and there's more

If we calculate even farther, up to 40 (for example), the numbers in the tablet will form structures, as seen bellow:

 All (triple number) numbers, such as:  222, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, are in shades of bluish (333 in cream)

Already one can see the source of the Menorah (six candles of "Shabbat' plus a central one pointing toward ONE)

The (reddish) diagonal is made of unique numbers, they divide the tablet into two halves where by all numbers on the right side match the numbers on the top, and all the numbers from the left side match the numbers at the bottom

This illustrate "the parting of the sea", and the withdraw of water into two sides, forming a path of "dry land" within the sea, to walk about while crossing this ocean of words and numbers….Along the path, we see "Aleph" 5 more times before we even finish 111 column (in order to comply with the requirement of Aleph = 111)….but computers can help

Up to 75 columns, "COHEN" bellows:

A complete picture of Aleph (111 columns,): the name of the letter

Aleph is found 5 more times, along the way, and the 5th at the cross point of 100 by 100

Shabat, shalom and few Temple devices are depicted here (the world of formation)


 The geometrical formations, below, also resemble UFO arrangements. See u tube … 



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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