Bewitched, Bothered and Bedazzled 

         My first crop circle was a double-page spread photograph in a magazine. It knocked me for six I can tell you... over the boundary and into the pavilion. I’m still wondering what it’s all about...

         The article said the formation was one of many that had been showing up in the English countryside for years. Odd thing was, no one knew for certain how they got there.

         Who or what had sent them?

         You must have heard the rumors. People believed aliens in UFOs were ‘beaming’ them into the fields... either that... or locally grown jokesters were having a laugh at  naive sods like me, who want to believe that something special is happening in the wheat fields.

         I was hooked by the sheer mystery of them.

         I visited the ‘Connector’ and downloaded every crop circle I could find... emailed them to friends... wallpapered my loo with them... I think I went a bit batty.

         The Vicar told me she wouldn’t invite me to her knees-up nights, unless I found something else to talk about. So I’ve cut down... But secretly, I still want crop circles to deliver, and have my faith vindicated.

         If you think that sounds like ‘Waiting for Goddo’ (Samuel Becket)... or ‘The Return of the Great Pumpkin’ (‘Peanuts’ Charles Schulz)... or some sort of ‘fetish’... it’s because it does... but it doesn’t put me off... so there!

         However...I was seriously put off... when a posse of self-appointed vigilantes went on the news and stomped all over my fetish. 

         The ‘circle stompers’ have muddied the waters somewhat, but I really can’t accept that stompers account for the thousands of elegant masterpieces... whose images stand preserved in meticulously maintained archives... for all to see and admire.

         I certainly haven’t abandoned my interest...  and still look forward to the coming season’s bounty. But I’m not getting any younger, and I would like to know why they keep coming? I mean a joke’s a joke... why go on about it? What are they trying to say that can’t be swirled into the crops using common English?

         So I’ve bitten the bullet, and hired a team of ‘cognitive investigators’ from Australia who happen to be in England on holiday. I knew they had an interest in crop circles, so I wasn’t surprised when they agreed to arrange an ‘investigation’ into the question ‘why do crop circles keep appearing’.

Possibly you’ve heard of Bazza and Kazza from Wazza... Barry and Karen Williams from Western Australia.

         I asked them to concentrate only on the question ‘why’?... I don’t need to know ‘where from’? or ‘Who’?... And I strongly advised them to steer clear of any leads smacking of weirdness... like... predictions pushed by purveyors of the paranormal... Weird stuff leads nowhere... and eventually becomes tiresome.

         I presented each with a little memo to keep them on track... should they be tempted by the tantalising  tentacles of tripe or trivia... 

         ‘No gossip or guessing,

         No stompers confessing,

         No strange flashing lights in the sky,

         From what or from where

         They come, I don’t care,

         Just find me the truth... tell me ‘why’.   

         Solid research will settle this... I’m sure of it!.

         That was yesterday... they submitted their report half an hour ago... 

         Here it is... if you’d care to browse...

Director: Roll title. 





Kaz opening dialogue: 

         G’day croppies everywhere... I’m Kaz Williams...

We’ve completed our investigation...

         Took us on a merry chase... but I reckon we came up smiling in the end.

         This is an edited transcript of the dialogue between Baz and myself as we follow a trail of questions and answers.

         Pay close attention, because at the end, we have an answer to that puzzling question ‘What is the sound of one hand clapping?’ But no jumping ahead... you’ll miss the best part.

         Stand by... here’s Baz with a short intro.   

Baz:  Thanks Kaz...

         Kaz and I conduct this type of investigation using a simple question and answer routine. Either can ask a question... and either can answer. We respond to each other’s questions and answers as we go along. Questions evoke answers, and answers evoke questions... We’re like musicians jamming, actors improvising, or script writers collaborating. It’s ordinary conversation... but we stay focused... one step at a time... on a journey of discovery... 

Kaz: Shut up Bazza! I have a question busting to be asked.  

Baz: OK!.. On the subject of crop circles... four... three... two... one...  

Kaz: Where do crop circles come from?  

Baz: HOLD IT!... Kaz!... The brief was crystal clear. We are to investigate ‘why’... not ‘where’ or ‘who’!

Kaz: Sorry!.. hit on the question everyone wants to know. 

Baz: Start again... a one... and a two... and a...  

Kaz: What do you think crop circles are for, Baz!.. What’s their purpose

Baz: Right now... I haven’t the foggiest!  

Kaz: For the record... have a guess? 

Baz: I reckon they’re out to get attention... for some reason.  

Kaz: They leave us one clue... They use a lot of geometry... 

Baz: Yeah! ... they use it to make patterns and symbols in the crop... 

Animals...insects... astronomy... science... They’re first class works of art.   

Kaz: I say we follow the geometry trail. It’s my guess they use geometry as a form of coded language... containing information of benefit to mankind. 

Baz: Geometry’s really ancient... I’ve a theory it evolved in stages..  Circles evolved first...  When circles were well established, triangles and squares followed, but much later... 

Kaz: Circles evolved?... before squares?.. First I heard of it!.. What did they evolve from?... 

Kaz voice-over:

Baz prepared a diagram to show how he imagined geometry evolved.

Baz: This is an approximation of how the three dominant strains evolved... I don’t expect everyone to agree of course! 

Kaz: You’re right to expect that Baz!.. It’s nonsense!..   

Baz: Says who?.. How do you know geometry didn’t evolve?... 

Kaz: I don’t think anyone really knows where it came from. It was discovered by Euclid, but he didn’t invent it! 

Baz: Where was it hiding before he discovered it?.. In his brain?.. Did the Big Bang create geometry?..  I say it most likely evolved... 

Kaz: Who cares!.. We’re investigating if crop circles use geometry to communicate data... not debating which came first... the circle or the square?’  

Baz: Has anyone detected any useful data in crop circles?... 

Kaz: Not so far!... all they’ve shown us is stuff we already know? 

Baz: So!... Looks like crop circles have been all show... but no go...  

Kaz: Either they have nothing to say... or we’re slow to ‘get’ whatever it is they’ve ‘got’... 

Baz: Or there’s nothing to get... crop circles could be merely a natural phenomena, or the work of ‘ISSORGA ‘, an International Secret Society Of Rural Graffiti Artists. 

Kaz: We’re not ready to say that... We’re assuming there really is something to discover... and it’s super subtle... or someone would have discovered it by now!...  

Baz: We said geometry might hold the key... I’m for getting a couple of compasses and re-doing the geometry we learned at school.  

Kaz: Good thinking!.. We might pick up on something significant that children aren’t mature enough to see!



Director: We hear Kaz’s voice-over while geometry exercises are being demonstrated on camera.         

         Kaz: We spent about an hour... happily recreating the geometry we learned as youngsters. It was years since we used compass, ruler, pencil, and protractor... but the moves returned easily... as if they’d been placed on ‘hold’, to be re-activated on call. 

         The experience turned out to be an eye opener... to say the least!

         We both noticed... for the first time... how ‘cool’ geometry is. Looking at our work now... I wonder if you agree!

         Check how the moves you make in geometry... first move... followed by second move... followed by third... then fourth... fifth and so on... lead to a perfectly elegant outcome.



         One clear example of this... is how you discover that 3 circles of the same size, fit exactly around the circumference of a preliminary circle (of the same size). Every move you make with the compass... fits a natural sequence... to reach that perfect... constant... always dependable outcome.


         Another example... use a protractor to measure... then add together... the three angles inside any triangle and the result is always 180 degrees... the same as a straight line...     

Baz remembered making ‘compass flowers’... and was delighted when they emerged from his compass... as fresh and perfect as the flowers he made when he was in knee pants.

         I asked myself why geometry outcomes are consistently ‘perfect’?... and so far, the only answer forthcoming has been... ‘because they are... no other outcome is possible’... Which... on reflection... is just as well... because consistently accurate measurement depends on the absolute accuracy and dependability that resides in the elegant harmony of cool geometry



Director: Pause there Kaz... Take a few deep breaths! 

          So... to sum up... it appears geometry is not just an academic subject to master and apply for purely practical purposes...

         The charms of cool geometry weren’t’ apparent... until we performed the sequence of necessary steps to reveal them to us...

         Would it be an exaggeration to say that... ‘geometry is part of our humanity?’ ... I mean... who else could discover it... and be so charmed by it’s qualities?.. And who else is there for ‘geometry’ to charm?

End of voice-over.      

Kaz: Did you agree with those comments Baz?       

Baz: By and large... It was longwinded, but I think you gave it a good shake! 

Kaz: How do you mean?... 

Baz: Well... I would have said... ‘Geometry embodies ‘causeless harmonics’!

Just as music embodies ‘causeless sound harmonics’... geometry embodies ‘causeless visual and structural harmonics’...  

Kaz: ‘Causeless harmonics’?... What made you think of that? 

Baz: My geometry flowers!...  

Kaz: What about ‘visual harmonics’?.. A spectacular crop circle blending with the landscape beautifully demonstrates visual harmonics...  

Fig. 8

But Is that the only thing they do?... surely there’s something else they can tell us?  

Baz: Why don’t we ask them?... 

Kaz: As in ‘role playing’ you mean?..  

Baz: ...It might be interesting!.. bags me being the crop circles!.. 



Kaz: OK!.. You’re the crop circle... and I’m an investigating officer... my job is to find out what you’re up to... trespassing on private property...  

Baz: OK!.. Bombs away! 

Director: Pi Chart interview...


Kaz: Gotcha my lad!.. What’s an unauthorised crop circle doing...squatting in this wheat field?..  

Baz: Who wants to know?...  

Kaz: Mollie Mildew... Municipal Circle Patrol! Speak into the microphone and state clearly your name and crop circle status! 

Baz: OK luv!... I’m ‘Pi Chart’... and I’m an authentic crop circle! 

Figs 9 & 9a 

Kaz: How do I know you’re authentic? 

Baz: What you see is what you get, luv!... There’s been no stompers pussyfootin’ through my patch! 

Kaz: Is crop circling your full-time occupation?... And please don’t call me luv!   

Baz: Bloody oath it is, mate! Open to the public any time... that’s me!.. providin’ the boss cocky don’t complain! Some of ‘em carry on like headless chooks! 

Kaz: What are the duties of a crop circle?  

Baz: Basically... Molly mate... we just lay around... except for the parts standin’ up. 

Kaz: That’s not what I meant... I was referring to your content... does it have any meaning?.. What do you represent? 

Baz: Well... in my case, the meanin’ speaks for itself, plain as day...  

Kaz: What is it? 

Baz: I represent ‘Pi’... the ratio that’s constant when you divide the circumference of any bloody circle by it’s diameter... I manage to show that configuration to 9 decimal places. Not bad... for a first timer! 

Kaz: That’s lovely! I think you’re a very elegant expression of Pi.  

Baz: If you don’t mind Molly mate... I hadn’t quite finished!.. 

Kaz; Sorry!... Go ahead! 

Baz: I just wanted to say how proud I am... to be able to stand up and lie down here today, representing a great geometric principle... But I am only one of many such principles... without which the art of ‘precise measurement’ may never have advanced beyond a Ten Tiny Fingers and Ten Tiny Toes nursery game!  

Kaz: Here!.. Here!..  Loved the posh accent!.. But tell me... how did you come by your brilliant 10 segment pie chart interpretation? 

Baz: Molly luv... All I know is... I was waitin’ to be swirled into a representation of somethin’ or other... Next thing I know... ZING!... Here I am... all dressed up as Pi! 

Kaz: How long do you expect to be employed as Pi? 

Baz: I’m not plannin’ on movin’, mate... if that’s what you’re gettin’ at! It’s a job for life as far as I’m concerned!.. I’m here ‘til the cows come home... or the bloody combine harvesters hunt me down... which ever comes first! 

Director: CUT! End of Pi Chart interview...  

Baz: Was I convincing?  

Kaz: You were wonderful! Now I want you to be ‘The Towers!’ 

Fig. 10

Baz: Great!.. I like The Towers! 

Kaz: We’ll take it from where I ask you the meaning of the formation. 

Baz: Gotcha! 

Director: Towers interview...


Kaz: Does The Towers formation have any meaning? 

Baz: Wal... most folks think I’m just a pretty picture... you know...12 cute sky scrapers standin’ in a circle, an’ all... but that’s NOT all I am... no sirree bob!... 

Kaz: So what are you? 

Baz: A representation... of ‘construction’... and ‘time’!.. is what I am! Them two alwuz go together!  

Kaz: Why? 

Baz: For cryin’ out loud, lady... constructin’ 12 skyscrapers takes a little time wouldn’cha say? 

Kaz: Yes, of course!.. I can see the buildings... but where’s ‘time’? 

Baz: Time is tricky! I’m assuming folks‘ll see the 12 pointed star as a clock or calendar... Don’t matter which!.. Best I could do!  

Kaz: It’s just dandy!.. you’re a really superb formation!..  

Baz: Good talkin’ with you maam!.. you caught me just in time... I hear the harvesters a’comin’... won’t be here much longer. 

Director: CUT!.. End of Towers interview...  

Kaz: ...Last one! It’s ‘The Haunted Hall’!.. Do you like that one?

Fig. 11. 

Baz:  Not sure I want to mess with a haunted crop circle!  

Kaz: Why so nervous?..  

Baz: Dunno!.. Can’t explain... 

Kaz: Ready?.. 

Baz: Yeah!.. Ready!.. I s’pose... 

Director: Haunted Hall interview...


Kaz: I understand this crop circle is haunted... would you care to elaborate?  

Baz: Wiz reluctanz my dear!.. I zink you believe not I am haunted, yez? 

Kaz: I didn’t say that!... I really like that long, creepy corridor?.. 

Baz: But zo cold and empty it iz!... and not a zingle zound... not even a zcream!... 

Kaz: The corridor... leads to a dead end... right? 

Baz: How kleffer you are to notiz zat, my darlink!..  

Kaz: ...With six open doorways... three on either side... right? 

Baz: Just zo!... But never a draught!... Nozzink moofs... no one to frighten pantz off... iz abzolootly the pittz!  

Kaz: Where do the doorways lead?... 

Baz: Novere attall!.. There iss novere to go here!.. How could I go zumplace else... I’m a crop zircle!... Born to liv and die in ziss crazy houze of ztraw!..

Kaz: You’re the first crop circle to complain!.. What do you represent?.. Loneliness?.. Claustrophobia?..  

Baz: Zey wouldn’t tell me what it iz I am!.. Zey say... ‘I need not to know... juzt to do it, OK?’ 

Kaz: Let me guess!.. I think you represent... ‘Limitation’!   

Baz: Limitazzion!.. LIMITATION!... But of course!..  Stop the interview!...NOW!   

Kaz: Why? 

Baz: Pencil and paper...QUICK!.. Got geometry to do! 

Director: CUT!!! 



Kaz: Are you OK Baz? 

Baz: Yeah! Had this fleeting idea... wanted to get it down before I lost it!  

Kaz voice-over: Baz made a quick sketch. 

 Baz: Imagine this is a crop circle... The arrows inside indicate the crop circle’s limited capacity!.. Nothing new and fresh can happen in there... and nothing can get out... Right? 

Kaz: Outside the crop circle are arrows pointing in different directions...  

Baz: Those arrows represent whatever it is that is outside the crop circle.

This occurred to me the instant you identified what it was that bothered me in the Haunted Hall!  

Kaz: What was it? 

Baz: It’s the limitation of all crop circles. 

Kaz: How do you mean? 

Bas: Crop circles can only show off their inside charms. Whatever is outside is out of their range. When we interviewed them, they could only ‘talk’ about their own inside concerns. 

Kaz: OK! But what is it that is outside this crop circle?.. All I see is arrows? 

Baz: Wait!... I’m going to change something in the drawing! 

Kaz voice-over: Baz went back to his drawing and changed the words...


Baz: OK!.. Inside the circle, I’ve written the word ‘limited’... Outside, I’ve written ‘unlimited’, replacing the words ‘inside’ and ‘outside’!..

Kaz: This inside / outside thing is a bit weird Baz!.. Get to the point, mate!..

Baz: Sorry... but I don’t know another way to show what I’m trying to say.

Kaz: Carry on... I hope it’s worth it! 

Baz: So do I!.. Now I need you to answer some questions!...  

Kaz: OK!... 

Baz: In the drawing... would you say the inside and outside of the crop circle fit each other exactly? 

Kaz: Of course they do... How could they not? 

Baz: Absolutely precisely? 

Kaz: Yes! It’s obvious! 

Baz: Could they be separated? 

Kaz: No! They are inseparable!.. You can’t have the inside of a circle without an outside. One can’t exist without the other! The same would be true of a square or triangle. 

Baz: I’m going to erase the crop circle!.. There!... it’s gone! What remains? 

Kaz: Just the outside... with it’s arrows! 

Baz: The unlimited outside remains... of course it does!.. The outside can never be erased. It is truly unlimited for ever... Isn’t it?... How could the outside ever be erased? 

Kaz: Hang on!.. The inside was erased because it was limited!... Right?

Baz: Not quite!.. Have you forgotten?.. We agreed the inside and outside were inseparable!.. Were we wrong?

Kaz: I see what your getting at!.. Where we went wrong was in assuming ‘limited’ and ‘unlimited’ could co-exist... They can’t!.. It’s impossible!.. ‘Unlimited’ always rules!.. Limited is not a contender!

Baz: Agreed!.. Unlimited rules!... But unlimited what

Kaz: Can you say what it is that is unlimited?

Baz: Do you know?

Kaz: No!.. And it’s plain to see the crop circles can’t tell us! 

Baz: They’re too full of themselves! They can’t direct us to look at their unlimited outside! WE had to discover that. Now we ask ourselves ‘what is it that is unlimited?’ 

Kaz: When we interviewed the crop circles, it’s like they became ordinary people like you and their lives as best they can... to the very end... when the ‘grim reaper’ intervenes... and turns them into fertilizer!

Baz: As you say, Kaz! That’s you and me... and everyone else!.. Is that all that can be said about us?... 

Kaz: ...Or as Peggy Lee puts it in her song... ‘Is that all there is to a circus?’ 

Baz: ... Or these cartoonists?.. 

Director: Cross to cartoons.

Kaz: ...Let’s see if Cool Geometry can give us a sweeter answer!... 

Kaz voice over: I drew a few wobbly people in outline... not very well, but adequate for my purpose. 


Kaz: These people all have the same name... ‘ME’!... The space around them is called... ‘NOT ME’! 

Baz: I’m right with you Kaz!.. I’ll ask the next question... I think I know what’s coming...

Q: Do ‘ME’ and ‘NOT ME’ fit together absolutely perfectly?

A: Yes they do! There can’t be a ME without a NOT ME!...

Is that right Kaz? Can ‘ME’ and ‘NOT ME’ ever be separated?.. 

Kaz: Let’s find out!... I’ll erase ME!.. There... ME has gone... and of course ‘NOT ME’ remains!...   

Baz: But ‘Me’ and ‘NOT ME’ can’t ever be separated! ‘NOT ME’ is unlimited, which means it’s not limited to just ‘ME’. Being unlimited, it can’t ever be erased... so... 

Kaz: ...‘ME’ must be unlimited along with ‘NOT ME’!.. Only it’s disguised!... appearing as a separate ‘ME’!.. or millions of limited ‘MEs... all appearing to be separate from each other and blind to their very own, all-embracing, unlimited ‘NOT ME’! 

Baz: But what is it that’s unlimited? Can we put a handle on it now... give it a name?  

Kaz: I’ll have a stab... what about... ‘unlimited harmony’

Baz: ‘Unlimited harmony’? ... Great! 



Kaz: Let’s face it Baz!..

In reality, there ain’t much unlimited harmony?.. There’s chaos out there, mate!.. What with natural disasters, ethnic wars, rising populations, starvation and rampant pollution degrading the environment. Not to mention the threat of kidnappings and nuclear weapons.

Baz: Maybe chaos is ‘unlimited harmony’ in disguise! Mandelbrot’s fractal geometry points to that!  

Kaz: OK!.. Let’s think about that!.. Is chaos really chaos?.. 

Baz: It certainly looks like it!..  

Kaz: But is it really?.. Isn’t it life with all it’s complexity... buzzing along with absolute harmony and perfection everywhere... not just in healthy, safe environments... but also in violent, destructive environments... Not just in healthy bodies... but also in unhealthy, broken, worn out bodies! 

Baz: When you think about it... everything that’s happening right now, is happening with the utmost precision... co-incidence is not rare... it’s always the case. 

Kaz: The microbes that cause infection are working perfectly... the creeping tectonic plates preparing the earth’s crust for the next earthquake... everything working together, spontaneously, with everything else... unceasingly!... 

Baz: What seems to be disharmony and chaos, is really ‘unlimited harmony’! We always look at chaos from a naturally limited... point of view!  

Kaz: I think we’ve found a reason why crop circles keep coming, Baz... they couldn’t tell us directly, but they point to geometry, and that’s where we discovered ‘cool geometry’... then ‘uncaused harmonics’... 

Baz:  We interviewed crop circles and found they were unaware of their inseparable ‘unlimited outside’... which lead to ‘unlimited ME’... and finally... ‘unlimited harmony’!... Quite a journey!  

Kaz: Before we go, I want to discuss the ‘Big Bang’ theory! 

Baz: Not that again!..  

Kaz: Call me a heretic... but I can’t see how a ‘Big Bang’ could have caused ‘uncaused’ harmonics! 

Baz: ‘Cause and effect’ is a deep-seated darling of perception, Kaz. It’s a ‘before and after’ perception that judges ‘achievement and improvement’... or ‘failure and decline’. 

Kaz: The quest for harmony is everywhere... Physicists, architects and philosophers seek harmony and truth in their work. The Big Bang theory brings into harmony otherwise unanswered cause and effects questions about how the universe was formed... but maybe not geometry.  

Baz: Everyone delights in harmony!.. Harmony in nature is a constant wonder. 

Kaz: Harmony in music and the arts... wonderful music can make your hair stand on end and your spine tingle. Or get you up and dancing, if only in imagination!.. Songs... great music and words in harmony... can transport performer and audience to sublime, exotic places.

Baz: Harmony of movement... dancing... acrobatics... clowning around... gymnastics! 

Kaz: Noticing harmony needn’t be on a grand scale. It’s everywhere... A tiny flower... a swaying branch... a mother calming a baby... a workman washing his hands... an old lady brushing her hair... 

Baz: What could be better than unlimited harmony? 



Baz: You promised to answer the question... ‘What is the sound of one hand clapping?’ 

Kaz: It isn’t a question... so it doesn’t require, or deserve an answer!... It’s just a bunch of words arranged to sound like a question. Folks love to entertain, or mystify, with tales and illusions, to trick our perceptions. That’s a pretty good one.

Baz: Maybe we could discuss illusions... because illusions can be disturbing... and convincingly real!.. Is there anything that can be done about them? 

Kaz: Perhaps reflecting on unlimited harmony occasionally, while out walking, or relaxing in the shower... on the fact that unlimited harmony is actually happening all the time. It may help see off a few misperceived ghosts and ease some nightmares.  

Baz: Because unlimited harmony IS happening all the time, whether we are aware of it or not! It’s the only way anything at all can ever happen... 

Kaz: Including experiencing alarming or oppressive feelings... that hang around... disturbing our sleep... challenging our ability to control them... frightening thoughts that evoke imaginary demons and devils. 

Baz: Thoughts and feelings can’t be separated. Remembering to notice ‘unlimited harmony’ everywhere may eventually weaken the savage authority of harsh, critical and judgemental rules, passed down from uncompromising traditional teaching. 

Kaz: Every feeling requires infinite cooperation and connection to everything that allows feelings to happen in the first place...  

Baz: ...Not only those pesky feelings, suicidal feelings, feelings of annoyance, helplessness,... urgent... upsetting... obsessive feelings... 

Kaz. ... But also ‘positive’ inspiring feelings, feelings of curiosity, fun feelings, invigorating feelings, romantic feelings...  

Baz: ...And every variety of feeling in between!  

Kaz: In the deepest sadness... depression... and despair... only ‘unlimited harmony’ makes it possible for someone to perceive and experience those things... 

Baz: Nothing happens in isolation, separate from everything else. To be aware of the slightest feeling... requires infinite harmonies working seamlessly together...  

Kaz: ‘Unlimited harmony’ is the only possible place for life to live. 

Baz: We are each ‘unlimited harmony’ embodied... Every thought and emotion requires a body, circulation system, brain cells, neurons, atoms, neutrons, protons, elementary particles, quarks, bosons and whatever else... to do what only they can do... impossible to separate, track, list, name or comprehend.  

Kaz: We’re much more than we think we are... 

 Baz: And we can only ever exist along with everything else... in perfect cohesion...   with absolutely everything at this moment everywhere... 

Kaz: ...How could this not be so?... Who could arrange for geometry not to be so? Who could possibly arrange for themselves... or anyone else... to be exempt from ‘unlimited harmony’.  

Baz: Misperception may be unaware, ignore or deny it... but misperception can’t be exempt either.

Director: CUT! That’s a wrap! Thanks everyone! And a big thanks to cool geometry and crop circles. 



Kas: Unlimited harmony has got me thinking about our ‘every-day world’, Baz! 

Baz: Me too!

Kaz: It seems like our every-day world exists in an intriguing state of co-dependency.  

Baz: That’s funny! I was thinking that too! 

Kaz: It’s a world of opposites... Check this out... 

( hot / cold )

( large / small )

( early / late )

( fast / slow )

( day / night )

( rich / poor )

( attraction / repulsion )

( doctor / patient )

( health / ill-health )

( young / old )

( war / peace )

( friend / enemy )

( kind / cruel )

( happy / unhappy )

( true / untrue )

( cause / effect )

( love / hate )

( life / death ) name it... everything has it’s opposite... how come?  

Baz: I see what you mean! It seems like any situation in every-day life is only possible if it’s ‘opposite’ is an option. A bride can only ‘be late’ if ‘being early’ is also a possibility!.. ‘Late’ without ‘early’ isn’t possible... like one hand clapping! 

Kaz: Yeah!.. And one particular set of options has got me bamboozled! 

Baz: Which one? 

Kaz: ‘Life / death’!.. You know... ‘Here today / Gone tomorrow’!

Baz: Yeah! That’s a classic!.. ‘Every-day life’ says it can’t exist without the option to not exist!  

Kaz: Exactly! It says ‘Life lives... or it doesn’t!’

Baz: I’ve got a feeling there’s something really amiss with that statement, Kaz!  

Kaz: That’s what I’m getting at!.. Only life could make a statement like that! Death, or something not living, certainly couldn’t!  

Baz: I reckon ‘death’ is a ’hypothetical future’... INVENTED by ‘every-day life’! It’s seriously weird!.. Why would every-day life want to do that? 

Kaz: My guess is... it believes in it’s belief that ‘cause and effect’ is the god of the universe!.. That every-day life can choose to cause things, or prevent things... 

Baz: It believes it’s end can be caused. It also believes that every-day life could choose to cause another every-day life to end. 

Kaz: Cause and effect has it’s place in ‘unlimited harmony’, like everything else...but it can’t cause what is causelessly unlimited to be limited. 

Baz: I had no idea crop circles and geometry would take us this far down the harmony road, Kaz. But alas... this is as far as we go!.. We need to get our report in... and I could really do with a coffee! Your turn to pay!


 Jack Newnham   Feb. 2012.    


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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