Our scientists use “bubble circles” to study behavioural responses in the Dolphin Communication Project. By analogy, could modern “crop circles” be part of an extra-terrestrial Human Communication Project?  

It has been twenty years now, since the first flood of “crop circles” began to appear unexpectedly in southern England. Who might be sending such beautiful, strange images to us and why? In order to explain this paranormal phenomenon, serious researchers have considered three different theories. Some argue that crop circles might be messages from another dimension, say from a parallel Earth or a spiritual dimension (see Crop_Circles___Crossovers_from_another_Dimension_1). Others suggest that crop circles might come from our future on Earth, say from a historical timeline in which the planet is dying, as a quixotic attempt to change the past (see www.youtube.com). Still others believe that crop circles might be made by visiting extra-terrestrials (see www.youtube.com).  

Another ongoing mystery of crop circles is why their makers choose not to communicate with us directly. They seem to know everything about us: for example our ASCII computer code and the English language. Yet only rarely have they sent any direct text messages to us in crops. In 2002 they did show a long message in ASCII code at Crabwood, but it was cryptic and hard to understand (see time2007n or time2007o). In 2011 they sent another brief message in ASCII code at Poirino in Italy, yet it was again cryptic and hard to understand (see Poirino2011a). Thus the vast majority of crop circles do not show “text communications” per se, but rather: (1) beautiful works of art, (2) guides to improved spirituality, or (3) clever puzzles which teach us how to think.  

Quite interestingly, all but one of those crop-based puzzles (at Wickham Green 2010) has now been solved. Yet the well-worked-out, logical solutions to such “puzzles” often lie far beyond the mental skills of a typical person living today on Earth. One famous crop-based puzzle did receive a lot of media attention in 2008, because it showed “pi to ten digits” and was easy to understand (see Easy-pi-Astrophysicist-solves-riddle-Britains-complex-crop-circle.html). Many other crop-based puzzles remain almost unknown to the general public, and poorly understood even by crop circle enthusiasts, because they are too intellectually difficult (for example from the summer of 2011, see StantonStBernard2 or comments or jubilee or time2011n).  

Would we sign a political treaty with dolphins or whales?  

Perhaps we have overestimated our own abilities compared with those of the crop artists, who seem to be experienced travellers through space and time. We are clearly not their equals in an intellectual sense, even after you take away all of their fantastic technologies. Some people ask, “Why don’t they land on the White House lawn, and sign a treaty with the President?” This seems to be some kind of naïve fantasy. Have humans ever signed a political treaty with a less advanced race, or treated them as equals?  

To be more specific, would we sign a political treaty with the dolphins or whales who live in our oceans? No, of course not. We might however send our best scientists to study them, learn their habits, and try to establish communications later. That cooperative effort here on Earth is called the “Dolphin Communication Project” (see www.youtube.com or www.youtube.com). I would like to suggest that “crop circles” are part of a similar “Human Communication Project” which is being carried out by extra-terrestrials, in order to learn our habits, assess our psychologies, and measure our problem-solving abilities, before opening full communications later.  

The Dolphin Communication Projection uses “bubble circles” to study dolphin psychologies and behaviours 

Based partly in the Marine Mammal Behaviour and Cognition Laboratory (see psy-kuczaj) and also worldwide, the Dolphin Communication Project uses many different strategies to evaluate dolphin psychologies, behaviours or intelligence. For example, some dolphins blow “bubble circles” then play with them (see www.youtube.com). What would happen if human scientists were to place a “bubble circle making machine” on the sea floor?  

This instructive scenario has been studied in some detail (see www.bbc.co.uk). First one solitary dolphin, perhaps more adventurous than his colleagues, goes in to investigate: 

Then many other curious dolphins join the adventurous one, until a group of considerable size studies the strange phenomenon together: 

Do modern “crop circles” represent part of a Human Communication Project? 

Almost the same phenomenon has been observed now on land in southern England for the past twenty years. Large circles of flattened crop may appear mysteriously in some farmer’s field, during the night or sometimes during the day. At first just one or two adventurous humans go in to investigate:  

As word of the new crop circle gets around, large numbers of humans may gather spontaneously to see it firsthand, and sometimes form a well-structured spiritual group: 

Throughout all of these human visitations, the extra-terrestrial makers of those “crop circles” may use a small metallic orb to observe what is happening below, or to see how visiting humans are reacting to what they have drawn:  

Five different categories of human psychological response to paranormal “crop circles” 

Next I would like to analyze the crop circle phenomenon, in a fashion similar to how the extra-terrestrial crop artists might do it. After they make any new crop circle, they can use small metallic orbs to watch how humans behave in the field below. They can also access our Internet or Facebook pages, to see what kinds of comments humans write there.  

We can summarize the human psychological response to “crop circles” in terms of five general categories:  

First there is a small core of researchers, maybe less than one hundred worldwide, who show great interest and understanding. Next we can see a large group of enthusiasts, perhaps one hundred thousand worldwide, who show moderate interest yet have little understanding. Equal to that are perhaps one hundred thousand dogmatic sceptics, who refuse to consider the evidence. Fourthly we can see six billion other humans on Earth, who show no interest or understanding whatsoever.  

While preparing this article, I learned that there is also a fifth group, represented by 3% of males in Wiltshire or worldwide. These particular humans have what psychologists on Earth call “anti-social personality disorder” (see www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov or Antisocial_personality_disorder). They will go into some farmer’s field at night to make fake crop pictures, as an enjoyable but illegal activity, and have no regard for the farmer’s rights. They will also lie with great abandon, and sometimes claim to have made a true paranormal crop picture, because they enjoy deceiving other people. (One could hardly imagine a less favourable advertisement for our species, but the crop artists would surely see them.)  

Tens of thousands of art lovers could in principle travel to Wiltshire each summer to see the new “crop circles”, but this has not happened  

Last week we attended an annual event called “Sculpture by the Sea” which is held annually in Sydney, Perth and Denmark (see www.sculpturebythesea.com). Hundreds of thousands of people flock to the seashore to see many excellent original sculptures, while members of the Danish royal family such as Princess Mary have also attended:  

The fifty or so “crop circles” which appear each summer in southern England show just as much artistic merit as those seaside sculptures. Why then do so few people visit English crop circles? Could it be because of “fear”, since no one knows for sure where the crop-based images come from? How could anyone sit in London all day, within a closed office during the heat of summer, or within a crowded Tube carriage, and not wish to go out into Wiltshire fields to see beautiful art, with many “white horses” on the hills nearby, then have lunch in a local pub afterwards?  

As a second strange aspect of this phenomenon, the farmers in whose fields such “crop circles” appear often cut them out on the same day, or within hours of them appearing. Those farmers could easily profit from such a small loss of crop, by charging admission to see the beautiful field art. It seems irrational, especially since most visitors would be staying at local hotels, renting local cars, buying local souvenirs, going to local restaurants, and generally stimulating the economy of the local populace, who would then have more money to spend on the farmer’s crops. And so most people in Wilshire could improve their prosperity through “crop circles”, yet they choose not to.  

Continual deceptions about UFOs and crop circles appear in the mainstream media  

“What is wrong with our species?” I asked myself, while viewing all of those wonderful Sculptures by the Sea, and thinking about the comparative rejection of crop circles. “We cannot even act in our own self-interest!” 

Part of the answer may come from our undesirable tendency to believe everything we see on TV, and to be influenced by peer pressure, whether true or false. For the past 60 years, our ruling classes have suppressed all knowledge about UFOs or crop circles by continual and repeated deceptions in the electronic media: 

The extra-terrestrial crop artists seem fully aware of what is going on, because in 2002 they pointed their famous Crabwood picture directly toward two radio-TV towers nearby, and wrote as part of a long text message, “We oppose deception” (see worm hole technology).  

The Obama White House told a stunning lie last month when, in response to a citizen petition, they said there was no credible evidence for UFOs (see white-house-theres-no-sign-et-or-ufo-cover-up). As one example of credible evidence, a group of American servicemen testified recently at the National Press Club in Washington DC, that UFOs had temporarily shut down their nuclear missiles during the 1960’s or 1970’s (see www.youtube.com or ufos-spying-on-our-nukes-airmen-claim). As another example, the History Channel with reporter Leslie Kean have produced a new film called “Secret Access: UFOs on the Record” which documents the most well-verified UFO cases that seem factually indisputable (see www.youtube.com).  

Last summer we saw another remarkable fabrication on Fox News, when Michio Kaku said that modern crop circles were no longer made “using rope and boards, but rather by using microwave ovens and GPS” (see www.youtube.com). Every past effort to make crop circles using microwave ovens has set fire to the plants, rather than bending them smoothly as in the true paranormal phenomenon. Geez, why not mention “stoned wallabies” (see news.bbc.co.uk) as another theory of equal credibility? The twisted logic of our mainstream media seems clear: if there are “no UFOs”, then there can be “no paranormal crop circles”. Does anyone still believe anything they have to say?  

What kinds of field picture are the extra-terrestrial crop artists showing us?  

Now back to serious matters: what kinds of field picture are the extra-terrestrial crop artists showing us? Most crop circles do not show “text messages” per se, but rather beautiful and original examples of “field art”: 

This is exactly what one would expect, if crop circles were not meant to communicate with us in a direct fashion, but rather to study our behaviours and psychological responses. Some crop circles show “spiritual symbols” which encourage us to become less egotistic and less materialistic:  

For those extra-terrestrial scientists, the seven chakras of any human body seem quite real, although modern academic science denies them. Other crop circles show “clever puzzles” which are designed to test or improve our mental abilities:  

A long numerical code on the left shows a calculation of 22 / 7 or pi, and also codes subtly for “planet Venus” (see  StantonStBernard2 or time2011n). A rotary code at top center shows pi to ten digits or 3.141592654 (see /Easy-pi-Astrophysicist-solves-riddle-Britains-complex-crop-circle). Another rotary code at top right shows Euler’s Identity in ASCII code (see Planck-found-Eulers-Identity-Crop-Circle or wilton_windmill_crop_circle_may_2010). Finally, the chemical molecule shown below is “melatonin”. It was drawn only a few days after a terrible massacre in Norway, with the implication that we humans should take some to “chill out” (see roundwayhill).  

Why are extra-terrestrial scientists from the Human Communication Project trying to improve us artistically, spiritually and mentally? 

It would be nice if someone on Earth could meet one of the crop artists face-to-face, to hear what their long-term plans might be for the human race. Why are they trying to improve us in so many ways, through “crop circles” or other alien-to-human contacts?  

Someone in New Mexico has in fact claimed to have met one of the crop artists, specifically a tall blond alien man with dark eyes. A full account is given in the book “Message for the Tribe of Many Colors” by Kiesha Crowther. I do not say this is a 100% reliable account, but it is certainly of interest, since a mental image of Kiesha was sent psychically to a crop circle researcher in 2002 just after Crabwood (see time2011a). Three tall, blond alien men with dark eyes were likewise seen by an off-duty Wiltshire policeman near Silbury Hill on July 5, 2009, inspecting the “Quetzalcoatl headdress” (see /UFO-alert-police-officer-sees-aliens-at-crop-circle).  

Kiesha would not have known any of this. Yet she tells how she met a tall blond alien man with dark eyes in the desert near Taos, New Mexico several years ago. He gave her and 11 other wisdom keepers the following message (condensed here for brevity):  

Our egotistic way of living is apparently holding us back! Can some of us actually switch from ego and mind to love? And what are those “new energies” pouring down from space? Does he mean “crop circles”, or “solar outbursts toward Earth”, or perhaps “waves from the galactic centre”?  

It has long been known that solar energies can affect human behavior by a science called “heliobiology” (see Alexander_Chizhevsky or heliobiology.com). Most popular uprisings for the past 2500 years have mapped to peaks in the 11-year solar cycle. Today we are seeing popular revolts against established governments in Egypt, Syria or other Arabic countries, as well as in many American cities by the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. The peak of our current solar cycle is still one year away, and it promises to be a strong one (see www.youtube.com).  

Whatever that visitor meant by “new energies from space”, our human race seems to be in the middle of an evolutionary change known as the “Great Shift”, and no one knows how it will turn out: whether they live on this planet, or are watching us from above, as part of the Human Communication Project. It will be interesting to see what happens next. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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