Squaring the circle:

by Varda D Sarnat    

Homage to Michael Glickman and Bert Janssen and to all who wrote about geometry in the CCC throughout the years, my virtual teachers….with thanks,…I responded to the latest "pipe of peace" invitation and read the Holland web of Bert Janssen

Before I start, I should state again, that I am Jewish and my perception is with accordance to my understanding of the kabala and the Hebrew bible (Tanach) and the decimal system, the mathematics of ONE (hence, 10 sephirot. etc)

Being a continuance learner I do not wish to waste your time with false declarations…far from it. But, from time to time, I see glimpses which I like to share with seekers of wisdom. While it is impossible at times to share Hebrew or kabalistic textual meanings or understandings, due to linguistic agreements or differences, as far a mathematics or geometry is concerned – this is a mutual ground, easily calculated or measured in any scale or language.  So, I read Bert's interesting website today, http://www.cropcirclesandmore.com/thoughts/201102kol.html    and his final sentence:

In other words: Is Squaring the Circle the Key to the mystery of Life on Earth?

© Bert Janssen, 2011.

Since this CROP CIRCLE CONNECTOR  site is the greatest platform for sharing knowledge it is beneficial for more readers like me, if I responded here:

According to The decimal system, ONE contains all. 1, 10, 100, 1000 (one thousand =Aleph in Hebrew=also one)

One Meter = 100 cm                one km = 1,000 meter

The decimal system, I believe, is embedded in Nature and can easily be seen and understood also by people who're used to think in different units. It is clear from the real size of Earth, try it…

 If we draw a square (10,000 km / 10,000km) the circumference = 40,000 km

If you wish to find a circle which shares the same circumference you divide it by Pi  

40,000 km: 3.141592654… = 12,732 km this is true earth diameter.

Conclusion: squaring the circle is the size of earth (not a solution to all life mysteries…but a start)

Also, squaring the circle (as seen above on the right side, inner circle) contains the real size of the Moon

The moon is comfortably hidden between the tropics (+23.5 and – 23.5) never leaving the reach of the sun's long hand…. Although, there is some (spiel) space around it, allowing for some movement (like an egg yolk inside the white)

It is much easier to see it in 3D movie (and shortly I'll be able to air my web site with relevant 3D animations) but for the time being, see the 2D projection of the moon, hiding inside a 3D double tetrahedron touching the earth's poles

Those who can draw better than me, like Bert, would understand it first hand…this way,

To me, it seems more likely that earth gave birth to the moon, rather than the current scientific "Bang" theory.

Keep in mind the unique optical truth (rather than illusion) of the same size of sun and moon, as seen from earth.

This obviously is no chance…and did not JUST happen according to National Geographic nonstop nonsense…this is calculated to perfection, as the rest of creation…with 3D geometry, one can see how the moon is completely hidden inside the "wisdom stone" by itself this stone is hidden from your eye even when you look at and only at the Mercaba itself (the stone as seen bellow on the bottom right side, hides inside the inner 3D space) of what in 2D is called "Magen David" the 6 pointed star of David.

The drawing here presents the idea…but you can draw with real dimensions and realize it firsthand (here, I used 12.500 as a diameter rather than 12.732) and same way, I am sure the sun is yet to be found using same geometrical esthetics

Having said that, I would now like to differ the use of suggested Pi, as seen in the most perfect crop circle, bellow

And calculate according to my own kabalistic Pi as 3. With the infinite 142857142857142857…known from the "Ninetigon",

40,000 km: 3.142857 = 12,727 km    which is or should be the true Diameter of earth, and to be even more accurate I suspect earth Diameter is 12,727.27272… km          (this not only helps me with my favorite 72 but is seen according to plan, indeed, earth itself although a bit old is already in nearly perfect shape for her age, check her latest size today even according to Nasa) and thank God already that it is not flat as it was only few hundred years ago according to some fish heads.     Save the whales


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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