An Apocalypse of Mayan End Age - 21st Dec. 2012


Fig.1 Mayan Wheel, Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, 2 August 2004      Fig.2 Avebury Manor, near Avebury UK Formed 15/07/08            Fig. 3  Woolstone Hill, near Uffington, England. 13/08/2005

On December 21st 2012 the Long Count Calendar used by the ancient Meso-American peoples such as the Maya, Aztec, Toltec and Olmec will end one great cycle of 13 Baktun (5125.25 years). The Maya had an intricate system of interlocking calendars similar like above crop circles formed. For e.g. these crop circles are based on a year of 365 days, with 18 months of 20 days each (20 was the base of Maya number system) and special period of 5 ‘unlucky days’. The L.H. side crop circle can be interpreted as inner circle representing 8 years (Each year is divided into 12 lines i.e. 12 months plus block containing 6 connected spiral lines to show completion of 1 year i.e. 18 months) and 4 dark regions each consists of 10 unlucky days for combined 2 years. Subtracting 2 days for leap year 2008 and 2012, gives date for inner circle as 30 July 2012.  Outer circle contains 8 blocks each containing 6 connected spiral lines, 16 rectangular block and 4 dark regions represents (8*6=48), (16*4=64) and (4*8=32) days respectively or total (48+64+32=144) days.  Subtracting 1 day of July, 31 days of August and October, 30 days of September and November i.e. total 123 days from 144 days gives remaining 21 days which represents date 21st December 2012 as predicted by Mayan calendar. The crop circle formation at Avebury Manor (Middle one in above figures) seems to depict our solar-system (not in proportional scale) on December 21, (+/-) 2012. R.H. side crop circle shows six rhombus with dark dot inside them for 5 unlucky days, indicates total 6 years each of 365 days. 16 blocks at outer circle of 1.5 loops  means (16*1.5=24) months, each of 20 days i.e. total (24*20=480 days) or 1 year of 365 days with remaining 115 days. Subtracting 2 days for leap year 2008 and 2012, gives (115-2=113) days left and date as 10/08/2012. Each dot inside 16 blocks represents one day with addition of 4 days for 4 sides of large square which gives total (113+16+4=133) days. Again subtracting remaining 21 days of August, 31 days of October, 30 days of September and November i.e. total 112 days from 133 days gives remaining 21 days which represents date 21st December 2012. One more crop circle is explained below to show real importance of this day on our life.

Fig. 4 Waden Hill, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire England. Reported 16th July 2005

Six sides of 2 dark triangles is equal to 6 years including 5 unlucky days in each year. 24 blocks at outer circle equals to 24 months of Mayan calendar i.e. (1 year of 18 months plus 5 days with remaining 115 days). Subtracting 2 days for leap year 2008 and 2012, gives (115-2=113) days left and date as 13/07/2012. Double loop of each block shows (24*2=48) days. Again subtracting remaining 18 days of July, 31 days of August and October, 30 days of September and November i.e. total 138 days from (113+48=161) days gives remaining 21 days which represents date 21st December 2012 again.

These crop circles are not only giving just calculation about date 21/12/2012, but crop circle like that L.H. side crop circles actually shows activity of sun on that day. The “double square spiral - the Maya symbol for jaguar snouts, which indicates an entrance to the underworld” shown in L.H. side crop circle indicates “Huge Solar Storms” (around more than 10 times the size of the earth) on this date. Here, some more crop circles are shown below which clearly indicates phenomenon of huge solar storms which is happening on 21/12/2012.


   Fig. 5                                  Fig. 6                                Fig. 7                       Fig. 8


  Fig. 9                  Fig. 10                               Fig. 11               Fig. 12


Fig. 13                                   Fig. 14                                  Fig. 15                   Fig. 16

Fig. 15 shows the way in which (like Serpent) the solar storms strike the Earth. Eye shape symbol for the Sun is for corona ejection or from their (alien) point of view; it denotes very angry nature of Sun (It is similar with the God of Indian culture, Lord Shiva. When he opens His third eye as becomes angry, He destroys the entire nature (the Earth) by emitting tremendous fire from His third eye). All crop circles mentioned here, are very difficult for human to make in one night which was the real fact of the crop circles. There is lot of video evidences that shows formation of these crop circles by UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). But, if these complex crop circles are made by UFOs (Aliens), then its similarity with that Mayan Calendar itself proves that aliens helped Maya peoples to make such long count calendar. The Mayans were around 4500 years ago. Not only to Maya peoples, but as per Dr Ala Shaheen, head of the Cairo University Archaeology Department, has told an audience that there might be truth to the theory that aliens helped the ancient Egyptians to build the oldest of pyramids, the Pyramids of Giza. Several independent teams have used seismographic devices to scan around the Giza Plateau, especially between the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. Their findings are incredible. Several connected subterranean chambers have been detected, including two vertical tunnels under the Sphinx. The chambers are located at multiple levels and the deepest supposedly contains a large metallic disc.


  Fig. 17                          Fig. 18                                        Fig. 19                Fig. 20

The triangular shapes (like pyramids) in center of crop circles as shown in fig. 4, 12, 14 and from fig. 17-20 and many more like these crop circles supports Dr Ala Shaheen statement. The structure of pyramid is built by heavy large stones and such thickened triangular structure can save us from radiations coming from huge solar storms/flares as well as other natural disaster like heavy flood because of melting of glaciers by solar storms. Also, the building in triangular shape like pyramid would spread solar storms away from it. As well as its surface area always remain less than that compare to dome or rectangular type buildings for same width and height and hence less effect of solar storms. The reason behind formation of Pyramid is same as that concrete slabs of 2-5 meter thick surround nuclear reactors i.e. to prevent us from hazardous radiations. If they really wanted to save us, then not only in Egypt, but they must had spread same technology (Pyramid like structure) all over the world. But, it was the way of thinking in which ancient people/ Kings of different territory understood same in slightly different manner by solving symbolic pictures given by alien. It is similar to our current ability to solve/ decode same crop circle in different manner. For ancient people, these aliens are like God (because of suddenly appearance/ disappearance of UFO in the sky) coming from heaven (or different world). Their (alien’s) combine symbolic picture about solar storm and pyramid must be considered as holy place to be build in order to worship the aliens (their God) to receive something gift (technology) from them and become more powerful than other or to pray to save us from the disaster predicted by them. Note that, there must be very little cases of seeing aliens by ancient people like what is happening with us right now, creating confusion about existence of aliens. Hence, wild imaginations by ancient people about them creates God (God not created Us, but We created God through Our Imagination). We are seeing such holy places in three different categories like temple, masjid and church, all are having same shape like pyramids. There is nothing like God or creator of the universe or our spiritual imagination about God is really foolish because of lack of understanding of alien’s message by our ancient people. What a shame is that we not stopped at this point only, but convert their (alien’s) triangular shape (which was suggested by alien to save us) into three different religions Hindu, Muslim and Christen. Personally, I never believe in God and also recommended to all of you to forget God and for Humanity, all of us should unite instead of getting trapped in any religion.

Now, the question is if aliens were in contact with us from ancient time, then, why they did not attack on us in order to rule our earth instead of helping us? Wasn’t it easy for them to attack on us during our ancient time? Note that, we were poor at that time in technology as compared to advanced one, today. Their helping nature towards us is possible if and only if environment system on our earth is not suitable for them. In that case instead of destroying us, they would prefer to help or save us by intimating about any large natural disaster like solar storms happening on 21st Dec. 2012 by sharing their knowledge and technology (a little bit) with us. The same proof of dissimilarity between alien and human is already given by them in crop circle (as shown below) dated 20th  August 2001 which was the reply of message sent by SETI (Prof. Carl Sagan, Dr. Frank Drake and NASA) via Arecibo radio telescope on dated 16th Nov. 1974. L.H. side of Fig. 21 is the message sent by us in binary code. The message consists of seven parts – 1) The number 1 to 10; 2) The atomic numbers of the elements hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus, which make up deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA); 3) The formulas for the sugars and bases in the nucleotides of DNA; 4) The number of nucleotides in DNA, and a graphic of the double helix structure of DNA; 5) A graphic figure of a human, the dimension (physical height) of an average man (≈176.4 cm), and the human population on the Earth, around 4.3 billion in year 1974; 6) A graphic of the Solar System (The Earth is the third planet from the Sun - its graphic is shifted up to identify it as the planet from where the signal was sent. Additionally the human figure is shown "standing on" the Earth graphic.); 7) A graphic of the Arecibo radio telescope and the dimension (the physical diameter=306.18 m) of the transmitting antenna dish. The reply of this message is shown at R.H. side where 1and 3 parts are appear as same for aliens also i.e. aliens are also using same numbering system or it may be possible that they taught us math’s and numbering system. While 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 parts are different. In 2nd part, DNA of alien consist 6 numbers of elements viz. hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, silicon and phosphorus (they are silicon based rather than carbon based like us) and 4th part shows triple helix structure of DNA not symmetrical, may be due to damages in their DNA structure. 5th part shows graphic figure of alien (much larger head, shaped more like an alien with big eyes) with physical height (≈100.8 cm or 3 feet 4 inch; which falls in line with witnesses of “grey” aliens) with population around 21.3 billion in year 2001. 6th part shows number of planets occupied by aliens (around 6 planets, one planet at each 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th position and two planets at 6th position) while their sun appears to be smaller than us. Last 7th part shows picture of their telescope or technology (like UFO mother ship) (Diameter around 187.24 m) by which they can reach at anywhere in the universe through hyper dimension.    


        Fig. 21 Crop Circle: Binary Code Message

The above message sent by them itself shows that they are different from us. Thanks God! God (Alien) is different from us. With hyper dimensional technology, Entire Universe is under their feet, where billions of living planets are existing. “With more Power, they have more responsibility towards the Universe”. Then, why to rule/ destroy the living planet like the earth? As we don’t know about any extraterrestrial planets, our thinking is like “A Frog in the Well”. Come outside of the well and we will realize that “We are not alone in the Universe”. Remember that, “No one will Eat more than Size of Stomach” knowing or well aware of the fact that, there are lot of foods easily accessible.

How aliens (UFO) are suddenly appearing or disappearing? Is it possible for us or not? The answer is in my research paper entitled “Twin Universe” which is recently submitted to “Indian Journal of Physics” in which I had proved that universe must have to evolve only in 3-D space and 1-D time (No need of Multi Dimensions like 11 dimensions in string theory) with addition that there must be two observable universes in the actual universe or our universe is “Twin Universe”. These twin universes are moving or expanding in 4th virtual dimension with speed equal to speed of light such that there is nothing (no dimension) between them. It is something like two objects moving away from each other, but still remains in contact with each other. 4th dimension is virtual and not like real 3-D space, hence expansion of 3-D space in this 4th virtual dimension should create illusion of time for us with definite arrow (moving ahead in time, but not like from past to future as there is no past and no future that means no dimension between these twin universe as explained above). In such universe, by creating hole in 3-D space (using strong vortex magnetic field), it is possible to see entire universe through that hole by using microscope and by zooming that hole with the help of that system connected to computer, we can locate a particular region where we can enter with no lapse of time. It is similar like worm hole but without requirement of any Black Hole. Such a hole can be used to receive things (abduction of cows, humans and study their biological system), appear or disappear suddenly, destroy the things, or create something like crop circles by projecting high energy beams at that point, test high energy beam technology at other place like nuclear tests and many more. This system looks similar to system described in 7th part of figure 21 at R.H. side.

If huge solar storms is the main cause of end of life on the earth on 21st Dec. 2012, then what is the reason behind  that storms and how could alien (God) predicted early in advance about repetition of this event in terms of 13 Baktun (5125.25 years) of Mayan calendar. In astrology, there is a term considered as most fated, called as “Yod” means “Finger of God”, two planets sextiling (not necessary sixty degree aspect) with each other are in communion with a third planet which effects is opposite the midpoint of the sextile. What is fate? that which cannot be controlled or altered. Why cannot a thing be controlled or altered? Because, it is either subconscious, or beyond one's control -- thus the enigmatic moniker of the "Finger of God". These three planets would then form the shape like 'y' or ‘Y’ in the heavens. Further, whenever a planet is transiting through the middle point of the sextile segment of the Yod, the transiting planet is essentially on red alert. The burden is upon us to listen closely at this time, and to learn. Huge Solar storms because of formation of “Yod” are uncontrollable things, it can take less time, maximum one week to reach towards the earth from the time of formation of these storms on the surface of the Sun and hence not giving enough time or any hint about this event making situation worst more. In fig. 2, if looked closely, you can see formation of “Yod” with the earth (Shape of the Yod is like small letter “у”) where the sun is at the center of letter “y”, planets Jupiter and the Earth sextile with each other while planets Saturn, Venus and slightly Mercury in straight line rests opposite of sextile. The third planet, effectively at the bottom of the 'y' figure, is the trigger point of the Yod. In this case, the combined effect of Saturn, Venus and Mercury act as trigger point of the “Yod”. It is triggering this fate event (solar storms) towards mid-point of Jupiter and the earth and this mid-point is nothing but, “Finger of God”. In fig. 2, direction of rotation of planets is clockwise. It is clearly explained in following crop circles. Fig. 2 is the reference for all the following figures.

  Fig. 22        Fig. 23    Fig. 24    Fig. 25
  Fig. 26      Fig. 27        Fig. 28       Fig. 29


In fig. 22, Saturn is represented by a circle with rings around it (L.H. side), while R.H. circle is Jupiter and top circle is our Earth. In fig. 23, a bird with circle shown inside its stomach is the Sun and at its tail, there are Saturn, Venus and Mercury. The beak of the bird (two parts of beak) is pointed towards the Earth and the Jupiter in “Yod” form and this bird is going to eat the earth. Fig. 24 is not a humming bird (how aliens know about humming bird, even may be more than 30% of us do not know about the humming bird) but bottom five lines represents five fingers instead of feather of bird, where thumb, index, ring, little fingers are Earth, Jupiter, Uranus, Mars respectively and middle finger is showing midpoint of the sextile segment of the Yod (y) as per fig. 2. Extended six arms (three on each side) are solar storms while opposite to middle finger is Saturn. Sun is shown as big circle while small two circles inside big circle are showing size of Saturn and Jupiter in terms of Mass. In Fig. 25, top two lines at an angle pointed towards the Earth and the Jupiter while the tail and wings of fly shows (Saturn-Venus-Mercury) and solar storms respectively. Fig. 26 is not a butter fly, but it is symbol of “Fate of Human” where two lines on head in sextile manner represents the Earth and the Jupiter, while two wings and straight legs are solar storms and Saturn-Venus-Mercury respectively. In Fig. 27, middle finger is pointing towards mid-point of the Earth and the Jupiter, symbol of Sun is shown as dot in big circle, bottom circle is Saturn while R.H. extreme top circle is Jupiter and circle between Sun and Finger of the God is our earth. Similarly, it is possible to show connection between crop circles in fig. 28 and 29 with “Yod”. Rain drop symbol in a circle at center (Fig. 28) is usual scientific symbol for a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) from the Sun.

This “Yod” formation of the Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn always happens after 13 Baktun or ≈ 5125.25 years. If we divide this year by 1 (including leap year), 11.864, 29.454 which are the orbital period (around Sun) of these three planets respectively, we get 5125, 432, 174 as complete rotation for all of them. For rotation less than mentioned above for respective planets, this type of Yod formation (in which Saturn, Venus and Mercury remains in straight line while the earth at backside of the Jupiter makes around 180 angle between them) would never happen. I, myself checked truth of this “Yod” formation for complete rotation of Jupiter from 1 to 61 and compared it with this major five planets to know whether these planets complete their rotation or form the same Yod as shown in fig.2 or not. And, it surprised me that, “Yod” formation for above five planets happens exactly after 61 complete rotation of the Jupiter. This is the reason why Mayan calendar developed by aliens pointed towards great one cycle of 5125.25 yrs. They warned us about this great event (which is not controllable) and reason behind this is that same thing must be happening in their solar system, but with more frequency than us and hence they are well aware of worst intensity (radiation effects) of such event than us. Also, their Sun is smaller (less mass) than us, number of planets in their solar system are 12 (more than us) and they had occupied around 6 planets which means more subjected to solar storms and to prevent from this frequent disaster, they must had built up large number of Pyramids (which is the permanent solution for this non controllable fate) on their planets, that’s why suggesting us to build the same to save us from solar storms. But, apart from their warnings since ago Maya culture (around 4500 years ago), we had built up very less number of Huge Pyramids (the reason behind Stone age formation must be same as that behind Pyramids i.e. to save us from solar storms, but it was not completed like pyramids may be because of some reason like decision of King at that time - why should continue to build something massive to save against the event which will occur after thousands of years later?). Our ignorance and laziness to take action against such Hazard Disaster is really bad thing which they stated in binary code with human as well as their face in crop circle dated 16th August 2002 as shown in following Fig. 30.


Fig. 30 Crop Circle on 16/08/2002 with Message in Binary Code

In crop circle, they showed their face so that at last we must believe their existence and come to know, how they are different than us. NASA should not hide all about UFOs and aliens from us, but, instead should wake up us (for Sake of Humanity) so that we can prepare for such hazardous disaster. The binary code message in above figure says: “Beware the bearers of FALSIFY gifts and their BROKEN promises. Much PAIN but still time. Believe, there is GOOD out there. We OPPOSE DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING. (Bell sound).”  Most of us taken this message as threat from alien, but, as said earlier, if they want to destroy us, they must had done this around 4500 years ago and also there is no need for them to attack on us because they knew that solar storms on 21st Dec. 2012 are sufficient to destroy us. Then, why such intelligent beings should waste their energy and weapons in order to destroy us? Also, if they want to attack on us, they can do it through their planet itself without coming through large UFO (their space craft) to here on our planet, earth. They can attack on us through 4th dimension by emitting high energy beams on us, and because of unable to see them, we become hopeless and finally lose the war against them. Therefore, instead of fearing or getting panic, the above message should be read as follows:

“About the gift (Technology given by them – Pyramid, which is really a gift to save us from uncontrollable fate i.e. solar storms), we hadn’t listened carefully and forgot to build pyramids in large quantity (We falsified their Gifts in way of building incomplete Stone Age as well as formation of less thickened temples). In other words, with no aware of such hazard event, we had broken their promises i.e. to save our self. Our ignorance will definitely cause us more pain from solar radiations (Remember, radiation effect from nuclear bomb explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan). But still there is time (around 10 years, 4 months and 5 days from the date of formation of this crop circle). Don’t worry if you had forgotten, we (aliens) will definitely help and save you from such disaster, but believe in us (alien). I think, there is only one way for them to help us from solar storms i.e to send huge space crafts and to take most of us in their space crafts and disappear before happening of this great event and again they will send us back to the earth after minimization of radiation effect. But, if we attack on their space craft’s by considering threat from them i.e. act like deception, then they (alien) will oppose (attack on) only to those, who will act like deceptive. Conduit closing means end of message with awakening us (Bell Sound) to prepare for solar storms.” It is our choice how to act to save our life. “Believe me, 21st Dec. 2012 is really a Great Event, not only from Uncontrollable Fate (Solar Storms), but it is a great chance to met with your God (Alien).”

Ø      Note: It is trigger event (Immediate Effect like triggering bullet from the gun) with no prior intimation i.e. formation of solar storms at time when the Earth and the Jupiter will make “Yod” with Saturn-Venus-Mercury.

In order to understand the effect of these planets (viz. Yod formation) on Sun to produce solar storms, first we should know about tidal effects. Gravitational strength of the moon and the Sun on the Earth is around 3.34*10-5 m/s2 and 5.93*10-3 m/s2 respectively. It means tidal effect should be more due to Sun rather than because of moon on the half surface of the earth which remain in front of the Sun.  We see such tidal effect in case of oceans (pulling away from the earth) and not with other objects having density less than water. Because, there are three reasons behind tidal effect: 1) Density, 2) Quantity (Volume) and 3) State of the matter – Liquid, Solid or Gaseous. The large quantity of matter with less and uniform density is always affected by gravitational pull of the Sun or moon, called as Tidal Effect. Gravitational force on water is equal to (density *total volume)Water multiplied by gravitational strength which acts in the direction joining the center of the moon/ Sun to the center of the earth. This is the reason why tides are high at 12.00 O’ clock in morning and during full or new moon in night at 12:00 O’ clock as well as during Sun or moon eclipse. If the earth is filled entirely and uniformly with water only, it become possible to see spectacular events like high water tides in range of Km (Jets of Water). It can be said that gravitational strength of the Sun or the moon may be the one cause behind formation of large tornadoes or earthquakes where density of surface of the earth is less.

Now, the density of surface of the Sun is very less than density of water, for e.g. density of corona is less than 10-11 Kg/m3 (1016 particles like protons and electrons per m3) and it is uniform throughout the surface of the Sun extended up to approx. 20 solar radii (0.1 AU) i.e. volume equal to approx. 1030 m3 or total mass of corona surround the sun is approx. 1020 Kg. The important thing is that these coronas are in the form of liquid (plasma of magnetic fields) and hence less resistance to gravity pulls by planets around the Sun.        

Fig. 31 An illustration of the structure of the Sun: 1.Core 2.Radiative zone 3.Convective zone 4.Photosphere 5.Chromosphere 6.Corona 7.Sunspot 8.Granules 9.Prominence

The gravitational strength (Pull) of the planets on the Sun is listed in the table below:

Sr. No.

Name of Planet

Mass of the Planet (Mp)  in Kg

Minimum Distance from the Sun (Rp) in meter

Gravitational Pull = A = (G*Mp)/(Rp)2 in m/S2














































Table 1 Magnitude of Gravitational Pull by Planets on the Sun

Though gravitational pull (A=Acceleration) is very small, but at same time, density of coronas is also very less and it is in large quantity on the Sun as explained above, which causes corona pulling from the particular spot on the Sun where direction of this gravity pull due to combine effect of all planets goes through center of the Sun (the magnitude of pull depends mostly upon the gravitational pull of the planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Earth, Venus and Mercury). The approximate acceleration diagram for planetary position as shown in fig. 2 for date 21st Dec. 2012 is drawn here, showing the direction of combined effect of gravitational pull of all planets as dark line.




























Fig. 32 Acceleration Diagram of Gravitational Pull by Planets on the Sun

The direction of combined effect of all planets (magnitude ≈ 18.2*10-8 m/S2) is pointing towards the earth around 73.70 in upward direction while the position of the earth is at ≈ 780 in upward direction as shown in fig. 2. On 21st Dec. 2012, this fateful event (formation of solar storms) will be triggered by combined effect of Saturn-Venus-Mercury (or this is the day of beginning of this event) and during the time require for these solar storms to reach at the earth, the earth will transits through the mid-point of sextile and finally become prey of these solar storms within a week.  If the formation of Yod and higher value of gravitational pull by Jupiter is the main reason for solar storms, then there must be some connection between orbital period of Jupiter (11.86 yrs) and 11 year cycle of Sun-spot. It should be investigated further. The above event (Yod formation) is like pulling the bucket filled with water. But, bulky water inside large bucket as in liquid form resists that force. It is tendency of matter to resist against motion i.e. Inertia. If at same time, from opposite side, bucket is pushed, the water will come out from the bucket in that pushed direction. Above “Yod” formation event is based on “Principle of Equivalence” between gravitational and inertial mass as suggested by Albert Einstein in his General theory of Relativity.

The gravitational pull by Jupiter on the Sun and alignment of three major planets, Saturn-Venus-Mercury are the major part in this event, while with little calculation, it can be seen that in each Baktun (5125.25/13=394.25 years), the angle between the Earth and the Jupiter always remains equal to 180 (the Jupiter ahead of the Earth) with gravitational pull effect of either Saturn or Venus or Mercury remains on opposite side of mid-point of above sextile and hence Baktuns are less harmful in magnitude as compared to the End of Cycle (13 Baktun). The mid-point of the earth and Jupiter is called as “Finger of God” because God (Alien) is pointing towards the direction of solar storms. Actually, end of cycle of 13 baktun must be 5125 years so that each baktun becomes equal to 394.2308 years i.e. in each baktun, the earth completes 394 revolution plus revolution of 0.2308 years. In 13 baktun, the earth completes three extra revolutions equal to (0.2308*13=3) i.e. the earth and the major planets in the above fig. 2 should come to same position which was before 5125 years. Also, position of Saturn and Venus exactly opposite to mid-point of sextile formed by the Earth and the Jupiter shifts the acceleration diagram towards left side as shown in fig. 32 badly helping to align the direction of combined gravitational pull of these five planets with the angle made by the earth with respect to the Sun which means pointing the direction of solar storms towards the mid-point of the sextile. Therefore, combination of Saturn and Venus is shown as bad thing in astrology. While, Venus having less orbital period (around 0.611 years) if remains in same quadrant of the Earth and the Jupiter, it alone is sufficient to cancel the combine effect of gravitational pull by the Saturn and the Mercury even if they are opposite the mid-point of sextile. Without Venus in solar system, survival of the life on the Earth become impossible (like what happened on mars, dryness of rivers on mars) because of frequent bombardment of solar storms due to formation of Yod by the earth and the Jupiter in sextile manner during alignment of either Saturn or Mercury or both at tail of the Yod – “y”. Saturn is act like cruel planet because of its large orbital period, it stays there for long time giving chance for Venus or Mercury to align with it. I think, Astrology is based upon all of these, i.e. effect of planetary positions on the Sun, to emit solar storms and then effect of these radiations on living being, human. But, it is very difficult to say, how these radiations can predict about our future?

Let us calculate the number of days, the earth should take to go 180 ahead from the Jupiter, if initially, they coincide with each other or they were at same point with respect to the Sun. If “a” is the degree by which Jupiter also revolves during this case.

Then, (18+a)*(365.25/360) = a*((11.864*365.25)/360)                                             --- 1 year = 365.25 days = 3600 rotation of the earth

Therefore, a = 18/10.864 = 1.6568.

Number of days on the Earth = (18+a)*365.25/ 360 = (18+1.6568)*365.25/360 = 19.944 days ≈ 20 Days

This is the reason behind the 18 months and base of 20 days in Mayan calendar (For 18.0510, the above calculation exactly gives 20 days).

Right now, I am not sure, but the reason behind end of dinosaurs must remain as same instead of any fall of big asteroid on the earth. Huge solar radiations during each baktun and in each cycle of 5125.25 years not only finished them but by making changes in environment as well as by damaging their DNA structure, change the life style of living beings on the earth.

Let us pray to God (Alien), “Save Us”.

Fig. 33 Avebury Manor, near Avebury UK Formed 22/07/08

We must have to send radio message like Prof. Carl Sagan sent earlier, but at this time asking for help from them and apologize for our ignorance/ unawareness about their technology (Gift). 

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