Continuation: CC makers replied to my 1st Crop circle experiment:
Horton, nr Devizes, Wiltshire.   Reported 9th August 2010

Last summer I have started a first experiment for to contact the 'crop circle makers' and I was successfully, unimportant the meanings of some intelligent people/ readers/ writers here on this site. They (CC makers) even have sent back one symbol of 'sacred geometry' just only one day later. But their sent image was in some ways more complex than mine and people could come to the conclusion, that 'their' image is different to 'my' image. Only at a first blink it appears to be different. But it is not as you will recognize soon, because the two images are based on the same image of Sacred Geometry.

However, 'my' painted image was strong in my mind always, therefore I was able to realise their specific answer in just a second.
It told me this: WE have received your sign, which is an honourable sign. And we send back our reply; of course it will be a bit more complex than your sign. But if you are able to see right, then you will recognize your own sent symbol INSIDE our sent image, which also is a complex image of the 'sacred geometry'. And so it was.

Now I send the fitting images of sacred geometry to you, so that you clearly can recognize the whole message, including mine and their image, which fits together perfectly.
I came to the conclusion, that the visitors of your website were unable to see it.

For you, honourable people, I will explain now how my sent image fits together with the Crop Circle, which was sent back only one day after my telepathic transmission.

For better understanding I need to copy in some graphics, so that you can see the connections perfectly.
Please watch the next images carefully one following the other….. 

Here my image, which is one of the 'Sacred Geometry' = "Merkaba".

I have sent it out by telepathic transmission only one day before their quick reply.


With this special image of Sacred Geometry they answered to my sent image
on the very next day:


Okay, now I'll show you the 'way' of creation by using some images of Sacred Geometry.
And very easily you can follow the path from beginning (my sent image) to the final result (their sent image):

Sacred Geometry - "Merkaba"
Exactly this image was the template for 'my' crop circle.


Sacred Geomertry - "Flower of Life":


Sacred Geometry - "Tetrahedron",
exactly placed into the 'Flower of Life':



Sacred Geometry - "Tetrahedron",
without Flower of Life:


Sacred Geometry - "Dodecahedron":


Sacred Geometry - "Hexahedron":


Sacred Geometry - "Metatrons Cube":


Again the "Merkaba"

In summary, it is the ultimate prove for the

validity of our mutual conversation.
Please look the animated image below.


Here you can see my last image which as an animated gif.
I erased some of the lines of the "Merkaba".
Then I placed it over the sent crop circle.
My first try to 'overlay', so please excuse my no perfect work.



 As you can see, the CC makers have done this:

They easily have recognized my symbol of Sacred Geometry, and then they have 'tuned up' my image with the more complex images of Sacred Geometry and at last they simply have sent back the centre of the Sacred Geometry, which is the common base of our two 'exchanged' images of the Sacred Geometry.  

You also can see their part of a 'cube', which is a 'result' of the combination of the sacred images which I added above.

So we have my image, which is the Merkaba. Then they 'extended' it with lines of the TetrahedronDodecahedronHexahedron which leads to the Metatrons Cube and back to the last added image of the Merkaba, which was my sent image. 

In other words the depicted image does express their perfect knowledge of the whole sacred geometry. And exactly that was their answer.

Their answer also contains the 'confirmation' that they have received my image. 

In the 'centre' of their depicted cube you can see a 'circle', a 'globe' so to say. And if you compare that 'globe' with the globes inside the sacred geometry then you can see the 'centre globe' of the sacred geometry. You can take a look at the Hexahedron for example. 

In summary I can say, that it was a perfect telepathic conversation with the CC makers.

We both used the symbols of sacred geometry for our 'conversation'; and so their 'answer' was absolutely no coincidence but the logical result. 

By the way, you readers could confirm easily that CC makers usually do not use symbols of sacred geometry often. 

Note: Soon I plan a new experiment and it will be much more specific.

If the crop circle makers will agree with my new experiment, then they possibly will 'answer' more especially, so that even the 'crowd' will be able to see the fact of connection.
For me it's not very hard to contact 'them'.

But hold in mind please: Whether they will show any reaction or not, it is not in my hands. 

At the end of my report I want to tell you some important facts:
Many of you readers/ writers may ask: Why the CC makers send their special images to the Earth humankind and for what reason?

There's a deeper sense in it. The point is not to show some 'beautiful and coded images' to humankind only for reasons of 'creativity' and / or for some kind of 'entertainment'.

It's far from that and Earth people need to realise this very seriously.

In general the CC makers not only want to 'make awoken' the Earth humans, they even are in friendship with us. So from time to time they show some kinds of 'warnings' to the Earth humans.

For sure they wouldn't show so many messages (crop circles), if they were in ignorance and indifference with the living humans.

But due to some Cosmic Laws they can not intervene directly into humans' development and destiny. In principle they want to tell us urgently:  

Earth people must prove to be 'Grown-Ups' in the (cosmic) sense of unity of universe.
To the humans there will be no 'un-deserved' gifts from universe to climb that step, similar to the endless wasted prayers to the 'sky' in which humans call for help.

NO HELP was given and will not been given.
Earth people must prove now that they are Grown-Ups in cosmic understanding.
And no one will do this ever instead of the humans self. 
BUT if humans are able to present this prove in actions and spiritual development, then they will be blessed in the whole universe. And of course they will come into open contact with our galactic brothers and sisters. I even know some of the members by personal meetings.

Whatever will happen or probably will not happen, it depends only on humans own decisions and responsibility.

Thanks for reading,

Gerd Estrup, Germany  – 2011-05-06  Email:


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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