Chapter 8:  The Crop Formation Message 

In this chapter: 

v     Where are all the crop formations?

v     Treasure hunt

v     My crop formation experience

v     Back in Vancouver

v     Atlantean connection

v     The message of the crop formation

v     Guides’ translation of Atlantean message in Milk Hill crop formation 

For many years I have had an ambition to meditate in a crop circle.  In fact as soon as I saw the first photos of the modern wave of circles – and more complex formations later – I felt that here was evidence of sentient life in other dimensions.  In 1991 I bought and studied ‘Circular Evidence’ by Andrews and Delgado (Ref. 8-1) followed by several other books as they became available.  The physical evidence, particularly microscopic changes in the cell structure of plants from the circles, convinced me that these were more than human artifacts.  In 1995 Kryon (Ref. 8-2) told us that these were messages from Spirit which gave good information about the workings of the universe.  This made great sense to me and was in line with the information I was receiving from my Guides.  I knew I would one day immerse myself in the energy of those messages from other dimensions. 

Where are all the Crop Formations? 

I am from the south of England where most of the crop formations in the UK appear – although there have been many in other countries around the world – but in spite of visiting England most summers I never had the opportunity to experience the energy of a crop formation at first hand.  In late summer 2008 I decided to devote some effort to finding a formation that I could enter.  I spent several days driving around the southern counties and asking people for information on crop circles.  Most of the people I met wanted to believe that all the formations that had appeared had been made by two old men with boards on their feet.  They didn’t want to know that one of the old men had died, that the formations were too complex to be made by humans and that they were appearing all over the world.  It was apparent that for the people I met the thought of messages coming from sentient beings in other dimensions was very disturbing – yet I expect that some of the same people went to church and gladly heard about angels appearing to shepherds with messages.  This seemed to be a case of, “Not in my back yard!” 

One day I was at the summit of Butser Hill, one of the highest points in the county of Hampshire.  I had been scanning the surrounding countryside but could not find one crop formation.  So I got out my pendulum and alphanumeric chart and asked my Guides.  Their reply was that it was not yet time for that experience, but it was coming close. 

Treasure Hunt 

This year, 2009, as this book neared completion I had a different feeling about the crop formations.  I felt that the time was coming for me to experience one at first hand.  In early August I left for the UK armed with web sites reporting locations of crop circles, e.g. (Ref. 8-3).  From the internet I found that a likely area to explore was the vicinity of Avebury – the Wiltshire village set in a prehistoric stone circle.  My Guides confirmed that the event was close and they recommended I start at Silbury Hill – a prehistoric earth works that looked like a conical pyramid. 

One sunny morning in mid-August I arrived by car at Silbury Hill just before noon.  As I loaded my backpack with a few supplies – and my pendulum – I noted with concern that the harvest was well under way.  Would there be any fields of wheat still standing to house a formation?  I started my journey by attempting to climb Silbury Hill only to find access blocked by a fence erected by a local authority to ‘protect the monument’.  As I stood there wondering where to go the next ‘clue’ was presented to me – a helicopter flew low overhead and hovered over the crest of a nearby hill.  I reasoned the occupants were photographing something interesting so I hiked to the top of the hill.  From there I could see a formation in the distance but I ‘knew’ that one wasn’t for me.  Instead I recognized as my next clue a line of sarsen stones leading to the village of Avebury – that was where I had to go next.   I hiked back to my car to drive to Avebury and enquire there.

So the treasure hunt unfolded for the next 5 hours; I would talk to people - like the kind folks in the Avebury ‘Sarsen Shop’- who would direct me to the next point where I would talk to more people who would direct me further.  I was told later in an Angel message that those people were put in my path to guide me to the crop formation called ‘The Weave’.  That was the name given to me by a young couple I met in a roadside parking place.  As soon as I saw the astrology signs painted on the side of their van I knew they were the ones to ask. The young woman told me to walk over Milk Hill, which was in front of us, and as I passed the white horse I would see the formation called ‘The Weave’.

It was close to 6:00 pm when I walked down Milk Hill and saw ‘my’ formation spread out before me. The name ‘The Weave’ came from the interlaced squares in the design.  Later back in Vancouver I found this formation was unusual in that it was created in three stages.  When I first saw the formation all three stages were complete so that it seemed to stretch away down the field for about a kilometer.  Figure 8-1 (Ref. 8-3) shows the complete formation. 


Figure 8-1.  The complete Milk Hill (2009) formation.  (Courtesy Crop Circle Connector) 

My Crop Formation Experience 

At last I had arrived!  As I walked into the formation the first thing I noticed was that the farmer had put in the biggest circle a barrel with ‘DONATIONS PLEASE’ painted on the side.  On top of the barrel was a locked steel box with a slot in the top.  I put a 2 pound coin in the box glad that the farmer gave permission to enter his field in return for a donation.      

I parked my backpack on the grass that was now growing between the bent wheat stalks – the formation was a few weeks old when I visited it.  There was no other person in sight.  I took out my pendulum and alphanumeric chart to contact my Guides and received a short message of congratulation on reaching this goal.  I gave thanks to my Guides, to the Angels and All That Is for guiding me to this experience.  I knew I had to complete it by meditating which I did kneeling on the grass and bent wheat stalks with my eyes closed.  

As I grew still I became aware of the gentle but vibrant energy of this place.  I heard two sounds that seemed to surround me – a rasping sound like a wood stick being rubbed over another stick with notches cut in it and repeated high pitched tones like an electronic triangle.  I opened my eyes to check if anyone was near and could be responsible for the sounds but there was nobody in sight.  

Weeks later back in Vancouver I was told that these sounds indicated the presence of Angels and while I had my eyes closed a ball of light came across the field, touched my heart and downloaded a message to my spirit.  (This is another example of the effects I discussed in Chapter 4: Rings of Light.)  But at the time I knew nothing of these things, only that I was elated at having reached an important goal in my life. 

Back in Vancouver 

About a month after my crop formation experience I was at home late at night reading a physics book about Zero Point Energy and some of Tesla’s experiments (Ref. 8-4).  I reached a section in the book about ball lightning both natural and artificial when suddenly I was overwhelmed by a memory from my teenage years concerning a ball lightning experience I had when I was a Royal Marine cadet on parade in a thunderstorm.  I had not recalled this incident for many years but the memory was now so vivid it overwhelmed me.   

I have learned to recognize such incidents as a device from my Guides for getting my attention so I immediately contacted them through my pendulum.  I asked them about the memory of the Royal Marine cadet parade in a thunderstorm.  It seemed so remote from me that I thought I had imagined it so I asked if this event actually happened?  My question brought a flood of answers: 

Most definitely!  A ball of lightning settled on your heart.

The boys around you were in awe of you.

You were touched by an Angel.

This event marked the start of your work.

Another Angel in a ball of light came to you in the crop formation.

This one had more information for you.

You will remember when you write again. 

Atlantean Connection

The next morning I connected with my Guides and they told me to get my tape recorder operating as I was going to channel the message that the Angel gave me in the crop formation.  The total message I received is recorded as Appendix 8 in the complete book but I will give the highlights as follows. 

“This is the information we gave you as you knelt in that crop formation in the middle of the English countryside in Wiltshire near Silbury Hill which is a very important landmark for that area.  It is a symbol of an earlier civilization that was partly responsible for the structures you know as Avebury and Stonehenge.  In those days men still remembered the knowledge they had gathered at the time of Atlantis.  Although in a scientific sense they were not as developed as you are now and certainly were not as developed as the original Atlanteans were, nevertheless they had very strong spiritual/scientific knowledge which they applied.  As you know pyramids were very important in those days and we have talked to you about the tetrahedral structures in a pyramid that make it into a machine which can focus hyper-dimensional energy as you have so well written about in your previous chapters.  Silbury Hill was a more recent version of a pyramid, more recent in the sense that it was since the time of Atlantis.  But it was probably about the same time that pyramids were being built in Egypt that Silbury Hill was constructed.”   

“The people that lived in what you now call England were in communication with the people that lived in what is now called Egypt.  In fact there was a world wide connection between all these people.  This was at a time of the recovery after the cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis when people started to recover from the great hardships they had endured.  This was the time that led to the building of the second Atlantis on an island in the Atlantic near what you now call Gibraltar.  This was a time of recovery, of remembering past knowledge and a time of rebuilding the Atlantean Empire but on a much more fundamental level.  There was not the great ruling class and the magnetic temple of rejuvenation and all those very high flying scientific inventions that the Atlanteans had and used to their detriment.  This new Atlantis was a much purer society that dealt with metals, in particular bronze.  Bronze was made with copper (mixed with tin – MKS) brought from the area where the glaciers had retreated after the last ice age.  You know about that source of copper, near the North American great lakes, and how it was brought through Bimini to the new Atlantis.  That led to what is now regarded as the bronze age.” 

“In that time there was a world-wide network formed by people who went out from the new Atlantis. Those people went to areas where their past life brothers had lived and were now living in new bodies but had not had the benefit of guidance in developing simple technologies connected with farming and subsistence living.  Those people who came to help were regarded almost as gods by the people that received the information.  That’s where the names came from such as Kukulcan and Quetzacoatl that were applied to the bearded white men that came from the second Atlantis and helped people who were struggling to return to some form of civilization.  Those Atlanteans were connected with a world-wide network which understood the need for communication with other dimensions.  They understood that their spiritual origins were in another dimension and they could receive energy from that dimension by constructing devices such as pyramids.  That is why the pyramids were built in Egypt and why Silbury Hill was built in what is now Wiltshire.” 

“You were one of the Kukulcans that helped people understand about crops and creating craft objects like pottery and textiles.  That is why you are so interested in that type of work in this lifetime.  When you were young you used to help people in the technology network (for example people in third world countries - MKS) and you gave advice in making simple craft objects such as textiles and paper. -  In that past lifetime you were part of the network that spread out first around the Atlantic and eventually the whole world.  You traveled to Avebury so this lifetime’s visits to places like Silbury Hill are certainly not the first; you have been there many, many times in other lifetimes.” 

“That was one of the reasons why we chose to guide you to the crop formation in that location, near Avebury for one thing, and the other thing that was significant was the crop formation had been given the name ‘The Weave’ which related to your connection with textiles and those skills which you imparted to more primitive people.  You helped them come into a more craft oriented world where they had knowledge about farming, agriculture and cultivation and use of the materials made with those skills.  That is the background to why that particular crop formation was selected for you.” 

“So all these things we have told you came to you while you were kneeling in that crop circle.  We have explained the historical connections with that area and with that concept of the crop formation.  While you were kneeling there all these ideas were implanted in your spirit.  It came to you, if you are interested, in a ball of light that traveled across the fields but you were not able to see that ball of light.  It wasn’t until the evening when you read that book that talked about ball lightening that you recalled that experience that you had in the Royal Marine cadets.” 

“We are happy that you knew what it was that you had to do when you set out that day to find a crop formation.  We are very glad that you were persistent and were able to follow your intuition that guided you past those other crop formations that were on the horizon which you knew were not for you.  We are pleased to see that you persisted in asking people where you had to go.  Those people were put in your path to lead you to that crop formation called The Weave.  Thank you for doing that and receiving this information from us.” 

The Message of the Crop Formation   

The final version of the Milk Hill crop formation – as it became known – is shown in Figure 8-1.  It was formed (energy stamped) in three stages and most of the third stage consists of five lines of symbols.  When I asked my Guides about those symbols they told me that they were Atlantean – the form used by people from the second Atlantis that brought about the bronze age and built Silbury Hill.   

Intrigued by the strong Atlantean connections in this crop formation experience, I asked my Guides about it.  They replied: 

Glad you asked!

This formation was targeted specifically at ex-Atlanteans,

Those people will make a disproportionately large contribution to the new energy.

The new energy is the manifestation of All That Is on Earth.

Ex-Atlanteans will facilitate the spread of the new energy.

We are happy that you will be spreading the word with your book.

I was not surprised when my Guides offered to translate the five lines of symbols.  When I saw the translation I realized this was a fitting last item for my book.  A message from Angels in hyper-dimensions giving us Guide Lines for living our physical lives on Earth.

Guides’ Translation of Atlantean Message in Milk Hill Crop Formation 

1        Enter the temple of your body on Earth


2    Sing praise to All That Is for the gift of life


3    Take care of your beautiful planet


4    Be joyful in your work


5        Love is the greatest gift you can give each other 

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If you would like to read more about how Angels and extra-terrestrials use hyper-dimensional energy to ‘stamp’ receptive substrates with messages of significance for humanity go to for information on the book.  

Malcolm K. Smith / October 22, 2010


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