A Time to Listen

(Part 2)

The hidden agenda starts to emerge/continued

My recognition that the formation is tied to 17 & 17p [= 53] - whose product, 901, equalled the sum of the 12 decimal numbers that had yielded, through ASCII code, the 12 characters of e^(hi)pi)1=0 - was based on a consideration of the edifice's 8 circles of binary data on its spokes' leading faces. However, I failed to determine what the value of this arrangement would have been if the numerical information had been read circumferentially [i.e. around each circle's perimeter] instead of radially [i.e. in an outwards direction from the structure's centre] and so I decided to remedy this analytical deficiency.  

As the preceding radial reading of the data had commenced on the leading face of a specific spoke of the formation [defined earlier] consistency dictated that this new circumferential process should start in the same place, as illustrated in the symbolic figure below:- 


The outcome of this reading procedure is depicted in the next symbolic Fig., where the 8 binary expressions are set out in columns [which have to be read downwards] and, as was the case before, the decimal equivalents are highlighted [they sit at each column's foot]. For completeness, I've also shown that the original radial, binary sequences, from which the erroneous expression e^(hi)pi)1=0 was derived, can be reproduced by reading the array's numerical entries horizontally, from the left:- 

The sum of the 8 depicted, decimal numbers [the 1st of which is 0] was of immediate interest:- 

0 + 3504 + 3071 + 1063 + 2010 + 3074 + 1024 + 2270  =  16016 

Knowing that the letter tally of the Euler Identity is 16 and the formation's effective quota of binary circles is 16, I wondered if we'd been invited to recognise the relationship that exists between these 2 manifestations of the number and 16016, which can be expressed as: 16 thousand + 16. But whilst pondering over this matter I realised that 16016 relates in an illuminating way to the 8th prime, 17, which we know can be inferred from the 1-7 arrangement exhibited by the edifice's 8 binary circles i.e. when 17 is added to 16016 we obtain 16033, which can be expressed as 1866p*, and an intimate link between 17 & 1866 is deeply engrained within the annals of the world's greatest democracy.  

During the tenure of the United States' 17th President, Andrew Johnson, one of the most important pieces of legislation of all time was passed [despite his protestations]: the Civil Rights Act of 1866. 

This relationship is illustrated in the following Fig.:- 


Having found, within the formation, this covert reference to the renowned, historical number, 1866, I was surprised to note that the 8-circled structure is also linked to it in two less complex ways.  

I knew that, up to this point, the unravelling of the crop circle had necessitated the separation of the data on the spokes' leading faces from that on their trailing. In other words, for analytical purposes we must differentiate between the 12 sets of binary information on the spokes' leading faces from the 12 sets on their trailing faces. And given the inextricable relationship that exists between these two groups of 12 data sets i.e. they pertain to the opposing faces of each spoke, I didn't take long to recognise that the product 12 x 12 [or: 122] relates to 2010, which represents the year the circle was created [as per the calendar employed in its country of origin: the UK], in a revealing way.  

2010 exceeds 144 [= 12x12] by 1866 the year of the US' Civil Rights Act. 

And I considered it to be significant that this particular manifestation of the number 1866 is linked unambiguously to the concept of a year in our calendar i.e. it's tied to the current year in it - 2010

Furthermore, knowing that the cited relationship derived from the fact that the formation possesses 12 spokes - each of which is comprised of 2 numerically endowed faces, leading & trailing - I was astonished to discover that when 12 is modified by 2 applications of a simple arithmetical operation, which involves a process that is consistent with my earlier methodology, a number is produced that again leads us to an expression of the described, celebrated date in American history.  

Knowing that the 12th prime is 31, I noted that the 31st is 113 [which I normally express as (12p)p], and when I added this number to the date I'd inferred earlier, from a consideration of the formation's unique arrangement of binary circles - 1753, when Handmann completed Leonhard Euler's portrait - I obtained 1866

These additional links to the number 1866 are juxtaposed on the following symbolic Fig.:- 

I was now presented with the possibility, then, that the architects of the Wilton Windmill formation were directing our attention, in 3 independent ways, to a momentous point in the history of a way of government that free people, all over the earth, often take for granted, while their disenfranchised brothers and sisters, in an insidious group of oppressive countries, can only dream of: democracy. 

At this juncture we shall direct our attention to additional matters of interest but we'll return to the above far-reaching issues shortly. 

Relationships with other formations of the season come to light

The two Wickham circles, described in Part 1 of this article, hadn't appeared when I discovered that the Wilton Windmill formation highlights the factor 16016, in the way I've outlined. However, soon after their reported arrival - in two Berkshire fields [near the village of Wickham] - I examined this site's published images of them and concluded that one of their prime functions had been to display the following symbolic representation of the cited 5-digit factor [first presented in Part 1]:- 


And when I realised that the recorded date of their discovery, July 30, was the 211th day of the year - 211 being the 48th prime - I was left in no doubt that these edifices had been deliberately linked to the Wilton Windmill formation: the curious relationships I'd found between the latter structure and 48, together with an inferred expression of the 48th prime [= 211], now started to make sense

Having observed that it's 5th circle of binary data [on the spokes' leading faces], when expressed in decimal format, provides us with a clear rendering of the number that, in our calendar, represents the current year, 2010, thus:- 

- I was drawn to the fact that, in the UK's 2010 season, the Wilton Windmill circle was the 5th such structure; the preceding 4 being [in reverse order]:- 

2 alongside Yarnbury Castle

preceded by

1 close to Stonehenge

preceded by

1 near Old Sarum 

And having noted that someone standing in the Windmill formation, reflecting on the UK's 4 earlier circles - which formed a comparatively small cluster, between 25 and 32 km south west of Wilton - would have 'seen' a 2-1-1 configuration of them, I wondered if it's significant that a number that can be inferred from this arrangement, 211, is the 48th prime.  

I then realised that if the same observer had stood at the centre of the Windmill formation and had looked along the only leading spoke face that's placed within the unique sector facing the Windmill, this sector having played a key role in my early analysis, his/her line of sight would have embraced the binary expression corresponding to the decimal number 48. And we know that, when expressed in ASCII code, this 48 represents a numeral that exhibits a clear relationship with a concept that, in the current context, is pivotal: a circle i.e. 0, this zero occupying the final position of the sequence of 12 characters that made up the formation's flawed rendering of the Euler Identity, e^(hi)pi)1=0

This revealed, then, that someone standing near the formation's centre, on the one hand, could have witnessed [with a drawing's assistance] a real expression of the factor 48, by looking along the only leading face within the circle sector that's uniquely defined in the structure [it faces the Windmill!], and, on the other, could have perceived an expression of the 48th prime - 211 - by looking back in a unique way to the 4 circles, of 2010, that had preceded it, as depicted in the symbolic Fig. below:- 

I later realised that the Windmill formation embodied other impressive links to the number 48 but, for the purposes of this necessarily brief article, I don't have time to elucidate the mechanisms here [those who are interested can be furnished with the information again]. I trust that, for the moment, it will suffice to say that the described intimate relationships between the crop circle and the factors 48, 211 [= 48p] and 16016 strongly suggest that the structure was closely linked to the 2 Wickham edifices that appeared on this year's 211th day, in the 16-0-16 configuration I've described. 

It would also appear to be the case, of course, that the season's first 4 formations were likewise key components of the complex statement that was being cleverly etched within the area's crop fields. 

The frame of reference suddenly jumps to the current point in time

I was now intrigued by the fact that another relationship that prevails in the Windmill circle can be detected, albeit in a different format, in the Wickham edifices. I felt that this concordance, outlined below, must be telling me something more than I'd already appreciated - but I knew not what!  

The former circle embodies 24 effective spokes of binary data [for the leading and trailing  faces] and this is of the above cited 48, which I'd found engrained within the structure in a number of independent ways [only 2 of which have I thus far described, inclusive of the inferred 211 (= 48p)]. And as the Wickham formations comprised 2 isolated edifices that were also tied to the number 48 i.e. they appeared on the day of the year that can be expressed as the 48th prime [= 211], it was clear that, within these simple numerical attributes, the factor 24 can again be inferred as x 48. ... 

Although I knew that I'd previously recognised that this relationship between the Wickham circles and the number 24 underpins observations I'd made, in Part 1 of this article, concerning links that exist between the 16-0-16 arrangement, the human mouth [in shouting mode] and the word SHOUT [the av of which is 24p (i.e. alphabetical value as per the cipher A=1:B=2Y=25;Z=26)] I was not convinced that this is all the crop circle builders were trying to communicate here!  

The stunning solution to this seemingly intractable mystery only became apparent when I elected to reconsider another relationship I described in the 1st part of this article, which I'd expressed visually in the following, personally perplexing image:- 

It occurred to me that if I was correct in believing that the massive Junction 32, on the M4 corridor,  known as The Coryton Interchange, which had consumed more than three years of my working life, was being overtly alluded to in the 32 corridors of the Wickham circles then, perhaps, the factor 24 I was grappling with was intended for the same role i.e. it also represents the label of a Junction on the M4 corridor, which is west of the crop formations. I considered this theory to be a tentative one until I examined a road map - and beheld what I should have known [but didn't!].  

Junction 24 is located alongside Celtic Manor, the site where the world's 3rd greatest sporting event recently started The Ryder Cup as depicted in the adapted Google earth image below:- 


Any thoughts that this striking relationship between the Wickham formations, the hotel complex and the internationally acclaimed golf tournament was just the outcome of chance were dispelled when I checked my diary. The date when the competition commenced - Friday, October 01 - was the 274th day of the year, and the 274th prime happens to be:- 

1753, the number that represents the year when Handmann finished Leonhard Euler's portrait. 

Furthermore, this impressive manifestation of the now familiar date proved to be totally consistent with my hypothesis that the cited crop circles were actually highlighting both the 32nd Junction of the M4 corridor and the 24th. The sum of 32 and 24 is 56, and when the 56th prime - 257 - is added to the date 1753, we obtain an expression of the current year 2010

Having accepted that both the location of the golf tournament [alongside J 24] and the date of its commencement [day 274, of 2010] were being cleverly alluded to in the formations, it was soon evident that other well known characteristics of the event had a similar prominence in them - as shown below, where the respective numbers are now so familiar they need no explanation.  

The actual players form a set of 24 combatants.

This group comprises 2 lots of 12 individuals.

The competition has been running from 1927 to 2010; and these numbers differ by 24p [= 83].

It started on day 274 and was scheduled to end on day 276; and 276p - 274p = 24 [= 1777-1753]. 

Although it appears, at first glance, that the crop circle builders were just joining in our celebration of this good spirited occasion, where highly skilled people from one side of the Atlantic are pitted against their contemporaries from the other side, my continued investigation of the formations I've described in this article led me to a diametrically different conclusion.  

A vital clue as to the nature of this covert communication can be found, I believe, in the fact that the event's 2 lots of 12 competitors provide us with the numerical means [used earlier] of transforming 1753 - which is the 274th prime, 274 being the day the tournament started - into another date:- 

                   [12p]p [= 31p = 113] + 1753    =  1866, the year of the US' Civil Rights Act

We also know that:  2010 - 122 [= 12x12]    =  1866, the year of the US' Civil Rights Act

In other words, I believe our ET friends are using this ostensibly joyous occurrence, which involves people from regions of the planet that are often considered to be two of the world's steadfast pillars of democracy, to warn us that our cherished way of life could be taken away if we do not open our eyes to threats posed by those who've been denied the luxury of that democracy. to be continued  

* 'The Nth prime' can be found on the internet, but as 1 is not included each rank will be 1 too small. 

Neil Hudson Newman - October 03, 2010


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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