Temporary Temples Update 

December 2004 

Important Announcement

Glastonbury Symposium and Beyond…

Dear Friends, 

It is with a great amount of sadness that we have to announce that we will no longer be attending the annual Glastonbury Symposium. This has been a very difficult decision for us and one that we have not undertaken lightly. We thought it only fair and responsible to let as many of you know as possible before you booked for next years symposium expecting to see us there. 

It would be fair to say that there had been an increasing number of differences of opinion within the organising team of the event, which have proved impossible to resolve – despite Karen’s very best efforts. As a result, Karen has felt that she has had no alternative but to leave the organising team and under the circumstances (and after much thought), we recognised that realistically it would be unworkable for us to continue to attend in any capacity. 

We realise that this might be difficult for people to understand, but we hope all of you will recognize that it would have taken something very serious for us to contemplate leaving. Despite what you may hear to the contrary, Karen’s departure form the symposium was not by mutual consent and we would like to emphasise that this is not something she would have done either willingly or carelessly.  

Right now there are many rumours surrounding this situation, one of which is that solicitors have been involved in the process. We’d like to make it clear that at no point have any solicitors ever been involved in the situation and that the symposium has simply chosen to continue without Karen on board.  

We have, for the most part, enjoyed our 10 years as participants, speakers and traders at the symposium. We have enjoyed very much meeting and speaking with many of you who have attended the event over the years. We’d like to take this opportunity to extend our grateful thanks and appreciation to everyone who has supported our work by buying our books and photographs at the event and attending our presentations. Thank you. 

With our warmest wishes to you all, 

Steve Alexander & Karen Douglas

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