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Update Friday 8th November 2002


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Our  members can now include their own Web Site Links on The Crop Circle Connector, creating a network of dedicated community.

All of our members for the 2002 Crop Circle Connector Mailing List can submit (if they wish) their own Homepage's, with their own identified Email address, as part of the annual subscription. One of the conditions is that the site should have appropriate contents, but does not have to be actually related to Crop Circles.

The Crop Circle Connector will have the final decision on the Web Site selection of our members. Please can you send your Web Site addresses, via Email, and icon if applicable to your Site.

Cosmic Karmics Trip
visionary outsider art

This rustic web page presents the visionary outsider art of Joy Carol Gates. Here are some close encounters of the numinous humorous kind! Like me, it is all a "work in progress," ever evolving toward greater wholeness.

Let the good times roll!


The Healthy New Age Success and Creativity Center

Alternative Healing, Holistic Health and New Age/Metaphysical Mega site with several pages dedicated to extraterrestrial experience and meaning, including Is ET Technology helping us evolve spiritually? More Interesting Than Passionate Kisses - The Night I Saw a UFO.  Alternative healing services and information on Reiki, Reflexology, Inner Child, Starseed Transmissions, Sacred Sound, Shamanic, Dreamwork, Apostolic and more.  Wide range of health and wellness articles, as well as free educational e-series.  Huge array of spiritual acceleration tools, health products and vibrational energy supplements.  Featuring Crop Circle Essences for Intuitive Engagement


Viajes organizados desde Espaņa, para grupos reducidos, interesados en la zona mitica de Avalon y la Linea Iniciatica de los Druidas,  donde aparecen la gran mayoria de los Circulos de Trigo.

This site is aimed at the Spanish speaking community and explains the sacred sites and places that are to be found on the St Michael ley Line, with a special emphasis given to he Crop Circle Phenomenon.

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