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The Crop Circles first manifested themselves on a large scale in 1988, since that time a number of books have been published incorporating many theories in their construction and meaning.

The Gift by Doug Ruby separates itself from oter publications by it's radical new theory on the purpose of the phenomenon . UFO's and the Alien Presence has always had an affinity with the phenomenon especially in the eyes of the public. Doug Ruby's theory transports the hypothesis into a new dimension by introducing the workings of electromagnetism and nuclear physics. This information has come from benign ETs who are creating the shapes within our fields.

Anyone who follows the Crop Circles around the country, and has felt their atmosphere, will I'm sure be able to identify with Ruby's feelings, and the way he approached the phenomenon with intuitive understanding.

Ruby states that the goal of the circlemakers is to provide us with coded information on a certain type of space craft, that is way in advance than our current thinking. This was achieved by producing scaled models of the Pictograms and rotating them at high speed. The fields created around the models set parameters to shape this craft and effectively show the system of travel.

I personally feel his findings are serious enough for further research by academic establishments to pursue. Many people have always felt that the shapes have purpose and meaning for humanity, more so on a spiritual level than technology. Never the less, Doug Ruby's theory is refreshing and throws a completely new light on the phenomenon for the end of the century. I recommend that you read this book, and decide for yourself.


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