The Dutch crop pictures of 2014: some of them show real paranormal ground lays (like in England), while their detailed images as drawn in specific landscape locations may represent the “marks” made by time travellers 

Many crop pictures appear each year all around the world, in as many as 23 different countries. Last year during the summer of 2014, most of them appeared in England or Europe. About half of those 80 or so crop pictures appeared in Europe across diverse countries, while the other half appeared in England. Of those which appeared in England, roughly one-third were found in Wiltshire, while the other two-thirds were found in Dorset, Worcestershire, Sussex, Essex, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire, Northumberland or Warwickshire (see 2014).  

Among the countries of Europe, more crop pictures were found in Holland than in Italy, Germany, France, Slovenia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Belgium or Sweden, although this depends on the year. Some of the crop pictures found in Holland remain especially controversial, because their discovery seemed to depend on a psychic connection between unknown “crop artists” and a young man called Robbert van den Broeke (see or Certain crop pictures from Holland were drawn in field crops such as barley or wheat, while others were drawn in grass (see grass circles 2014). 

Thus in addition to a primary stigma of disbelief which all “crop circles” face in mainstream, conventional society today, these Dutch crop pictures also face a secondary stigma of disbelief due to their “psychic discovery”. It is for those reasons that serious researchers have not taken them seriously until recently. 

Our attitudes regarding Dutch crop circles near Hoeven have changed in recent years 

During the summers of 2013 and 2014, two things happened which led us to take these controversial Dutch crop circles more seriously. First, many Dutch crop pictures became more complex, so that one can no longer plausibly believe that they were all man-made. One example near Etten-Leur on July 16, 2014 was essentially proven to be paranormal, because its field plants (maize) returned to a fully-standing form by themselves after three days, in the fashion of a “shape memory alloy”, and not by any phototropism. A once-visible crop circle literally “disappeared” when tall maize plants “stood up again” (see EttenLeur2 or  

Another crop picture near Standdaarbuiten on June 26, 2014 showed an elaborate “combing” of wheat of two different colours (red-brown or blue-green), by comparison with normal green wheat which was standing nearby (see Standdaarbuiten 2). Yet another crop picture near Oud-Gastel on June 13, 2014 showed a clever “contra-rotating lay” of wheat within its largest flattened circle (see OudGastel). Some images made in grass, say near Etten-Leur on May 8, 2014, were likewise “highly combed” (see EttenLeur 2014l).  

During the course of last summer, another Dutch person other than Robbert was also able to predict the general shape for some new crop pictures by psychic means, even though they do not live near Hoeven, or have any relation with Robbert. I cannot reveal their identity for reasons of privacy, but speak truly as a scientist. For both of these reasons, it has now become appropriate to review in early 2015 some of the Dutch crop pictures from last summer, to see what we might learn.  

Three crop pictures appeared in Holland on the night of July 15-16, 2014 

Let us begin our review with a fairly remarkable occurrence. On the night of July 15-16, 2014, three different crop pictures appeared near Etten-Leur, Roosendaal or Zevenbergen in a small part of southern Holland. These three crop pictures were not drawn randomly in various field locations! Rather they were drawn in the shape of an equilateral triangle, whose sides were each 17 km long:                                                                                                                                                                  

I did not at first understand what this might mean, but then Jack Jane suggested that it might have something to do with the shooting-down of Malaysian Airlines MH17, filled with Dutch people, one day later on July 17, 2014. The number “17” recurs here three times. Two other crop pictures in England or Germany also seem to have anticipated the shooting-down of MH17 by one day (see forest hill or forest hill or Dornberg). If any of these three interpretations are correct, then modern “crop circles” could be the “marks” made by time travellers, for the purposes of which we can barely begin to fathom.  

Robbert van der Broeke supposedly “foresaw” that three different crop circles would be made in one night. He also said that they would be laid out in the shape of an isosceles triangle (see EttenLeur 2 or This is a hard thing for any trained scientist to believe! Most humans do not have strong psychic abilities. Of course there could always be a few rare “mutant” humans, who are capable of direct mind-to-mind communication with unseen intelligences beyond our own?  

By studying the observed data, might we be able to learn anything to suggest that these three “predicted” crop circles were not made by humans using rope and boards? The first of those three “triangular” crop pictures is shown below. It appeared in maize (corn) near Etten-Leur on the night of July 15-16, 2015. Right away we can see that many thick stems of maize have been bent over smoothly near their bases by unknown means, and were not simply “broken” as by pressing down with a board:  

Even more remarkably, all of those fallen maize plants miraculously “stood up” again after three days, so that the original crop circle literally “disappeared” (see    

Sometimes fallen plants do “stand up” by normal phototropism, in order to point better towards the Sun. Yet as explained in the linked pdf file, this case seems different and truly exceptional. No known mechanism exists in currently-accepted Earth science to explain either: (i) the smooth flattening of those maize plants, nor (ii) their spontaneous “standing up” later in a slightly “bent” shape.  

How might this simple circle of flattened maize have anything to do with the shooting down of MH17, on July 17, 2014 one day later? When studied in isolation, a simple geometric circle gives practically no information. Yet when we look to see where it was drawn in the landscape using Google Earth, we find the remarkable image of a “pilot sitting in a plane”, who is shooting a “hole” in a “large bird” which is flying just above. Two large numbers “1” and “7” appear just behind that “plane” in the same field:  

These are presumably natural features of the landscape near Etten-Leur, as seen from above. One possible implication is that unknown crop artists made this particular “circle in corn”, for the purpose of “marking” one specific landscape location, because it resembles what would happen to a plane full of Dutch people on the next day.  

Looking even more closely, next to where the corn circle was drawn, we can see the landscape image of a “two-eyed man with outstretched arms”, who seems symbolically to be “reaching out” to the passengers of MH17:  

This is exactly what real time-travellers might do, if they wished to create “marks in the landscape”, so as to indicate which historical timeline they have entered (see also Still its implications for the general nature of reality might seem shocking, to an conventional TV-watching citizen of Earth today! For that reason we will give a few words of simple explanation before proceeding further.  

We have to study where any crop picture has been drawn in the landscape, in order to deduce its most probable conceptual meaning 

Real paranormal crop pictures, as opposed to fake man-made ones, are not drawn in just any field which becomes available. Those unknown “crop artists” seem to study many details of the overall landscape, then choose certain specific field locations for whichever crop picture they wish to draw. In my view, after lengthy study of the subject, certain landscape locations may be chosen first, then the actual crop picture may be designed later.  

One good example is shown below for a crop picture near Barbary Castle in England which appeared on June 1, 2008. It was drawn as the “small eye” (yellow circle) of a “large bird” in the landscape. That “bird” seems to be looking at the circular hill fort of Barbary Castle nearby (light blue circle), and sees there a geometrical expression for “pi”:

In fact, the detailed crop picture (inset below) shows a clever geometrical formula for “pi to ten digits” (see Easy-pi-Astrophysicist-solves-riddle-Britains-complex-crop-circle). Would any rope-and-boards faker know this? This field image and its nearby landscape were meant to be humorous, even if most people living on Earth today “do not get the joke”!  

There are many examples of such “landscape-crop circle” connections, perhaps over one hundred which have been studied so far. Such an intimate connection between landscape and crop-circle seems to be a general rule for all countries, not just a specific rule for England or Holland. We have found examples of such a connection even prior to 2002, when Google Earth first became available. This important connection was not noticed much by early researchers from 1990 to 2000, because few long-range aerial views were available then.  

As a second major point to be explained, real “time travel” from future-to-past is certainly possible. It represents the most famous UFO case in Britain’s history at RAF Woodbridge-Bentwaters in December of 1980 (see fringe2014el). Those time travellers have also visited other locations on Earth at other times in our planetary history. They may even come from parallel dimensions, just as UFO researcher Jacques Vallee wrote in his book “Dimensions” (see, or as depicted fictionally in the TV series “Fringe” (see  Fringe_(TV_series)).   

Now we have explained, as simply as possible, a new and strange worldview which you may find shocking. You may choose to reject this new view because of “cognitive dissonance”? Really you can accept or not accept what has been written here, as you wish.  

We can see “paranormal lays of crop” in two other field images from Holland on the night of July 15-16, 2014, which look just the same as typical lays of fallen crop which we see in England, many times each summer 

Given that the first of three “triangular” crop pictures at Etten-Leur in Holland, on the night of July 15-16, 2014, was surely paranormal in nature, then we can judge with high probability that two other “triangular” crop pictures which appeared on the same night were also paranormal as well. What do those two other crop pictures look like, when studied closely on the ground? How might they compare with typical English crop pictures, as seen thirty to fifty times each summer?  

The second “triangular” crop picture near Roosendaal on the night of July 15-16, 2014 is shown below. There we can see a thin round ring with three overlaid circles, each of which shows a standing tuft of crop near its centre (see Roosendaal2014c or 13th_formation_2014):  

Looking more closely, we can see a smooth, fluid flow of fallen crop within its outer round ring, plus some delicate standing tufts of crop near the centre of several overlaid circles:  

These photographs appear practically identical to a typical crop picture which may appear in England during late July of any year (see fringe2014 review or fringe2014yl) There are no real differences of style, or any reason to suspect that English crop pictures have been faked. The typically crude lay of known man-made crop circles is shown here (see fringe2014x). When we inspect these man-made crop pictures, we can see that field plants have been visibly crushed and flattened to the ground.  

Let us ask next: where was that Roosendaal crop picture drawn in the landscape? Nearby we can see (on the left) a large “equilateral triangle”, which mimics a much larger equilateral triangle of side-length 17 km, that tells where all three crop circles were drawn on a large scale (inset at lower left):  

We can also see (on the right) the schematic outline of an “airplane flying over water”. This new crop picture was drawn in the “tail of an airplane”. Why did they draw three crop pictures at the three points of a equilateral triangle, and not just one? Might this have something to do with three missing or crashed airplanes MH370, MH17 and Air Asia QZ8501 during the calendar year of 2014?  

Just above that new crop picture (at upper left), we can see a large letter “L”, which seems to be glowing almost fluorescently on Google Earth! Such a landscape feature often symbolizes “L” for “love” in other examples, especially from England:  

What might the crop artists be trying to tell us here? Could these be the “marks” left by time travellers? Let us go on to study a third “triangular” crop picture, which appeared on the night of July 15-16, 2014 in Holland, to see what else we can learn. 

The third crop picture of that “triangular” set appeared near Zevenbergen on the night of July 15-16, 2015. Some of its paranormal ground lays are shown below (see Zevenbergen2014a or  

There we can see a very thin ring of 10 cm width, surrounded by a broader ring of 90 cm width, both encompassing a round swirled circle at the centre. Its central swirled ring shows a tidy “spiral lay” of fallen crop, with several standing stems being placed delicately near the centre:  

These paranormal ground features look just the same as typical lays for crop pictures in England, during middle to late July. There is no evidence whatsoever (at present) to suggest that, in either case (Holland or England), such crop pictures were made by invisible teams of men with rope and boards.  

Where was this third “triangular” crop picture drawn in the landscape? Using Google Earth, we can see that it was drawn just above the “tail” of a “flying serpent” in a somewhat humorous sense:

I do not know what this means, but the Zevenberg crop circle was certainly not drawn at some randomly-chosen place in an obscure field, by “vandals” or “pranksters”. Often we see new crop pictures drawn near the figurative images of “animals in the landscape” (as for another “bird” example shown above).  

Their “cross” symbol does not appear religious in nature, but rather seems to symbolize an “airplane” 

Three times last summer, the crop artists from Holland drew a “cross” symbol in the field. The first instance was on April 24, 2014 near Hoeven (see hoeven2014b), the next on May 20, 2014 near Roosendaal (see Roosendaal2), and the last on June 26, 2014 near Standdaarbuiten (see Standdaarbuiten2). Their “cross” symbol does not appear religious in nature, but rather seems to symbolize an “airplane”. How do we know? This observation becomes clear once we study the landscape settings in which those three crop (or grass) pictures were drawn.  

Looking first at the slide below, we can see paranormal ground lays for a “cross” shape which appeared in tall grass near Roosendaal on May 20, 2014 (see Roosendaal2 or  

The “swirled centre” for one of its four flattened circles lies significantly off-centre in a geometrical sense, which seems contrary to how this circle would appear, if it had been made using a rope of constant radius and a flat planking board.  

When we study the landscape setting in which this “cross” was drawn, we can see a “large bird getting ready to fly”, placed just over a long highway or “runway” from which the “cross airplane” has taken off: 

Almost the same landscape symbolism, namely a “long runway” and a “cross”, complete with “curved wingtips”, was drawn one month later in a field near Standdaarbuiten (see below).  

Other Dutch crop circles from May to July of 2014: a “countdown in crops” to the shooting down of MH17 on July 17?  

If those Dutch crop artists are really time travellers, then we might expect them to know in advance the exact day on which Malaysian Airplanes flight MH17 would be shot down. They would not advertise this information widely, because then our historical timeline could be changed in an unpredictable or chaotic way. Might we be able to discern some information in retrospect, that they knew of this historic but terrible event beforehand?  

There was a paranormal crop picture near Standdaarbuiten on June 3, 2014, which did suggest that someone was “counting down in days” until a major event in the near future (see Standdaarbuiten). We can inspect some of its paranormal ground lays in the slide below (see Standdaarbuiten 2 or 8th_Formation_2014):  

Other paranormal ground lays, including a 20 cm thin ring in which wheat plants were still left standing, may be seen here:  

Robbert and his friend Roy have testified that this crop picture supposedly formed around them in real-time, while they were walking through the field at night (see Some people ask: “Why doesn’t anyone ever see a crop circle forming mysteriously with no one else there?” If the testimony of these two men is credible, that is exactly what happened on the night of June 3-4, 2014 near Standdaarbuiten (see Standdaarbuiten 2014).  

What might be the underlying message of this mysterious event? When we study that crop picture in its landscape setting, we can see that the crop artist is asking us to count from one to five (blue number “5”). Indeed, it was drawn just next to five long rows of hedge-like material on the right (yellow number “5”):  

When we count all of the hedge-like rows which lie near, we find a total of 5 + 5 + 9 + 7 (or 9) + 13 + 5 (or 7) = 44 to 48, depending on whether we count four “short” rows or omit them. Now from June 3 when this crop picture appeared, until July 17 when MH17 was shot down, there were a total of 44 days. Slightly distant in the landscape from where this crop picture appeared, one can see the clear image of an “airplane” (shown as a small inset in the slide above).  

Three weeks later on June 26, 2014, a “cross” with “curved wings” and several different colours was drawn near Noordhoek, Holland in green wheat. This crop picture resembles so clearly a jet plane from Malaysian Airlines (either MH17 or MH370), that no further explanation seems necessary (see Standdaarbuiten 2 or 10th_Formation_2014):  

This was the most spectacular of all Dutch crop pictures last summer. We can see two long “coloured stripes” in the flattened crop as either red-brown or blue-green. The two side-stripes for any jet plane from Malaysian Airlines are red and blue. Both “wings” from that “cross airplane” curve slightly backward, just as for a real Boeing 777. All of these observations were noted at the time, three weeks before MH17 was tragically shot down (see Standdaarbuiten 2).  

When we look at the landscape setting in which this spectacular, multi-coloured crop picture was drawn, we can see again a long highway or “runway”, from which a “cross airplane” is taking off:  

This crop picture includes 7 small circles horizontally, and either 1 stripe or 3 small circles vertically, along with a large central “0” shape. So it could in principle represent either MH17 or MH370.  

Slightly above this “runway-cross-airplane” image in the landscape, we can see a long, winding “serpent” which is seemingly looking on from above:                                                                                                                        

Finally on July 8, 2014, we saw a “figure eight” drawn in the field near Standdaarbuiten. It pointed toward a large “runway” not far away which showed eight white stripes (red rectangle). There was one more white stripe, just to the left of those eight, to give a total of (8 + 1) = 9 (see Standdaarbuiten 3 or 11th_Formation_2014):

On that date of July 8, 2014, there were just 9 days left until MH17 would be shot down on July 17. Once again, we can see a strong suggestion in crops that unknown time travellers were “counting down in days”, until a historic event not far off in the future.  

Why did they not warn everyone beforehand, so that an unnecessary loss of human life could be avoided? Well, if they had done so, then the original Earth timeline would have been changed, and those time travellers from our future (or elsewhere) might not even exist! This is known as a “temporal paradox”.  

Suppose you go back into time, only to see some criminal shoot the first husband of your mother. Later she marries another man, and they have you as a baby. What would you do when you saw your mother’s first husband being killed? If you decided to be kind and save him, then you might not even exist! Or it might be physically impossible for you to save him, because if you did cease to exist, then you could not go back in time and save him. These are certainly difficult questions, which are not easy to discuss.  

Other crop pictures in Holland from the summers of 2014 or 2013  

Several other crop (or grass) pictures appeared in Holland near Breda International Airport, or near “airplane” images in the landscape, during the summer of 2014 (see 3e_Formatie_2014 or 4e_Formatie_2014 or 19e_Formatie_2014). These have been studied but will not be discussed here.  

Many crop pictures in Holland from the summer of 2013 showed schematic images of “comet Ison” as it entered our solar system, or passed closely around our Sun. Also drawn in crops were images of a “large triangular UFO” (see Perhaps “comet Ison” represented the most important historical event of 2013, as seen by those crop artists, whereas “missing or crashed airplanes” represented the most important historical events of 2014?  

Various controversies surrounding Robbert van den Broeke

Robbert van den Broeke has become a very controversial figure, not just for his “psychic discovery” of new crop circles, but also for his psychic contacts in general, and for his psychic camera images. For example on January 11, 2015, he reported that he had been given a psychic message by the Virgin Mary concerning terrorist attacks in Paris (see It would be easy to dismiss all of these supposed contacts as pure fantasy, but we choose not to judge until we can see things more clearly.  

Robbert also receives psychic messages from the “crop artists”, for example concerning that “figure eight” shape which appeared near Standdaarbuiten on July 8, 2014 (see Message_related_to_the_11th_formation_2014_appearance_of_a_being_and_symbol). He was told that the figure-eight shape meant “eternity” rather than a “number eight” (it was drawn on the eighth day of July). If those crop artists knew at the time that flight MH17 would be shot down, as a terrible tragedy eight or nine days later, would they really have told him?  

When studying controversial subjects such as these, reason must be our last guide in everything. We can listen to many different people, and respect their diverse opinions, but in the end we have to use our own minds, and our innate senses of logic and reason, to decide what is true and what is not. For me, these crop pictures from Holland remain a subject of open yet incomplete enquiry.                                                                                      

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. We would like to thank Robbert van den Broeke, Roy Boschman, Yvonne and Ronald Sikking for use of their aerial and/or ground photographs for research purposes.


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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