Some of the best artistic images in crop-circle history: you can send these as “Christmas cards” to your friends!   

"The miracle is in front of us each time we see a crop circle, each time we understand a message from above, each time we say yes to the unknown. The miracle happens each time we feel the magic, and accept the gift in our hearts with pure wonder and love; each time we forgive and choose love. The miracle is already here for us to be received. The miracle is to believe." --- Marina Sassi (November 2014)  

While preparing a new review of “crop circles” for 2014 (see 2014 Crop Circle Review), we made some beautiful and interesting slides which became too numerous to post, all in one place. Some of those “artistic” slides are shown here. If you wish to send any of them as “Christmas cards” to your friends, on Facebook or by email, please feel free to do so! Likewise if you wish to post any of them elsewhere on the Internet, feel free to do so, but please cite the Crop Circle Connector website (see HOME PAGE).  

No permission is given, however, to use any of the images presented here, or photographs which were used to construct such images, for commercial purposes

As further reading, the interested reader may wish to study other crop-circle reviews from the end of 2011 (see time2012a and time2012b) or from the end of 2008 (see WHAT DO MODERN CROP PICTURES MEAN).  

What are the facts? What is the evidence?  

Mainly we have concerned ourselves in these reviews with observational facts and physical evidence. What are the facts? What is the evidence? I am a Caltech-trained, Ph.D. scientist who produced the first high-resolution x-ray structures of DNA (left-handed or right-handed), several important insights into the structure of curved DNA in chromosomes (its 10.2 base-pair repeat, or its base-sequence dependence), and many other interesting scientific discoveries. If you wish to learn more about DNA, some free downloads or purchases of a graduate-level textbook are available here (see or or /Calladine).

Novel “Christmas cards” for 2014 

“Crop pictures” are intrinsically a collection of art forms from “somewhere else”. Thus while we may choose to focus on scientific concerns per se, it also becomes necessary to include aesthetic concerns, in order to fully and accurately describe what is being observed. We decided to present here those crop pictures which are not just beautiful, but also show elaborate details in the lay of fallen plants, which no human artists can make (or ever have made) by mechanical means. These two criteria provide strong evidence for a non-human, energetic means of construction.  

Merry Christmas 2014, and please enjoy these “rings of smoke through the trees”!

“There’s a feeling I get when I look to the west, and my spirit is crying for leaving.                                             

In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees, and the voices of those who stand looking.

Ooh, it makes me wonder. Ooh, it really makes me wonder” (see 

Thousands of independently patterned features, all drawn perfectly 

Two guys with rope and boards? Not a chance:

What kind of alien script might this be?                                                                                                                                     

Amazing three-dimensional perspective drawings with lots of thin lines 

The three-dimensional geometry of Metatron’s Cube  

Ground photo by Stuart Dike. Look at the three lines within any “cube”, and how thin they are!  

Thousands of tiny cross-hatched lines for Leonardo da Vinci’s Cube   

Ground photos by Ross Holcomb. How could anyone do this? It was an artistic miracle.  

A “cube” seems to “float in mid-air”   

Photos by Lucy Pringle, John Montgomery and Patrick Marty. A true mastery of three-dimensional perspective.  

Remarkable visual illusion for a fractal pentagram 

Light versus dark, what do you see?  

Can you see a “serpent shape” in the green trees behind?  

Where might these crop pictures be coming from?    

A “spacetime wormhole” for travel to Earth from other dimensions 

Ground photo by Eva Marie Brekkesto. We call these “portals”, while the crop artists call them “conduits”.  

The hyperbolic square: how did they draw all of those curved, thin lines so accurately?  

Photos by the CCC website. Similar to a Minkowski diagram for the hyperbolic form of special relativity.

Trying to give NASA a helping hand  

Spacecraft propulsion using magnetic fields?  

Comments by Alan Holt of NASA: “This pictogram was shaped like a bar magnet, with magnetic field lines coming out of its North and South poles. It appeared on July 22, 2000, two days after my arrival in England. The precision and intricacy of this pattern were stunning. Even the farmer, in whose field the crop pattern had appeared, was overwhelmed. He said there had been other crop patterns in his fields before, and that he had harboured some doubts concerning who or what made them. But with the appearance of this new pictogram, he knows now that it is a true mystery. From his perspective, there is NO possibility that this new pictogram was made by humans of our technology, and I agree with him.”  

“While in the crop pattern, I recalled a thought which I had sent out earlier, for a pictogram to appear which would provide some direction for my research activities into spacecraft propulsion? I have to conclude that, whatever intelligence is responsible for these patterns, has connections with human consciousness.”  

“There are truly some astounding phenomena unfolding in England and elsewhere in the world today. It seems very unfortunate that unscientific thinking, and perhaps deliberate disinformation, by a few individuals has been picked up and accepted by a naive press worldwide. As a result, millions of people have been deprived of the opportunity to experience a consciousness-expanding phenomenon” (adapted from  

A text message in English from extra-terrestrials, meant for everyone on Earth  

A long message in binary code, even though no one had walked there   

This crop picture near Crabwood Farmhouse in August 2002 provided a long text message in English (or ASCII code), which was meant for everyone on Earth. Only half of the crop picture (its “spiral disc”) is shown here. The complete crop picture (including a “face of a grey alien”) has been shown elsewhere (see  

Its binary code may be translated as follows:  

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We oPpose DECEPTION. COnduit CLOSING\" 

This strange combination of capital versus lower-case letters encodes a second hidden code, using the “bilateral alphabet” of Francis Bacon. There are 25 words in total. Each word codes for a secondary “zero” or “one”, depending on whether it was written in capital or lower-case. The precise meaning of this second hidden code is not certain. Ostensibly it gives a time scale of “50 years”, since a fleet of extra-terrestrials flew over the US White House in July of 1952 (see time2007o).                    

My interpretation of the Crabwood message is as follows: “Beware of grey aliens! (The ‘face’ of a grey-alien military general was drawn nearby.) They promised you advanced weaponry during the Cold War, by which to defeat Russia. Nothing ever came of their broken promises. There will be much pain for humans in Earth’s future, although there is still some time left as of 2002. Please believe us! We are a ‘good’ extra-terrestrial race. We oppose the deception being practiced by your large media organizations, in not letting the public know what is really happening. (This crop picture was drawn next to a radio-TV transmitter for BBC Winchester, and pointed toward it: see the third photo down on We open up ‘conduits’ (spacetime wormholes) to send these field messages to you, then close them down once the transmission is complete.”  

How do we know this was an authentic message from extra-terrestrials, and not a human-made fake? Please read the testimony of early eyewitnesses to this important event:  

“All areas of laid crop were extremely neat when we arrived. There was a total absence of 'stomper board' marks. The damage we caused to the laid crop was shocking. Everywhere we stepped, we were smashing plants under our feet, leaving obvious signs of human body weight. How could a crew of fakers have been there, and not have left the whole field massively traumatised? The mature wheat was dry and brittle, so that the very action of putting one’s foot down caused everything to crumble into a tangle of broken stems. What we saw on the ground, on day one, cannot be reconciled with any ground-based hoaxing methods of which we are aware” (adapted from Crabwood).  

For a humorous ground video of the Crabwood crop picture, see For a complete listing of its 1368-bit binary code, please see time2007n.

Christian religious symbols 

The next three slides show Christian religious symbols which have been drawn in crops. Jewish religious symbols have also been drawn in crops, for example the “menorah” (see image number 10 on or “tree of life” (see Sometimes Buddhist symbols have been drawn in crops, for example “seven chakras” which pointed toward the Pewsey White Horse (see  

A “cathedral rose window” with 12-fold symmetry on August 12  

I was in Wiltshire that morning, but this crop circle was cut by a local farmer, before I could drive over to see it.  

A “Celtic cross”   

A true Christian symbol for Christmas of 2014.

The “face of Jesus” in two mirrored, overlapping parts   

If these two crop pictures were made by human crop artists, then how did they get from one side of the M4 freeway to the other? There is still a hidden code within these crop pictures, which no one has been able to solve after four years.  

"You are from below, I am from above. You are of this world, I am not of this world.” (John 8, 23) 

Richard Broome calls this crop picture a “selfie”!  

Sacred geometry  

Many other crop pictures show sacred geometry, which is spiritual but not religious per se. For example we have seen a “Seed of Life” (see or, a “Flower of Life” (see or, and “Metatron’s Cube” (see  

“Metatron’s Cube” with an elaborate, triply woven border

Practically zero probability that human crop artists made this one, because it features an elaborate, triply-woven border around the outside, which local humans would not be able to construct in a hundred years (please see a highly-woven lay of crop at lower right). 

A series of thin spiral lines were drawn around the outer border of this “3-D” cube, several days after it appeared. They seem to match another series of thin spiral lines, which were drawn around a “5-D cube” some distance away, three weeks later. Please compare the uppermost image from July 26, 2011 at Etchilhampton (see with a series of other images from August 15, 2011 at Jubilee Plantation (see Both crop pictures were part of the “same set”.  

Some crop pictures show complex symmetries

A circular “Moiré pattern”  

This crop picture shows 22 triangles within each concentric ring, plus 14 concentric rings which spiral in towards an open centre. Its overall geometry may therefore be related to pi = 22 / 7 (approximately), since (pi / 2) = 22 / 14. Thanks to Karen Alexander.

Other crop pictures seem to have been made just for fun! 

A “giant jellyfish”   

Seven long, curved “tentacles” emerge below.

A “phoenix bird rising from the ashes”   

Photos by Lucy Pringle and Frank Laumen. Look at how elaborately the “feathers” in its “tail” have been fashioned!  

“They showed her the image of a phoenix, rising from its own ashes” (Betty Andreasson, UFO contact 1967).  

The “phoenix” is a symbol of rebirth for Lutheran Christians.   

Many different “woven structures” within a single crop picture

Five years ago, I was having an early lunch at the Red Lion in Avebury with my wife, plus Catherine Gaze and her friend, when word of a new crop picture came in. So we hopped into our cars, drove a short distance toward Silbury Hill, made a donation to the farmer, then rushed over to see what had come down?

Photos by Frank Laumen and Golden Collie.   

Yes, that is a "smiley face" shown at centre right! How could any crop picture be more “artistic” than this one? What a “miracle” as Marina said above! We finally make contact with other intelligences from other worlds, and they turn out to be some of the greatest artists which planet Earth has ever seen.  

The “face of Carl Sagan” near Chilbolton radio telescope? 

No summary of artistic crop pictures would be complete without showing a complex “face” which appeared near Chilbolton radio telescope on August 14, 2001. Terje Toftenes has described it nicely in this video (see Who could it be meant to represent?   

When we study this “face” in the context of an “Arecibo” crop picture, which appeared not far away several days later (see or, then we may be able to suggest it is the “face of Carl Sagan”. He helped to send a closely related message out to the stars, from the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974 (see Arecibo_message).  

During August of 2001, his face was seemingly drawn in crops using a “halftone style”, like we might see in a printed newspaper. Nearby we can see in crops a “reply”, which the extra-terrestrial crop artists made to his original message, that had been sent 27 years earlier. I would sit occasionally near Carl Sagan in the Caltech lunchroom, as a young graduate student. To my mind, there is little doubt whom this “face” represents. Is there any chance that it might have been a human-made crop picture? What did experienced researchers think, when seeing it freshly on the ground?   

“From an aerial perspective this is a remarkable and unique crop glyph: one that we considered so staggering, we could barely accept it was in a crop field at all! But there it was, and we were to be some of the first people to walk within its seemingly impossible network of woven paths, and hundreds of variously-sized standing cylinders, each individually and skillfully carved out of the ripe wheat a few days earlier.”

“As we stepped into the ‘face’, the first thing we noticed was a total lack of muddy or broken stems, on or between the laid and woven crop. There were no construction lines, no points of start or finish, just a huge number of ‘standing cylinders’. In the spaces between all of these standing cylinders, the wheat had been whipped into ‘waves’ and ‘troughs’, which overlapped and folded over one another. In my opinion, there is absolutely no way that this formation could have been created by human circle-makers using planks of wood and garden rollers. The apparent methodology used in creation of this ‘face’ is so far beyond the capabilities of any human circle-makers, of whom we are aware, that no more needs to be said” (adapted slightly from 

The founder of SETI, Frank Drake, did not address any of these compelling facts in his brief, sceptical dismissal of two Chilbolton crop pictures, several years ago (see By the summer of 2014, six different crop pictures had appeared near radio telescopes in England or Germany (see fringe2014t). Most professional astronomers living on Earth today remain in total denial about both paranormal crop pictures and UFOs.

Images of love and peace  

Many other crop pictures show messages or images, which encourage all humans on Earth today to try and live in love and peace. We will show four pictures of that kind here. These four crop pictures are not of the same high technical quality as 20 other crop pictures described above. Yet that does not mean they were not made by paranormal intelligences from beyond Earth! It just means there is less convincing evidence.  

At Gipsy Lane on June 6, 2014, a crop picture appeared which said “NO MORE WAR” in spiral Morse code (see Gipsy Lane):

This was on the 70th anniversary of an Allied D-Day invasion, which freed Europe from German occupation. All “dashes” within its Morse code were drawn in the style of “uranium fission” by a liquid drop model, so as to suggest the need to avoid nuclear war. A “thin spiral” along which those “dots” and “dashes” were drawn was quite well-made.  

Was this really an extra-terrestrial message to humans on Earth? We cannot be sure, based on the available evidence. 

At Windmill Hill on July 31, 2012, a small but attractive crop picture appeared which said “PEACE” in spiral ASCII code (see  

It was destroyed by a local farmer, very early in the morning. Only one photograph was taken from a distance. Using that photograph, a skilled artist, Cari Von Sternberg, recreated what it would have looked like from an overhead view. That is the image which you see above on the left. All of its binary “ones” or “zeros” (standing or flattened circles) were drawn along a thin spiral line.

“Because the ASCII code for this crop circle revealed a message of ‘PEACE’, I felt inspired to recreate it digitally. The only photo available was a view from an angle, with some damage caused by a tractor. I used that photo to simulate an undamaged, overhead view. My artistic interpretation (shown above on the right) suggests ‘pearls on a golden chain’ which encircle the Earth” (adapted from

In the Vale of Pewsey on June 21, 2010, a crop picture appeared which gave the number “1.61803399” using a clever geometrical code (see Each successive digit of that number was represented by a “flattened white ray”, going out from the centre of a broad circular grid. The length of each “white ray” could be quantified by studying a series of concentric circles which were drawn on the same grid.  

Going clockwise around the centre from “start”, we can see a series of “white rays” of relative length “1”, “6”, “1”, “8”, “0”, “3”, “3”, “9”, “9” until we reach “end” (see below at lower right):

This is just the “golden ratio” of mathematics to ten digits! It was drawn next to a “heart in the landscape”, in order express the metaphor of a “golden heart”. Was it really an extra-terrestrial message to humans on Earth? We cannot be sure.

At East Kennett on July 15, 2000, a crop picture appeared which showed a large “heart” in the fallen crop, surrounded by many small “stars” in the standing crop nearby (see

What do you think they were trying to tell us?

Summary and conclusions: please feel free to send these beautiful images as “Christmas cards” to your friends!  

In summary, I have done my best here to bring truth to a confused and troubled world. There are highly intelligent species elsewhere, who keep sending us beautiful and complex works of art in the fields. These are “gifts” which are intended to raise our awareness. They wish to help us achieve an Awakening Mind, as the Buddhist sage Shantideva once wrote:  

“Those who wish to destroy the many sorrows of their conditioned existence,

Those who wish all beings to experience a multitude of joys,

And those who wish to experience much happiness,

Should never forsake an Awakening Mind.”  

While watching all of the violence, anger and conflict play out on Earth below, these loving, peaceful crop artists seem to think that our human minds are not working as well as they should (see fringe2013h). Often I receive messages from people all over the world, who tell me that they were in a state of mental turmoil, or in a state of constant pain; when the study and contemplation of “crop circles” transformed them into another mental state entirely: one of peace, love, spirit and non-violence.  

If any of the slides which have been presented here make people happy, or help to expand their consciousness in a loving, peaceful way, then the lengthy effort to prepare this article will have been worthwhile.  

Please feel free to send these slides to your friends as “Christmas cards” for 2014, if you feel motivated? Should you decide to post them elsewhere on the Internet, please cite the Crop Circle Connector website (see HOME PAGE). Many more crop circle photographs 1980-2014 are available for members (see MEMBERSHIP). 

“Why are you smiling?” Olivia asks in Season 5 of Fringe. “Because I believe. You can’t know everything,” Simone replies (see                                                                                                                                                               

          Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. Many thanks to Paul Jacobs and other contemporary crop-circle researchers for their long and determined efforts over many years; as well as to researchers of a previous generation, such as Colin Andrews or Michael Glickman, who spent many years of their life studying this great mystery. We would also like to thank Lucy Pringle for her wonderful library of crop-circle images (see, some of which were used here.  

Appendix 1. Comparison with the lay of fallen plants in a human-made crop picture 

While not wishing to offend anyone’s aesthetic sensibilities, we will show below what the lay of fallen plants looks like in a human-made crop picture:   

These photographs were taken of a human-made crop picture near Poirino, Italy on June 21, 2014 (see Marocchi or comments), at dawn by Italian researcher Damiano Schiavo. He informed me that it was made using rope and boards, by a team of seven men over seven hours. A typical English summer night lasts only half as long, or no more than four hours of total darkness. Thus it was made in the equivalent of two English summer nights.  

Can you see any difference between a human-made crop picture, in which the plants have been crushed using boards, versus a paranormal crop picture, in which the plants have been patterned by soft, gentle energies?            

Appendix 2. A large “sovereign circle”: maybe they “flew” to get inside?  

Some crop pictures seem almost impossible to have been made by people “walking on the ground”, especially if they contain large areas of patterned crop, where no one apparently walked (or could walk). I saw a fresh example of such ground features at Green Street on August 8, 2014. There wheat plants inside of a large central circle had been shaped into a “tall circular mound”, even though they were surrounded by several meters of intact, undisturbed crop on all sides:

We call this a “sovereign circle”, when crop is flattened inside of some large central region, which seems never to have been entered by foot on the ground. The implication is that such inaccessible regions of flattened crop may have been patterned “from the air”.


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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