Crop circles - the goose is going. 

So, after 30 years of differing ideas what have the circlemakers achieved, and more to the point what stages have we gone through. I am only speaking from personal experience so feel free to ignore, ridicule and argue. After all that is what we do. When crop circles were young and so were we nothing could stop us from what the circles were helping us do. We were brought together. Mass meditations. Groups of closely knitted individuals were formed. Friendships realised. Nothing could stop us. Farmers were ok to let us visit their fields as long as we respected their livelihoods. What's happened. Where has it all gone. Gradually we took the circles for granted. The golden goose no longer lays our precious eggs. People trespassed over fields to enter crop circles. Our lives were crushed under the boots of the very phenomenon we were trying to understand. We wanted to bring crop circles to the world and we did, rather too well. Our very own success is now sowing the seeds of ruin. Farmers no longer let us in the fields. Crop circles are cut out. Groups and individuals that were at the very forefront are disbanded and leave to find new fields of research. Have we learnt anything? Have the circle makers learnt anything? 

This is my take. 

Circles brought thousands of people who would normally never meet together. Was that there intention? Or do we feel a deep seated need internally to share amazing discoveries. Scientists share research all the time although they will protect their new found ideas with patents in case they have a chance of making money from the discovery. Hold on. What's that? Did we not do the same with books, videos, photographs and other crop circle memorabilia? Well we have to be reimbursed for all the hard work don't we? The heady days of the nineties brought bigger and better designs. Newspapers, film and TV paid for the latest images. The money making race began. The goose laid eggs all day. Gradually though the impetus slowed. More and more the hoaxers became vocal and more and more the media wanted an answer. Newspapers need newer stories. Oh look, a crop circle. So what. The goose got older and laying slowed. People drifted away from the circles. Ufo research has been slowly going the same way as groups dwindle. What do the circlemakers think of this? Maybe they never wanted a media circus. Maybe they are testing who will stay true without being swept up into the corporate world of crop circle money making. Maybe this is a test of who would sooner have a worthless but beautiful feather from the goose rather than a glistening shiny golden egg. 

I expect disagreement with this short but heartfelt article. But think. Which are you? A spirit who wishes to share for nothing or a demon who wishes the steal the goose. The circlemakers gave us a goose for nothing. Do we steal it for our own selfish ends or should it be free. It's our choice. We should be careful of the path we follow. 

Thank you.

Mark Haywood.


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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