Altair Deneb and Vega

This article takes a few steps further following Red Collie's article on the Hackpen Hill(4) crop circle, reported August 14th (preferably read his article first!):
Red Collie finds an interesting link with the Summer Triangle Altair-Deneb-Vega but he misses the point in the interpretation of the facts. For years now I am fascinated by crop circles and I am especially interested in 'where they are' and 'why they are on that particular spot' or to say their spatial relationships. That is why I have found much more interesting and bizarre features which lead me to the following  rather bold statement:
The crop circle makers have indicated much earlier than August 13th that Nova Delphini was 'exploding'.
Not the appearance of Hackpen Hill (4) on August 13th, one day before Nova Delphini was discovered,  but the crop circle at The Ridgeway of July 6th (39 days before) was the indication!
Quoting Red Collie:
“In summary, unknown crop artists used the local landscape of Wiltshire as a “canvas”, to draw several astronomical images at Hackpen Hill: one on July 15, then another on August 13. Some people believe that all crop pictures are made by local humans with rope and boards. In which case, how did those local lads from Wiltshire anticipate the discovery of Nova Delphini 2013, one day before it was discovered by any astronomer here on Earth?” The images that clarify his story.

It is the crop circle researcher's decision to try to find out if a few clumps of trees have any connection with stars and/or crop circles but, as in crop circle research everything is possible, it's his choice. What strikes me in the images above is that the corner angles of the 'field triangle' don't match at all with the corner angles of the 'star triangle'. 
The 'field triangle' has corners of 37, 52 and 91 degrees, the 'star triangle' has corners of 48, 59 and 73 degrees. This difference is so big that drawing conclusions or building a theory on it becomes a tricky business. Red Collie's article  still intrigued me because this summer I found a triangle that is more comparable to the Altair-Deneb- Vega setting.  This is how, in Google Earth, Red Collie's triangle plus the two Hackpen Hill crop circles look:


And this is the triangle I found after copy-and-pasting crop circle photographs in Google Earth and connecting them. The numbers 12 and 29 are the circles at Hackpen Hill, 14 is the one at Hillcott and 16 is Wessex Ridgeway. 09 The Ridgeway almost lies on the line connecting 12 and 14.


The blue numbers are the crop circles in my 'archive' and the numbering is based on their date of appearance. The red lines are their connections to Sibury Hill. Note the difference in shape and size of both triangles!

Crop circles 12, 14 and 16 form the frame of the blue triangle:

              12 Hackpen Hill(1) July 15                                  14 Hilcott July 16                                16 Wessex Ridgeway July 24

And these are the crop circles 09, 29 and 32 which play an important role in this story
              09 The Ridgeway July 6                       29 Hackpen Hill(4) August 13                        32 Marden Henge August 23
There are a lot of interesting features to tell about the spatial relationships of crop circles
This I will discuss in other articles which will be published on the website I am building at the moment fact-and-imagination and which will be online by the  end of February 2014.  Worth mentioning though in this case is that the blue triangle is an -almost- isosceles triangle with sides 12-14= 17,4  and 12-16= 16,5 and a base 14-16= 12,3 kilometres. The red triangle formed by Silbury Hill, 14 and 16 is an -almost- isosceles triangle as well with sides Silbury-14= 10,3, Silbury-16= 10,2 and the base 14-16= 12,3 kilometres. But for now I am concentrating on what I think about this 'constellation' of crop circles and I have an opinion, partly thanks to, but on the most part  different to Red Collie's article.
Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia describes a nova as follows:
A nova (plural novae or novas) is a cataclysmic nuclear explosion in a white dwarf, which causes a sudden brightening of the star. Novae are not to be confused with other brightening phenomena such as supernovae or luminous red novae. A nova is caused by the accretion of hydrogen on to the surface of the star, which ignites and starts nuclear fusion in a runaway manner. Novae are thought to occur on the surface of a white dwarf in a binary system. If the two stars are close enough, material can be pulled from the companion star's surface onto the white dwarf.

                     It can look like this:                                     and this is the process                                 The Ridgeway crop circle:

I can imagine that an exploding nova can cause 'ripples' of energy in the surrounding universe like a stone which is thrown in the water, ripples the surface. Doesn't the Ridgeway crop circle gives a representation of this ripple effect? 
The picture on the left is the star map of the so called Summer triangle Altair-Deneb-Vega copy-and-pasted in Google Earth: North is up. The right is the same picture upside down so it is more comparable to Red Collie's pictures.

I must admit that the map does not fit exactly (Deneb and Vega are okay but Altair is slightly off) but still it has features which are very interesting and -maybe not yet- explainable.Let's zoom in on the map, focusing on Silbury Hill, The Ridgeway crop circle and the possible nova site:
When I draw a line from Silbury Hill through the centre of The Ridgeway crop circle and extend this line through the landscape I end at the spot of Nova Delphini 2013. This result astonishes me as much as it will do to you I hope. What is happening here and how is it possible?
I am convinced that a great part of the crop circles is made by people. These 'croppies' want to suggest that the circles are not being made by people, so they  cleverly encode messages of all kind (esoteric-, 'sacred geometric'-, religious-, Gaya-, human sub consciousness- and alien-) to confuse the 'mad researchers'.  Let's say that in this 'Summer Triangle's case' croppies were at work.
They must have done a lot of planning and organizing and if this is so they did a brilliant job! But most of all: how could they have known about the outburst of Nova Delphini 2013 before it was even discovered more than one month later? This is simply impossible!!
From Wikipedia:
The Summer Triangle is an astronomical asterism involving an imaginary triangle drawn on the northern hemisphere's celestial sphere, with its defining vertices at Altair, Deneb, and Vega, the brightest stars in the three constellations of Aquila, Cygnus, and Lyra, respectively...........
Near midnight the Summer Triangle lies virtually overhead at mid-northern latitudes during the summer months, but can also be seen during spring in the early morning to the East. In the autumn the summer triangle is visible in the evening to the West well until November. From the southern hemisphere it appears upside down and low in the sky during the winter months.
I decided to take a look at the sky in Wiltshire on July 6 at midnight so I started Stellarium (a fantastic free open source planetarium ( and I programmed it on Andover (approximately 35 kilometres south-east of Silbury Hill), 2013-07-06, 00.00.00 hrs.  Altair, Deneb and Vega are at that moment in the south-eastern sky.

Another name, used in Polynesian astronomy for this triangle is Navigator's Triangle and the stars of course, have other names: Altair=Humu, Deneb=Hawaki and Vega=Keoe. This is an interesting name..........besides for Polynesians maybe it is a Navigator's Triangle for interstellar travellers too?
Wikipedia describes the word faction, amongst a few other meanings, as Faction (literature), a type of historical novel rooted in fact  For me the facts are as mentioned above but what can be the story behind this? And here I will give vent to my imagination  in a little story before bedtime…..


On a dark night in July the Crop Circle Makers decided to start working again. They looked at the heavens and knew that there was an event coming up in about 40 days.How could they let the earthlings know to be prepared to this event? By just doing the same routine as always: laying down some beautiful designs with a message and put the circles together in a configuration which would not be to difficult for the earthlings to decode.  The first hint should be a graphical representation of the event: a ripple in the cosmos.........


Next graph  should be a representation of what was the cause of this ripple: a nuclear process..

The next step should contain  further explanation: this process is caused by the accretion of hydrogen on to the surface of a star, which ignites and starts nuclear fusion............

And the last step should contain a hint of where to search: a triangle somewhere in the Universe...


The crop circle makers knew that the earthlings are superficial beings with a tendency to forget quickly and they suddenly realised that all these hints came much to early before the actual event. So they decided to send a reminder to earth one day before the event as to say: 
Remember what we pointed at a month ago?..............There is something going to happen not too far from the planet where you live so you are able to see it with the naked eye............................................................ The event looks a bit like this crop circle.....................we put it not to far from an earlier crop circle and it has connections with circles we showed you earlier and when you connect these circles by lines you will discover a follow the lines and you will see what we mean!


But still this message came to early because it was just August 13th,  one day before the event........August 14 came and the celestial event happened and a few days later it was published in the media but nobody saw the link with the Crop Circle Maker's messages.
So in their goodness the Crop Circle Makers decided to give one last hint on August 23, 9 days after the discovery of Nova Delpnini 2013 and putting that hint close to one of the other circles (Hillcott) to point out: these circles have a common purpose! The Marden Henge crop circle can be considered as being divided in six parts: every 6th part has two segments, one with standing and one with downed crop, so a total of twelve segments. As if the Circle Makers want to say: 
This is the sixth crop circle in a row, the former five circles have a meaning so use your eyes and go searching for the clue! Extra hint: this one lies at exactly the same distance from Silbury Hill as the one at Hilcott (10,3 kilometres).


The earthlings though still didn't see the link between crop circles and celestial happenings and they didn't recognize the 'Wilshire Star map'. 
They are convinced that all crop circles are hoaxes made by old men, drunken youth and people hired by tabloids who want to make money. They only believe what they see in the media and only believe what they can measure. The Crop Circle Makers were disappointed but hoped for better times.........

Rieks Schreuder

Amsterdam, January 31st 2014

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