My research has indicated that this season's final Hackpen Hill formation was one of the most important crop circles of all time and had been designed, amongst other things, to shed light on a chilling warning to mankind that I'd uncovered in Jim Penniston's binary code statement, released in 2010. He'd acquired the information during his well recorded Rendlesham Forest encounter with an alien spacecraft, in 1980. 

I'd delayed the publication of my analysis of his statement when I realised, earlier in the year, that some of the formations of that period were making subtle allusions to it. I anticipated that my scrutiny of those circles would enable me to fill the voids in my knowledge that prevailed because the former USAF staff sergeant had not divulged the contents of all the notes he'd made after his profound experience. And I'm glad to say that the described Hackpen Hill edifice finally led me to the information I was seeking - as I'll now endeavour to explain. 

A subtle confirmation of the danger area

To recall, the original formation, of August 13 [= day 225], and its subsequent modification, of August 31 [= day 243], looked as follows, where I've adapted drawings by, respectively, Bertold Zugelder and Zef Damon - which I thank them for:- 

Fig. 1 

We know that the modified formation comprised 7 rings of standing crop, 3 of which were continuous and 4, fragmented - as shown below, where [for illustration purposes only] the 3 continuous rings are now coloured red:- 

Fig. 2 

One of the figure's conspicuous characteristics is that the original single fragmented ring of standing crop, on the structure's exterior [comprised of 22 almost triangular 'tufts'], has been joined by another 3 i.e. there are now 4 fragmented rings of standing crop, comprising a total of 92 tufts [= (counting from the outside) 22 + 29+24+17]. 

Furthermore, this new tufts' tally, 92, is divisible by the cited 4 i.e. 92/4 is 23, the 10th prime [remembering that 1 must be counted as the 1st prime]. And 10 is itself closely linked to the factor 4 i.e. it can be expressed as the sum of the first 4 positive integers [= 1+2+3+4]. [Note: the expression 'the 10th prime' can be abbreviated to '10p'. So: 'the Nth prime' ≡ 'Np'].

The latter relationship tells us, then, that if the respective fragmented rings of standing crop are labelled 1 to 4 [counting again from the outside, because the outer ring arrived 1st], those labels' sum, 10, is linked in a simple and elegant way to the structure's total allotment of tufts i.e. 10p x 4 = 92, as shown below [where, for clarity, half of the edifice has been removed]:- 

Fig. 3 

Having identified this remarkable link between the modified formation's 4 fragmented circles of standing crop, their total quota of tufts, 92, and the 4 numerical labels I imposed, I realised that the arrangement embodies another arithmetic curiosity, one which appears to be drawing our attention back to the first crop circle. 

When each of the cited quotas of tufts is multiplied by the numerical label associated with it, the results add up to a number, 220, which can be expressed as 22 x 10, where 22 was, as we know, the first formation's allocation of tufts and the 10 could again represent [1+2+3+4], as shown below:- 

Fig. 4 

This relationship now revealed, then, that the modified formation's numerical structure is tied in a unique way to the original crop circle's tuft quota: 22. And as the factor 10 [= 1+2+3+4] is also involved, it occurred to me that the 1, 2, 3 & 4 could now represent the labels of 4 sets of numbers that are linked to the cited 22 tufts

It therefore seemed possible that we were being invited to split the original formation's tufts into 4 groups that are to be labelled in the indicated way - and I soon identified a feasible clue as to how such a division should be executed. 

The adjacent tuft quotas in the modified formation all differ by 5 or 7 [= 5p] and the quotas in the extreme positions [i.e. the outermost (= 22) and innermost (= 17)] also differ by 5, thus:- 

Fig. 5 

In other words I recognised that this subtle emphasis of the primes 5 and 7 could have been intended, if only in part, to guide us to the solution of the problem I've described. And if the 22 tufts are to be split into 4 groups that are based on these two primes, it was clear that this can be achieved in only one way: three groups of 5 must be accompanied by one group of 7, as illustrated below [where I've also numbered the tufts, in each group, independently]:- 

Fig. 6 

A cursory inspection of this arrangement revealed that it had a number of characteristics that [in the current context] looked meaningful, and I've juxtaposed the relevant relationships in the Fig. below. Note that in the first diagram I've replaced the four tallies of tufts, 5-5-5-7, with the sums of the numerical labels [in the red circles] that I'd displayed in each group:- 

Fig. 7 

It was clear, then, that by considering the circle of 22 tufts to be in a 5-5-5-7 configuration and labelling it in the cited way [i.e. with the first 5 in Group 1, and the 7 in Group 4] subtle but clear links are generated to both the 22nd prime and 22 itself. And my recognition of these relationships strongly supported the idea that we'd been invited to, on the one hand, carry out the respective cosmetic refinements to the original figure and, on the other, contemplate their wider significance. 

This conclusion was of particular interest to me because I could see that the sequence 5-5-5-7 is linked in an unambiguous way to a 4-digit number that had a central role in the geographic information I'd extricated from Jim Penniston's binary code statement.

The two numbers employed in the sequence, 5 & 7, are the 4th & 5th primes, respectively, so if each is expressed as its prime rank, we'd transform the 5-5-5-7 to 4-4-4-5, as shown below, where, for reasons that will soon be apparent, I've now labelled all 22 tufts consecutively:- 

Fig. 8 

Although the inferred sequence 4-4-4-5 could serve as a simple representation of the number 4445, I believe we're being invited to reduce the latter by a factor that was closely tied to the process that yielded it. 

We know that the 5-5-5-7 arrangement comprised 22 [= 5+5+5+7] tufts, which, if numbered consecutively [starting at 1] as shown in Fig. 8, would add up to 253 [= 11x23]. 

But the inferred sequence, 4-4-4-5, could only be linked to 17 [= 4+4+4+5] tufts, and if these were also isolated in the diagram and numbered consecutively [from the same starting point], placing the new labels inside the previous ones, the cited 4-4-4-5 sequence would face a gap, with five of the latter labels behind it, and their combined value is 100 [= 18+19+20+21+22], as shown below:- 

Fig. 9 

And if the inferred 4445 is divided by the 100 facing it we'd obtain 44.45, the exact value, in degrees north, of a line of latitude, as per the WGS 84 datum, that was cleverly embodied in Jim Penniston's document [which derived from 1980 - years before WGS 84 came into use!].  

The line's approximate position is depicted, below, on a low resolution map of the world:- 

Fig. 10 

Having found, within the Fig. 9 arrangement, the described link to the exact value of the line of latitude defined in Jim Penniston's document, I had every expectation that the details his source provided us with, of the corresponding meridian, would also be embodied in the same display - and this proved to be the case. 

I found this important information by comparing the 39, circled numerical labels of Fig. 9 [i.e. 1 to 22; & 1 to 17] with a set of the corresponding primes [i.e. 1p to 22p; & 1p to 17p], as depicted below, where the 39 circled numbers in the second figure are the cited primes:- 

Fig. 11 

Having noted that the sum of the 2nd figure's 39 [= 22+17] primes, 1095, can be expressed as 406 [the sum of the 39 circled numbers in the 1st] + 689, I discovered that these 2 quantities contain the data I was seeking.

When I expressed 406 as the product of its prime factors 2px5px11p [= 2x7x29] it was clear that the arithmetic can infer 110 [= 2x5x11], which I knew is the integer component of the number that defines [in °W] the meridian I was seeking. 

And I found that 689 is the prime rank of 5167 [i.e. the latter = 689p], which is the decimal component of the cited meridian's value i.e. when the 5167 is placed after the 110 the number 110.5167 can be inferred [the decimal point marking the junction between the two parts]. 

In other words, I'd established that the numbers 406 and 689 are linked in simple and elegant ways, through the concept of primes [a recurring theme in my crop circle work], to the value of the meridian I'd found in Jim Penniston's document: 110.5167° W. 

Before I focus on the point defined by the intersection of the two geographical lines I've now identified 44.45° N & 110.5167° W I've juxtaposed the described ways of deriving the respective items of data from the formation:- 

Fig. 12 

People who know a little about supervolcanoes and their capacity for threatening, or ending, our global civilisation will be concerned, I'm sure, when they see where Jim Penniston's point [replicated above] is located: in the West Thumb enclave of Wyoming's Lake Yellowstone:- 

Fig. 13 

The Yellowstone supervolcanoe is thought to be North America's biggest and many informed people believe its next major eruption, which could quickly render much of the US & Canada uninhabitable, whilst posing a huge threat to the rest of our global habitat, is actually overdue. 

The next phase of discovery

Given these massive stakes, then, I was anxious to establish if my crop circle source confirms a link I'd uncovered - in Jim Penniston's document - between the cited Yellowstone point and the current year: 2013. I also hoped that if such data is detectable it would be accompanied by something I'd failed to find in the American's binary statement: the identity of the day, within 2013, that in situ monitors in the region will detect the first signs of a potentially catastrophic increase in subterranean activity. 

Note. I assumed, here, that if the mysterious authors of the Jim Penniston source knew, 33 years ago, that the supervolcanoe would erupt in 2013, their massively superior technology may also have enabled them to fine tune this information. And the builders of the formation at Hackpen Hill, in the year itself, 2013, clearly knew that the event would not be occurring before August 31, when the final modification to their creation was discovered. It therefore seemed feasible that they were fully aware of when the dreaded action would start. 

In the event, two striking allusions to the number 2013 were easy to find. And a little later some relevant days in that year were also exposed. 

Knowing that the expressions I'd identified, of the point's accurate geographical coordinates, had been found in the arrangements shown in Fig. 12, it was the logical place to look for this additional information. And as a simple relationship that exists between the sequence 4-4-4-5 and the number 100, facing it - in the first diagram [on the left] - had yielded the most direct result [i.e. the latitude, in °, is 4445/100], I returned to the figure had I missed something? 

The result of my initial enquiry is summarised in the diagram below where, for clarity, I've isolated the relevant parts of the earlier arrangement from the formation itself. And as 5 of 22 circled numbers in the outer ring define the 100 [= 18+19+20+21+22], which had the pivotal role I described above, I also separated the remaining 17 outer, circled numbers from that 5:- 

Fig. 14 

With very little effort, then, I'd managed to uncover a simple and elegant manifestation of the 2013th prime 17489

Note. Long lists of primes are readily available online, or in smartphone apps, but they all fail to count 1 as the first. What they class as the Nth prime, then, must be recognised as being the [N+1]th e.g. the excellent android app I use Prime Factory (ALCHEMY) claims that 23 is the 9th prime; but I consider the number to be the 10th prime. 

Furthermore, additional scrutiny of the intimacy that prevails between the 4-4-4-5 sequence and the facing 100 soon unearthed another illuminating link to 2013

Having noted that the product of the 4 numbers in the sequence is 320 [= 4x4x4x5], I couldn't fail to notice that the 320th prime, 2113, exceeds the 100 facing the sequence by 2013, thus:- 

Fig. 15 

I then realised that the 5 numbers whose sum had yielded the 100 18-19-20-21-22 are tied to the cited 320p [= 2113] in an independent, arithmetic way and my recognition of this fact strongly supported my belief that we'd been invited to generate the 320 from the product of the numbers 4, 4, 4 & 5

The relationship is 320p = [18p+19p+20p+21p+22p]p - [18+19+20+21+22] where the summation in the first bracketed expression, [59+61+67+71+73], yields 331 [itself a prime] and that must then be expressed as 331p, which is 2213 or, 2013+200.

Note. My decades of research into mythology, folklore and ancient sources revealed that the number 200 was once a revered 'mark of the underworld' - partly because of its proximity to a human skeleton's allotment of bones; and partly because of its use in geodesy i.e. it's √40,000 [which the French tried to exploit when 'defining' the metre]. An earth model was designed to fit inside the planet [and so its surface was always below ground: the dreaded 'hell'!]. It's now of interest, then, that the above cited 2213 [= 320p+100] exceeds 200, the ancient symbol of the underworld and death, by - 2013 - which represents the year when I believe we are being warned about an imminent, subterranean danger of unprecedented proportions. 

I was satisfied, then, that the formation's architects were indeed linking the Yellowstone point to the current year - 2013 - just as the Jim Penniston source was. 

But to demonstrate how they defined one particular day within this year it would be useful if we now returned to an earlier diagram, shown below, where I've included a relationship that illustrates how an up-to-date value, in kilometres, of the earth's mean radius can be generated [it's the geometric mean radius of the WGS 84 ellipsoid, accurate to 1 metre]:- 

Fig. 16 

I believe it's worth pointing out, here, that as this figure started the process that led me to the coordinates of the Yellowstone point it's likely to be significant that it displays the described simple way of defining the earth parameter, 6371 [its mean radius in km]. Although I usually consider the presence of the relationship, within a formation, to be a key mark of authenticity, it could also constitute, in the current context, a subtle confirmation that if the supervolcanoe does erupt its effects will indeed be global. 

My recognition that the set of numerical labels associated with the formation's ring of 22 tufts is closely linked to the factor 60 actually opened up a new avenue of investigation. 

Knowing that, when each of its letters is given a value that corresponds to its position in the alphabet [a cipher that I shall return to later] i.e. A=1…Z=26, the word YELLOWSTONE represents the number 165 [= 25+5+12+12+15+23+19+20+15+14+5] I now noted that this differs from 225, the day of the year that the formation was found [Aug' 13], by the cited 60

I then discovered that when the 60th prime, 277, is added to the 225th prime, 1423, we obtain 1700, which exhibits a simple and elegant relationship with the arrangement that was shown first in Fig. 9 i.e. 17 [= 4+4+4+5] x 100 = 1700

In other words, the relationship seemed to be confirming the day, in 2013, that the formation was first reported, and this raised the exciting possibility that the edifice was defining other days as well. But I was also drawn to the fact that when the 60th prime is added to the 1700 we obtain a number 1977 which could represent another year in our calendar:- 

Fig. 17 

But was our attention really being drawn to this '1977' or was it merely a random result? 

I knew that if it did represent the year it would have occurred 36 years ago, and that seemed bizarre. But I had already noted that when the 360° angle that the circular formation subtends at its centre is divided by the sum of the numbers I'd placed on its perimeter, 10 [= 1+2+3+4], we produce 10 lots of the angle 36°, thus:- 

Fig. 18 

So I thought there was at least a chance that the 36 year gap between 1977 and 2013 was tied to the above geometrical relationship in some, as yet, unknown way. But when I investigated whether a meaningful relationship exists between 10 sets of 36 and the number 1977, I found something that certainly didn't look random. 

I first discovered that 1977 exceeds 1490, the product of 10 & the 36th prime [= 149], by 487, the 94th prime, and this meant little to me. 

But when I added 1977 and 1490 I obtained the 487th prime, 3467, and it seemed strange that this number 487, the 94th prime, should have been involved again. 

I then noted that 94 relates in a curious way to 243, the number that represents the day of the year [Aug' 31] that the modified formation was discovered: they differ by the 36th prime, 149. It seemed possible, then, that the day of the structure's metamorphosis had been selected so that this subtle link between 94 & 36 [the time span, in years, between 1977 & 2013] could be displayed. 

The focus moves

I now suspected that our attention was being cleverly drawn back to that altered crop circle and I wondered if it's significant that both 92, the field edifice's tally of tufts, and 94 are the Atomic Numbers of radioactive elements that are the key components of those monstrosities we call nuclear and thermonuclear bombs: Uranium and Plutonium, respectively. 

I decided to re-examine the way in which the 92 tufts of standing crop had been distributed in the crop circle and I soon focussed on perhaps the simplest aspect of the arrangement: the fact that, when counted from the outside [where the circle started], the four fragmented rings were [in relation to all 7 rings of standing crop] in positions 2, 4, 5 & 6, thus:- 

Fig. 19 

As the sequence of digits, 2-4-5-6, could represent the number 2456 [in our base-10 system], I was curious as to whether it relates in a meaningful way to the 1977 I was now interested in and discovered that they differ by the 93rd prime, 479

This outcome intrigued me because I knew that 93 is the Atomic Number of the radioactive element Neptunium, which is placed between Uranium and Plutonium in the Periodic Table. But I then noted that 93 embodies its own unique link to a factor I was also very interested in: it can be expressed as the product of 3p [= 3] and 12p [= 31], which can infer 36, the quota of years separating 1997 from 2013

And having been drawn to this relationship between 93 & 36, I noted that their corresponding primes [i.e. 93p & 36p] differ by 330 [= 479 - 149] a number I'd already encountered in my investigation but had not fully evaluated. I therefore decided to look at it again.  

I knew that the fragmented circles of standing crop comprised 92 tufts and were encapsulated between 3 continuous circles of standing crop: there were 22 tufts between the outer two and a total of 70 between the inner. And I'd noted that, if the cited 22 & 70 are placed above one another, the number 2207 can be inferred, by reading the array clockwise from the first 2 and 2207 is the 330th prime - as depicted below:- 

Fig. 20 

But I was also aware that another 330 can be derived from a relationship that exists between the full complement of 92 tufts and the prime 137, which can be inferred from the respective position values, 1-3-7, of the 3 continuous circles of standing crop that encapsulate the tufts [these position values are the small red numerals in Fig. 20] i.e. 92p [= 467] - 137 = 330

At this juncture, then, it occurred to me that as both 330 & 1977 have close associations with the modified formation's unique structure it should be possible to determine, from it, what the circle's architects were really trying to tell us about these numbers. However, the elementary solution to this riddle eluded me until I attempted to equate the 330 to an extraordinary item of data my analysis of the formation had produced earlier. 

Knowing that I'd uncovered a manifestation of the 2013th prime, 17489, I wondered if the 330 relates to it in a meaningful way, and the answer I obtained was definitive. These numbers differ by 17159 [= 17489 - 330] which happens to be the 1977th prime. 

Apart from anything else, then, this remarkable relationship was clearly linking the numbers 2013 and 1977, and as the former represents, in our calendar, the current year it's reasonable to assume that 1977 also represents the year we associate with that number. 

Furthermore, as 330 ties together the 5-digit primes that define the respective non-leap years, it's also reasonable to assume that it alludes to the same day in each of them: November 26. 

The problem with this conclusion, of course, was that it seemed difficult to understand why a formation, in 2013, which was warning us about an imminent eruption of a supervolcanoe, in North America, was also drawing our attention to an indefinite event of almost 36 years ago. 

I soon realised that only one feasible explanation for this ostensibly ridiculous situation could exist: the event of November 26, 1977, must be so well known that there's no possibility of us confusing it with any other and, when we identify it, it will shed light on the gargantuan crisis being outlined in the formation. Indeed, when I put just that date into Google's search engine one clearly relevant item did appear at the top of the list of results it produced. 

A forgotten mystery resurfaces

Shortly after 5.10 pm, on 26-11-77, a TV broadcast, in the South of England, was interrupted by an electronic voice that claimed the speaker was a representative of a 'Galactic Command'. His statement [provided at the end of this article] - which comprised in excess of 500 words - was dismissed by many people as a hoax but no-one has ever accepted responsibility for it. -

However, after I'd studied the transcript I'd derived from a YouTube video of the broadcast I was left in no doubt that the evocative monologue wasn't just authentic it had been designed for the very purpose I'd anticipated, after my analysis of the Hackpen Hill crop circle. 

Although the text is written in code [as I'll soon show] the ingenuity of its authors is revealed by the fact that many words must also be taken literally. I learned how to decipher documents of this type long ago in fact, when a Reading family kept giving me similar messages, which they'd started receiving after three of them had experienced lost time during a Florida holiday. The process slowly enabled me to develop my own analytical technique, and it was validated repeatedly, over a long period, as my processing of the messages yielded a cascade of unique information, which was always corroborated later. But near the end of 1999 my methodology yielded a special prize: I extricated, from one set of texts - a pair of geographical coordinates, a date and a time - and this data led me to a stunning face to face meeting with five ET's. 

Clearly, it wouldn't be appropriate in this crop circle article for me to show all that I've found in the TV broadcast of 1977. However, I'll soon demonstrate that there's a great deal more to parts of the transcript than first meets the eye. But we'll start by considering two sections of text that I believe are of particular significance, as depicted below [the highlighting is mine]:- 

Fig. 21 

In the top extract we are being told, in what appears to be crystal clear terms, that the Galactic group's prime function in interfering with the scheduled TV broadcast was to give mankind a warning, which we'd be able to act on. But having delivered this pivotal warning the artificial voice refers to an unnamed disaster that threatens our world. 

As the words used - warn and threatens - have similar connotations, I was drawn to the latter. My long experience of analysing such subtle compositions led me to believe that the intimate conceptual link that the two words share could be inviting us to ask if this relationship has a deeper significance. And in particular it raises the possibility that one of the broadcast's main functions was not just to warn us but to define this threat explicitly - which [as we'll soon see] the whole text's literal meaning fails to do. 

We'll return to this hypothesis shortly and we'll discover that my investigation of it took me into familiar territory. 

In the highlighted bottom sentence we appear to be witnessing a partial explanation as to why I found the Atomic Numbers of Uranium and Plutonium in the modified Hackpen Hill circle: the Galactic group evidently believe that we should rid the world of our stockpiles of nuclear weapons - and we know that few, truly intelligent people would disagree with that objective! 

However, they do not tell us that the danger we face is just from these abominable creations. And having referred to our need to get rid of the 'weapons of evil' and live in peace it would have been a simple matter for them to have cited the horrors of a nuclear holocaust, but they elected not to do so, talking, instead, in more obscure terms. In fact, this reluctance to spell out the threat in an unambiguous way interested me because it exhibited a familiar hallmark of authenticity. As mentioned above, during my many years of analysing the Reading texts, which had been composed in an identical manner to this statement, I'd grown accustomed to having to strip away their ingeniously constructed façades of half-truths and nonsense before I could expose the profound information they'd been designed to communicate. 

And when I sought the real nature of the above cited 'threat', it wasn't difficult to find it. 

One aspect of the broadcast, which has bothered many critics, is that some of its middle parts weren't comprehensible to the audience at the time. However, I believe this did not represent a failure by its creators: it constituted a form of subliminal statement, namely, that there are passages of special interest away from those muffled zones, particularly near the beginning and the end, which were both audible. 

And in the event, I was able to identify such a special area: the text's very first sentence, as shown below [where, for reasons that will soon be apparent, I've highlighted four words]:- 


Although I learned, from internet sources, that the group's alleged name, shown in red above, had been encountered before this broadcast, I considered it to be odd in two ways. 

Firstly, in the unlikely event that these ET's had opted to base the first part of their group's name on our English word STAR, and its Greek/Latin precursor, ASTRON, why did they select ASHTAR? Did they want the name to start with letters that spell out a word closely linked to volcanoes: A-S-H? I would add that 'TAR', a word defined by the final letters of ASHTAR, is a name of the substance that's associated with so-called 'asphalt volcanoes'. 

Furthermore, it's absurd that they would even have wanted to use a word that embodies the letter sequences A-S T-A-R in a diminutive title that contains the word Galactic, given that Galaxy means 'a massive aggregation of stars and other stellar material'. 

Secondly, in a communication that purports to be espousing the virtues of 'peace', a word that's used four times in the text, why did the group give itself an appellation that has such well known militaristic overtones COMMAND? 

I therefore concluded that the group's name was almost certainly fabricated, which interested me because it raised the possibility that it had been selected to fulfil some other objective. 

But having been drawn in this way to the silly name I realised that another absurdity preceded it in the same, opening sentence. The three words THE VOICE OF were not just superfluous i.e. they contributed nothing to the sentence's literal meaning, they constituted a deliberate lie. The source of the diction heard in the broadcast was an electronic simulator and not any form of biological structure. So we know that the audio was definitely not what we were told it was - THE VOICE OF GRAMAHA. I would add that the context was also flawed: a voice doesn't 'speak to you', it's the vehicle that enables an intelligent, animate entity to do so. 

I was presented with a situation, then, where the text's opening sentence, comprising a mere 16 words, contained two that had probably been fabricated and three that were part of a more blatant deception. But this added to my interest because it raised the question: what is hidden within this lamentable farrago of nonsense? 

The simple act of numbering the words, starting at 1, and counting the quota of letters in each of them, immediately endowed the group's tainted name with an element of rationality:- 

Fig. 22 

Firstly, the sum of the four word ranks, 46, embodies an unambiguous link to human identity: it's our cells' normal endowment of chromosomes. 

It was also apparent that the text's 11th & 13th words, ASHTAR & COMMAND, the very two components of the name that I'd queried, exhibited another interesting numerical relationship, thus:- 

11 is 6p, and 6 is ASHTAR's letter quota 13 is 7p, and 7 is COMMAND's letter quota. 

But having recognised that one pair of the name's four words has word ranks and letter quotas that are linked in the cited way, I realised that when they are split into two different pairs a far more profound set of relationships can be identified - and I consider these to represent pivotal marks of authenticity when I find them in crop formations [which I regularly do]. 

Firstly, the inner and outer word pairs - ASHTAR & GALACTIC and THE & COMMAND - each have word ranks, 10 & 13 and 11 & 12, that add up to 23, the 10th prime [= 10p], and we know that our cells' aforementioned 46 chromosomes are comprised of two such sets of 23

But each of the expressions, 10p+13p [= 23+37], and, 11p+12p [= 29+31], also yields: 60

And if each 23 is multiplied by the 60th prime i.e. 277, we obtain two lots of - 6371 - which, when expressed in kilometres, represents an up-to-date value of the mean radius of the earth [as mentioned earlier]. 

So when the full name is disposed in that specific part of the text, its word ranks embody the means of generating two pairs of numbers that are inextricably linked to mankind. 

The 2 sets of 23 replicate a human cell's normal endowment of chromosomes; and the 2 sets of 6371 [= 23x60p] define the accurate mean diameter [in kilometres] of our planetary home - as illustrated below, where I've placed the word ranks around an imaginary, circular motif of the 'Galactic group':- 

Fig. 23 

There was now a strong possibility, then, that the authors of the TV statement, of 1977, which I'd had my attention drawn to, were not the hoaxers that many critics had assumed them to be. And having concluded that they had carefully positioned their group's name, within their first sentence, so that the profoundly important relationships depicted above could be recognised, I had every expectation that the name itself would also embody information that pertains to my investigation - and I was not disappointed. 

New allusions to the Yellowstone point

The methodology I developed for analysing texts necessitates, initially, the identification of 4 parameters of each word: ranks and letter quotas [used earlier]; together with letter positions and what I call alphabetical values, or av's [a letter's value equals its position in the alphabet] and this data, for the group's name [in the context of the first sentence], is displayed below:- 

Fig. 24 

Knowing that different pairs of the four words exhibit certain relevant numerical properties, I was now drawn to the fact that the ranks of the first two, 10 & 11, have a product, 110, which is the integer component of the factor that represents [in °] the Yellowstone point's meridian. And as simple arithmetic dictates that the product of the next two word ranks, 12 & 13, will exceed 110 by the sum of the four word ranks, 46, which is the allotment of chromosomes in our cells [as we know], I was curious as to whether any other meaningful link exists between this 110 and the 12th and 13th words. 

I then noted that the total av of GALACTIC COMMAND is: 119 [= 56+63]. And it was clear that this number exhibits an unambiguous link to 689, which we found, earlier, to be the prime rank of 5167, the decimal component of the cited meridian's value. 

When 119 is expressed as the product of its prime factors we obtain: 7x17. But an expression that can be inferred directly from this, 7px17p, yields 689 [= 13x53]. 

This revealed, then, that the exact value of the meridian that intersects the Yellowstone point can be read, within the text, from the placing there of the Galactic group's contentious name, as illustrated below:- 

Fig. 25 

I then found that the number defining the latitude of the Yellowstone point can also be read from the name arrangement, when the appropriate information is displayed on it. 

I first noted that when the 4 words' letter quotas, 3-6-8-7, are expressed as the corresponding primes, 3p-6p-8p-7p, their sum is 44 [= 3+11+17+13] which is the integer component of the cited number. 

But knowing that, to define the meridian's value [shown in Fig. 25], I'd had to combine the av of the final 2 words, GALACTIC COMMAND, I now recognised that the 8:7 configuration, such merged words would embody, could also infer [for the purposes of this investigation] the number 87

I therefore repeated the above calculation, now including the described inferred letter quota, 87 i.e. I expressed the numbers as the corresponding primes, 3p-6p-87p, and found their sum to be: 457 [= 3+11+443]. 

This result proved to be interesting because 457 is the 89th prime, and 89 can be expressed as the sum of 44 [which was the above sum of the first set of primes] and 45 which means that 89p can be represented as [44+45]p

And this juxtaposition of the 2 numbers, within the brackets, can infer 44.45 the exact value [in °] of the Yellowstone point's latitude, as illustrated below:- 

Fig. 26 

Having recognised that the values of the Yellowstone point's geographical coordinates can be derived, in the foregoing ways, from the Galactic group's name, within the text, it came to my attention that this data can also be found in just the first two words. Indeed it was evident that the ostensibly innocuous, THE ASHTAR, contained additional information as well and much of it was set out in an even more explicit manner than before. 

Knowing that the 110, derived from the word ranks of THE ASHTAR, had been linked to the av of GALACTIC COMMAND, 119, to construct the value of the point's meridian, I noticed that the latter number could have been inferred from the first two letters of ASHTAR i.e. they possess av's of 1 and 19, and as the letters are already juxtaposed it would be a simple matter to infer the cited 3-digit number from them. 

Furthermore, the letter positions of the A & S are 44 & 45, and as they're again juxtaposed already it's easy to infer, from them, 44.45, the latitude of the Yellowstone point [in °]. 

These remarkable relationships are illustrated below:- 

Fig. 27 

As I'd now recognised this key role of the letter positions of the A-S in ASHTAR, I wanted to know if any letters of the preceding word, THE, also contribute to the overall communication - and I found more than I'd bargained for. 

Firstly, having noted that the three letter positions are, 41-42-43, it was clear that their digits add up to 18 and I knew that when this is added to 33, the av of THE, we obtain: 51

But when this 51 is juxtaposed with 67, the av of the adjacent ASHTAR, we can infer 5167, which is the sequence of digits that occurs after the 110 [inferred from the same two words] in 110.5167 the exact value of the Yellowstone point's meridian [in °]

Secondly, having found that the cited 18 [the sum of the digits of THE's letter positions] links in two interesting ways to 11, the word rank of the following ASHTAR i.e. 1+8 + 1+1 = 11 & 18+11 = 11p; I wondered whether any relationship exists, between these numbers 18 and 11, that has a bearing on my investigation. 

I obtained a definitive answer to this question when I compared their product, 198 [= 18x11], to the product of the av's of the words, THE [= 33] and ASHTAR [= 67] i.e. 2211 [= 33x67] minus 198 equals 2013 the number that represents the current year! 

Furthermore, having produced this neat expression of 2013, it immediately looked authentic: THE ASHTAR comprises a 3-6 letter configuration, which can infer a 36, and we know that 36 years before 2013 was 1977, the year the TV broadcast took place. 

The foregoing relationships are displayed in the Fig. below [or can be inferred from it]:-

Fig. 28 

It was apparent, then, that the TV broadcast, of 1977, was, apart from anything else, making a subtle allusion, in the context of Yellowstone, to a time that was 36 years in the future: 2013. But we know, from my analysis of the Hackpen Hill circle, here, that when the two numbers are expressed as the corresponding primes [17159 & 17489] they differ by 330. It's therefore possible to say that, from the perspective of prime numbers, a 'journey' from 1977 to 2013 and back again [because it started and ended in 1977] would entail two lots of 330 i.e. 660

This is interesting because the av's of THE & ASHTAR are 33 & 20p [= 67], respectively, and the product of 33 and the inferred 20 is 660. But we also know that the broadcast was on the year's 330th day, and 330 is closely linked to the textual THE: it's the product of its av, 33, and word rank, 10 as illustrated below:- 

Fig. 29 

The mystery of 86

Over the long period that I've been probing texts [including those I've obtained from dreams] I've learned that invaluable information is often hidden within those elements that we tend to ignore - including spaces between the words and alphabetical letters that are missing, and the name now under scrutiny demonstrates the point well. 

We know that, by convention, we consider each letter of a word to occupy one space and, the words themselves, to be separated by one space. So if we now continue to examine the name in isolation from the rest of the text, we know that its letter quota will occupy 24 spaces and a total of 3 empty spaces will be placed between the four words involved, thus:- 


The numbers encountered here, associated with the two states of space [occupied and empty], 24 & 3, also differ in that the second, 3, is a prime and the first, 24, is not. 

But if we now express them as the 24th prime [= 83] and the 3rd prime [= 3], we find that their sum, 86, is tied to the text's numerical structure in a spectrum of ways, and my recognition of these convinced me that our attention is being drawn to it for some important reason. 

When 86 is expressed as the product of its prime factors, we obtain, 2px15p [= 2x43], which can infer 30 [= 2x15], and this also represents a clearly defined attribute of the text. Its letter pool derives from a section of the alphabet that starts with A and finishes with T and, within that interval, 6 letters are not used: BFJKPQ. So when these 6 missing letters are added to the 24 that are used, we obtain: 30

However, knowing that this 30 derived from the summation 24+6, I noted with interest that the av of the 6 missing letters is 62 [= 2+6+10+11+16+17] i.e. I could see that 24+62 is: 86

Furthermore, when I identified the 14 letter types the text employs [ACDEGHILMNORST], I found that their av, 148 [= 1+3+4+5+7+8+9+12+13+14+15+18+19+20], exceeds 62 by: 86

And knowing that these 14 letter types are in a 1-3-3-4-3 array of consecutive letter clusters [highlighted in black and red above] - whose product is 108 [= 1x3x3x4x3] - I was astonished to find that 108p [= 587] exceeds the 148 by 86p [i.e. 587 -148 = 439]

I then noted that the cited 108 can be expressed as the sum of 62 [the missing letters' av] and a factor that had had a key role in my earlier analysis, 46 [our cells' chromosome tally], and I found that the primes corresponding to these numbers, 62p & 46p, differ by: 86 [= 283-197]. 

I subsequently discovered a raft of other manifestations of this 86 but I see no point in citing them all here. However, I will describe one of these occurrences because it gives us a clue as to why our attention was being drawn to the number. 

Knowing that the 3-6 letter-configuration associated with the words THE ASHTAR can infer the number 36, which, when expressed in years, ties together 2013 and 1977, I was curious as to whether any meaningful relationship exists between this 36 and the words' total av, 100

The corresponding primes [100p & 36p] differed by 374 [= 523-149], and when I added this to 3367 [formed by juxtaposing the av's of THE & ASHTAR: 33 & 67] I produced 3741

Having first noted the novel fact that 374 and 3741 share the same 3-digit sequence, 3-7-4, I was surprised to discover that the larger number is also tied to 86 - but in a way that I hadn't identified before. It represents the sum of the first 86 positive integers: 1+2+…+85+86

A restatement of the threat

This apparent allusion to a list of numbers, ending in 86, proved to be exceedingly interesting because when I returned to the TV broadcast's full text, I found - in the 86th position - a word I'd already been drawn to: THREATENS. 

Furthermore, knowing that 86 [= 2px15p] is closely linked to the number 30 [= 2x15] it was now evident that the difference between these numbers, 56, is also of interest. I'd concluded [as stated earlier] that the word WARN was subtly drawing our attention to THREATENS, and WARN happens to be the 56th word 56 also being its av [= 23+1+18+14]. 

When I examined the numerical attributes of the word THREATENS, in its textual context, the nature of the threat to us, which I have described, was confirmed in a stunning manner, and the two main relationships, which define the longitude and latitude of the Yellowstone point [in °], are set out below:- 

Fig. 30 

The figure also embodies other relevant information, and I've summarised it below. 

The 14 '+' 9 can infer 149, the 36th prime. And we know that from 1977 to 2013 is 36 years. 

THREATENS can be split into 3 parts: THREATENS, where T & E are the repeated letters. This is a 5-2-2 configuration and if the cited 149 is added to the inferred 522 we produce 671. But the product of 671 and 3 [the No. of parts the word is split into] is 2013

An extra-terrestrial signature

The two repeated letters, when placed in the correct alphabetical order, are illuminating: ET. I therefore wondered if a special relationship is being hinted at here. 

The av's of T & E are, 20 & 5, and 5 non-repeated letters precede them and 2 follow them - which comprise the same non-zero digits. And as the word's final four letters, which include the TE, spell out the word TENS, I noted that 5x2 is TEN while 20x5 is TEN TENS i.e. 100. I then realised that 10+100 yields the av of the word, 110, and this seemed significant. 

I also suspected that 1000 [= 10x100] had a role to play and after I'd totalled the word's nine position values, 347-348-349-350-351-352-353-354-355 3159 I realised that it did. 

I first noted that 522p [522 being the number I'd inferred from the 5-2-2 configuration], 3733, exceeds 3159 by 574, where the latter is the product of 14 & 41, two numbers I'd encountered in the analysis depicted in Fig. 30. 

But I then discovered that the 574th prime, 4159, exceeds the 3159 by 1000, the very number I'd been pondering over. And it was clear that both of these manifestations of 1000 are tied to the expression THREATENS. 

As my investigation of the relationship between ET and the rest of the word had yielded both a 110 [= 10+100, which is also the word's av] and a 1000 [= 10x100], I wondered if their sum - 1110 - has a role in the communication, and this did lead me to something special

When I multiplied the 1110 by 9, the word's letter quota, I obtained - 9990 - and this proved to have an extraordinary relationship with 3159, the cited sum of the letters' position values. 

Their sum, 13149, is the number of days separating 26 November 1977 & 26 November 2013 [= 365x36 + 9 (the leap years)]. 

But within THREATENS the TE had occupied positions 6 & 7, whose sum is: 13. And these letters were followed immediately by N & S, letters whose respective av's are 14 & 9p [= 19].  

And when the 13 is juxtaposed with the 14 and the inferred 9, we produce - 13149 - a second inferred manifestation of the number that represents, in days, the above described timespan. 

Furthermore, knowing that the two letters that contributed the final digits of this new 13149, N and S, have intimate links with meridians, which are great circles that cut the N & S poles, I had every expectation that the arrangement I was now examining would embody yet another feasible way of generating the value [in °] of the meridian through the Yellowstone point, and I soon realised that it was so obvious that I'd overlooked it. 

I'd noted earlier that the pivotal letter pair, TE, is closely linked to the number 100 [= 20x5]. So when this 100 is added to 67, which can be inferred from the above cited letter positions that are defined within the word [as opposed to within the whole text] we produce 167

But we know that, within the word, 5 letters precede those that yielded this 167 [i.e. TE], and the juxtaposition of these two numbers can infer the now familiar 5167 the 689th prime.

[Note: remarkably, the sum of 167 and the inferred 522, previously described, is also 689]. 

This means, then, that when the av of THREATENS, 110, is juxtaposed with the 5 & 167 that are also closely tied to its first seven letters, we define the value [in °W] of a line, through the Yellowstone point, that cuts the N & S poles of the planet 110.5167 and the remaining two letters of the word are N and S. 

And if we now reverse the order of the above computational procedure i.e. we start with the 7-lettered expression THREATE [which is devoid of the 'NS', which defines a meridian] and end with the 9-lettered THREATENS, we expose another familiar Yellowstone line. 

THREATE's 5 & 167 are the 4th & 40th primes, and the inferred 4 & 40 add up to 44

But when the letters of THREATENS are numbered 1 to 9, the sum of those labels is 45

And the juxtaposition of 44 and 45 can infer, of course, 44.45. 

These final links between the word, its TE, and the Yellowstone point's accurate geographical coordinates are illustrated below:- 

Fig. 31 

I considered my identification of the set of relationships that emerged from our recognition of the key role played by the word's sole repeated letters, E & T, to be of particular significance for two reasons. 

Firstly, the relationships constitute a clear statement that our ET friends are the authors of the profoundly important information I have exposed, including the precise location of the site in Wyoming and the imminent danger it poses to our civilisation. 

Secondly, the relationships prove beyond a minuscule shadow of a doubt that my analyses of the sources I've employed, or alluded to, in this presentation are sound as are my deductions. 


There would be no point in warning mankind about an approaching global catastrophe if we were not in a position to respond to that information in a constructive way. And as it would be impossible for us to stop a supervolcanoe, such as Yellowstone, erupting we have to ask: why have we been told, repeatedly, that that is about to happen? 

I don't have time to provide the full answer to that question, here, but it's evident that the ET's who have been communicating with us are delivering a blunt message.

We are capable of stopping this doomsday situation, and others like it on the horizon, and we are prepared to do so, but mankind must first accede to our ultimatum - and this must happen in a very short timeframe. The countdown begins on November 26, 2013.


Choose wisely and you'll enter a new era of fulfilment, leaving your barbaric past behind you. 

A list of demands was cleverly woven into the fabric of the TV broadcast - of 26 Nov', 1977 - and they will be published, in due course, but high on the agenda is the abandonment of our nuclear programmes, together with the decommissioning and destruction of every explosive, nuclear device that can be found. The current spotlight on the nation of Iran will be exposed for the farce that it is. 

So we are now being offered a lifeline - but if those individuals who purport to represent the people of the world do not move quickly we'll soon be confronted with the barely imaginable consequences of a colossal supervolcanoe's unbridled eruption. 

© Neil Hudson Newman MSc. [Construction Management] 26 November, 2013

Author of: Les Sentiers des Dieux, Pathways of the Gods [2000] 


Note: there are contentious areas of this document and in certain places I've used internet sources to identify words that were difficult to understand in the YouTube recording. However, I'm satisfied that the first 240 words are correct, including two in the first sentence, Gramaha and Ashtar, which are represented differently in some sources [although I can't understand why]. 

This is the voice of Gramaha a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command speaking to you

For many years you have seen us as lights in the skies

We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over this your planet Earth

We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world so that you may communicate to your fellow beings the course you must take to avoid the disaster which threatens your world and the beings on our worlds around you

This is in order that you may share in the great awakening as the planet passes into a New Age of Aquarius

The New Age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that can overshadow their judgements

Be still now and listen for your chance may not come again

All your weapons of evil must be removed

The time for conflict is now past and the race of which you are a part may proceed to the higher stages of its evolution if you show yourselves worthy to do this

You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace and goodwill

Small groups all over the planet are learning this and exist to pass on the light of the dawning New Age to you all

You are free to accept or reject their teachings but only those who learn to live in peace will pass to the higher realms of spiritual evolution

Hear now the voice of Gramaha a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command speaking to you

Be aware also that there are many false prophets and guides that are operating on your world

They will suck your energy from you the energy you call money and will put it to evil ends and give you worthless dross in return

Your inner divine self will protect you from this

You must learn to be sensitive to the voice within that can tell you what is truth and what is confusion chaos and untruth

Learn to listen to the voice of truth which is within you and you will lead yourselves onto the path of evolution

This is our message to our dear friends

We have watched you growing for many years as you too have watched our lights in your skies

You know now that we are here and that there are more beings on and around your Earth than your scientists admit

We are deeply concerned about you and your path towards the light and will do all we can to help you

Have no fear seek only to know yourselves and live in harmony with the ways of your planet Earth

We of the Ashtar Galactic Command thank you for your attention

We are now leaving the planes of your existence

May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the cosmos


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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