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As I write this, I believe that the crop circle season is just about finished as the farmers are working tirelessly day and night to bring in the harvest whilst this wonderful summer weather continues. I understand that it is expected to be a good harvest; good news after the poor one they suffered last year.
However I make this statement with reservations as often a circle has often surprised us and appeared just when we were packing everything away and directing our thoughts and energies elsewhere such as preparing for after season talks and going over the past weeks in our minds.
What sort of summer has it been? I can't pretend that it hasn't been disappointing in many ways and from several angles. Not only did the season start late; the beginning of June which has only been matched by one other year, 2006,  when the first circle to appear was at Overton on the 10th June. Secondly the scarcity of circles must have disappointed many visitors to our shores. People who spent money on travel, lodging, car rental, food etc only to find there were no circles or maybe only one that they were able to visit during their time.  
However as the weeks went by, more circles graced our fields and certain farmers generously opened their fields to the `Croppies`. In particular I would like to thank David Hughes (opposite Silbury Hill) and the Hussey's , the latter having had 3 circles on their land at Hackpen. Donations to compensate for the loss and damage to the crop, were collected at the edge of the field. This worked perfectly as Paul Jacobs (who was collecting the donations for the farmers) was able to direct the visitors into the field, pointing them exactly to where the circle was so that they were able to follow the tramlines into the circle without any further damage to the crop.
The last circle at Hackpen, the lovely single necklace was only harvested at the end of last week.  Gill Hussey told me that when she went into the field just prior to harvesting, she found swirls and patterns in the centre. I don't think anyone knew about these additions as no photographs were taken.
However not all farmers were happy to let people on to their land and indeed several unfortunately had bad experiences this summer. Notably the kind farmer at Marden who had a circle on his land and who agreed to `see how it went` but that if there were any problems he would take it out.  A notice was put up on the Crop Circle Connecter asking people NOT to park in the little village thereby the blocking entrances to peoples' houses.
I went in with a group the day after it appeared, we parked in the lane and walked to the circle as did Barbara Lamb and her group. However I was dismayed to learn that several days later it had been harvested out as an overseas group had indeed parked in the village blocking several entrances including the farmer's. Who can blame him and sadly I fear we will have lost a willing farmer in the future.   
Many people ask me which was my favourite circle. That I can answer without hesitation and it may surprise you---- it was the delightfully simple little nine ringed circle that arrived during the excellent and friendly Marlborough conference the night of  6th July after Peter Knight had taken a group up to the West Kennet Long Barrow for a special ceremony and meditation.


There is a lovely story behind this circle which I will write about later in my yearly round up.  The circle could be seen walking down from the long barrow and was over a mile from the road along the ancient Ridgeway which extends from Avebury to Ivinghoe Beacon, Buckinghamshire, 87 miles away.
Not many people visited this circle as it was such a trek, so remote and so difficult to find. In a way it seemed to me to be a magical circle, only showing itself to certain people. The moment I entered I sensed music. Wanting to know more, I sent my photograph of this formation to my friend and colleague, polymath Jim Lyons and was not surprised when he wrote back telling me that this circle was full of information ranging from certain numbers involved being a major tone on the diatonic scale to `all the key numbers of the evolution of the cosmos`  being neatly embedded in this formation with a whole lot of additional information in between (to be written up in my yearly article).
Finally I would like to thank everyone who kindly sent me donations; you have no idea how much they are appreciated as they allow me not only to continue with my important research but to record and bring the images to people all over the world. I am deeply grateful. Please continue to support me.
With my very best wishes to you all.



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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