Do we wish to learn how to fly across space, even if the source of information remains taboo in academia?  

Part IX. The crop artists tell us that they can twist space so as to generate wormholes or spacecraft propulsion, using “magnetic vector potential A” in a fashion similar to the Bohm-Aharonov effect (but much stronger)  

“You were meant to have acquired an ability to leave the planet by now. But you are still trapped here. You may be irretrievably lost. This is of absolutely fundamental importance, because the Earth will soon be unable to support you, and yet you will not be able to leave”---a paranormal visitor speaking to Whitley Streiber in 1998

For the past 22 years (1990-2012), summer agricultural fields in England, Europe or the USA, as well as winter agricultural fields in Brazil, Mexico or Argentina, have been receiving images of a mysterious and often technical nature. Most serious researchers believe that those images are being produced by a coalition of benevolent extra-terrestrial races, who wish to raise up our human societies, both spiritually and scientifically, while keeping a safe distance from us.  

For example, the crop artists keep showing us images of “spacetime wormholes” or “triangular UFOs”, even though we cannot make such advanced devices here on Earth (yet). Those extra-terrestrial races certainly know how open up wormholes for spacetime travel, or how to use magnetic energies for spacecraft propulsion. What might they know in terms of fundamental physics, which we do not?  

Here I will try to extract some useful information on that subject from a series of crop circle archives (see   or or  ). Perhaps there will be an open-minded academic or industrial researcher somewhere, who would like to learn what the extra-terrestrials are doing? Crop circles remain “taboo” in most Western societies. No one is allowed to discuss them freely on any major news channel, even while increasing numbers of extra-terrestrial craft fly through our skies!  

Hard factual evidence for paranormal crop pictures was summarized in 2011 (see time2012a), while some of their clever intellectual puzzles were described in a related article (see time2012b). In this new series from 2012, we have been studying what crop pictures can teach us about magnetism or novel magnetic energy devices. Those devices seem to be used commonly among extra-terrestrial races, even though we do not know how to build such devices ourselves (see fringe2012a or fringe2012c or fringe2012g). To ignore or dismiss crop-based images, based solely on concerns of “taboo”, would be stupid in the extreme. We cannot afford to be stupid while the Earth’s ecosystem is deteriorating, and we may soon (in this century) need to leave.  

“Wormhole” images in crops: what are their technical capabilities?  

During the summer of 2006, we saw a whole variety of “spacetime wormhole” images in crops. Four of those are shown schematically in the diagram below:  

The image at upper left shows a two-wormhole “Roman ring” used for time travel. The image at upper right shows a four-wormhole “Roman ring” used for time travel, with two of its four wormholes active. The image at lower left shows a “ringhole”, which is a topologically stabilized “wormhole”. The image at lower right shows two “wormholes” joining with one another across curved space and time, using their narrow “pinch junctions”.  

Our theoretical physicists on Earth have already worked out what “wormholes” can do, in principle, but they cannot understand how to build one. They have talked about using super-massive black holes, negative energy, or other implausible schemes. The true path to this novel technology seems to be far simpler than anyone on Earth would have supposed: you use a little-studied aspect of magnetism called “magnetic vector potential A”.  

First I will explain some of the basic science behind “magnetic vector potential A”, then I will describe what the extra-terrestrial races seem to be doing with it, as shown in crops. We cannot be sure that every crop picture is paranormal in origin: some are man-made. In order to deal with this unwanted difficulty, I have adopted a statistical approach, where the same scientific theme needs to appear in several different crop pictures (or collections of crop pictures) in more than one summer season, before it can be accepted.  

What is magnetic vector potential A and how does it “twist space”?  

Now the hard science starts. Crop circle enthusiasts, do not stop reading! You should be able to understand fairly well, just by looking at the pictures. If the crop artists had wished to show us complex mathematics, they would have done so.  

The most basic form of “magnetic vector potential A” shows up in the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, which is used in almost every electrical motor on Earth. Suppose we have a magnetic field B which runs vertically, as shown on the lower left below. Then magnetic vector potential A is just a “twist of space” which encircles that B field horizontally:  

For example (as shown on the right-hand side), if we apply a voltage “Vin” to a rectangle of conducting metal, it will induce an electric current J through a nearby coil of wire, which wraps around one side of the rectangle. That current J will produce in turn a magnetic field B, which runs vertically up along the wire coil. Such a field may even extend to the other side of the rectangle, where it will run vertically down. Now surrounding that “invisible” magnetic field B will be a similarly invisible field of “magnetic vector potential A”, where space has been “twisted”. If we run a thick wire inside of the far side of that rectangle, a new electric current will be induced. That is (in part) because mobile electrons in the thick wire will move circularly in space, due to a field produced by magnetic vector potential A.  

Next let us explain the nature of “magnetic vector potential A” using an even simpler analogy, of water running down a drain (see Suppose we set up a big tank of water with a drain at one end, then run vertical waves of water past the drain, while water is flowing down through it at various speeds:  

For v = 0.0 we see only vertical waves, since the drain is not flowing. For v = 0.5 we see that waves on top have been shifted horizontally relative to waves on the bottom. For v = 2.5 or 3.0, the entire region of water around that drain has become twisted like a vortex, and there are more waves on top than bottom.  

Scientists on Earth have already studied a weak form of magnetic vector potential A in terms of the Bohm-Aharonov effect (see or There uncharged particles (say neutrons) move slightly forward or backward in space, as they go past a vertical magnetic field B:  

The bright green circles represent “magnetic vector potential A”, which twists space to make particles move differently (with different quantum mechanical phases).  

The crop artists seem to suggest that magnetic vector potential A, when produced in a much stronger form, can twist space so as to open up “wormholes”  

We saw above how magnetic vector potential A, when it gets strong enough, creates a vortex like for water flowing down a drain. Indeed, when the extra-terrestrial crop artists showed us a series of “wormhole” crop pictures in 2006, they also showed us an image of “magnetic vector potential A” and how it twists space:  

On two other occasions in 1995, those crop artists drew the image of a “magnetic field” next to a “spacetime wormhole”, sometimes on the same day and in the same field (say at East Meon):  

The crop artists have not actually sent us a text message in English saying: “You should use magnetic vector potential A to open up spacetime wormholes!” Yet by studying many of their field images, as described above, the suggestion is certainly implied.

The Einstein-Cartan theory of “twist” or “torsion” in spacetime   

An astute reader might be wondering now: if extra-terrestrial physicists have made so much progress by studying “twist” or “torsion” in spacetime, which is associated with a magnetic field B, what might our human physicists here on Earth have to say about the subject? Einstein in 1928 became very concerned about twist or torsion in spacetime, because a new phenomenon of “intrinsic spin” for subatomic particles had just been discovered. His theory of gravity from 1916, called “general relativity”, only allows spacetime to curve, not to twist. Later in 1928 he learned that spacetime might be twisting everywhere on a small scale by “spin”!  

Today we would say that the “collective spin” of many different subatomic particles creates a vertical “magnetic field B”, and also creates a horizontal “magnetic vector potential A”, where nearby space is induced to twist in a similar fashion.  

The Einstein-Cartan theory of 1928 was therefore an attempt to include twist or torsion within his “curved spacetime” model for gravity (see  

It seems obvious that those extra-terrestrial crop artists know about the “twist of spacetime”, if we compare their field image of July 22, 2006 at Chartley Castle (see to a diagram of twisted spacetime from Earth physics (see above). For whatever reason, subsequent generations of physicists have not paid much attention to twisted spacetime, except in the study of cosmological wormholes (see It seems not to have occurred to anyone, that very strong magnetic fields might produce laboratory-sized wormholes?  

Personally I do not know whether this specific suggestion will prove true or not. I am only trying to report accurately on what extra-terrestrial crop artists have been showing us in the fields. We do know that they can make small, low-energy wormholes, because such phenomena have been witnessed sometimes by crop circle researchers, or even videotaped in the sky over newly-made crop pictures. At Crabwood in 2002, they called such wormholes “conduits” between one spacetime and another.  

One would have to be a narrow-minded fundamentalist not to pay attention to what is happening in southern England, or sometimes elsewhere in the world, where researchers often find strong interference with cameras or compasses due to residual magnetic fields (see for example  ). In other words, what was claimed about “crop circles” in Physics World 2011 (see or by American physicist Michio Kaku on nationwide TV (see was factually incorrect. Because the subject matter is so important, those erroneous conclusions should be either revised and/or retracted.  

Can we use magnetic vector potential A for “spacecraft propulsion”? If we create a circular magnetic field B, where does magnetic vector potential A flow?  

Now let us return to the main theme of this article. If a strong twist in space can create “wormholes”, can we use that same twist in space to generate “propulsion”? If we wrap a magnetic field B into the shape of a torus, as shown on the right below, then its flux will travel circularly around the ring.  Meanwhile, magnetic vector potential A will flow in a focused fashion up the centre of the ring:  

As the result of making a circular magnetic field B, its magnetic vector potential A will not just “twist space” locally, but also will “push space” like for a jet or rocket engine. Thus it might conceivably be used for spacecraft propulsion.  

We can see almost the same images from a series of crop pictures in 1995. There we can see the “magnetic field B of a torus”, with a flux of energy emerging above, to suggest “magnetic vector potential A”:  

Below we can see the usual “wormhole” image, which is associated with magnetic vector potential A from a single, linear magnetic field B.  

Triangular UFOs and their toroidal magnetic fields as shown in crops  

Another set of crop pictures from the summer of 1998 showed the magnetic field B of a torus, again with magnetic vector potential A going up the centre of a ring:  

Closely associated with those two crop pictures (in the same field at Danebury, and on the same day) was a “wormhole” image, as would be produced by a single, linear magnetic field. There is no doubt that the crop artists wish us to associate that “wormhole” image with two other “magnetic” crop pictures, shown in the same field on the same day.  

Where might all of this be leading? Four days later on August 6, 1998, we saw in crops the spectacular image of a “triangular UFO”  It showed at its base the same “magnetic field of a torus” as was drawn in crops at Danebury on August 2, 1998:  

The crop artists were informing us, by this series of four drawings, exactly how their UFO propulsion systems work. They set up a powerful, toroidal magnetic field at one (or three) corners of the triangular spacecraft, then they send magnetic vector potential A down through the centre of each toroidal ring, so as to “push space” like for a jet or rocket engine.  

Three different images of “triangular UFOs” were drawn in crops that year, while many triangular UFOs were seen flying through our skies:  

One of those UFOs was given the humorous image in crops of a “sting ray” from Earth’s oceans! I don’t think they wish to scare us.

Policeman Herbert Schirmer in 1967 was taken aboard a landed UFO in Nebraska, and given a guided tour of its propulsion system, which he later sketched in detail. He was told that the saucer-shaped UFO flew using “electrically reversible magnetism”:  

We can see that his saucer-shaped UFO was also powered by a toroidal magnetic field, similar to that drawn in crops during the summer of 1998. The magnetic fields used in these spacecraft engines would be very strong: enough to dim house lights nearby, or to shut off automobile engines (see or ).  

Two other sets of crop pictures near Danebury in 1995 or Honey Street in 2011 showed similar “rings of magnets”, with a vertical flux of energy (“magnetic vector potential A”) going up through their centres. Do such rings of magnets need to be spinning as for a flywheel? That possibility remains open to experiment.  

Other crop pictures from 2007 show a spacecraft going through a “ringhole”   

There have been many crop pictures from 1990 to 2012 relevant to these subjects, but we have already made the essential point.  

During the summer of 2007, we first saw a “wormhole” crop picture on May 23, then we saw the complex image of a cylinder-shaped UFO going through a “ringhole” on June 29:  

Two small “angular shapes” in their June 29 crop picture suggest two different “event horizons”, a detail which would only be known to a few physicists on Earth.  

On the same date near Oxford, the crop artists drew “two linked wormholes” in order to complete the picture, and to emphasize that each end of a spacetime travel device has its own separate wormhole.  

“Magnetic flux tubes” as used on a small scale or as drawn in crops  

We will close Part IX with a decidedly odd story, which may challenge your suspension of disbelief. Long-term crop circle researcher Jack Sullivan saw strange, cylindrically-shaped images appear on his car windshield, on several occasions while he was visiting the crop circles (see time2010r). At the same time, several small parts of his car were broken, while his road compass was disrupted. It was just as if some unknown intruder had entered his parked, locked car through the glass windshield using a magnetic field!  

I did not take this bizarre story too seriously, until we saw a similar image drawn in crops at Horton on June 21, 2008:

Soon we recognized the cylindrical shape as a “magnetic flux tube”, which has often been suggested as a means of wormhole-related space travel. These observations suggest that the crop artists can use magnetism also on small scale, where they can create “magnetic flux tubes”. I would be surprised if the small metallic spheres, which are sometimes seen or photographed near crop circles, did not use magnetism for propulsion purposes.  

Will any scientists on Earth take up the challenge of using magnetism for purposes of “wormholes” or “propulsion”?  

The crop artists want to help our human societies here on Earth, even if (for reasons of their own personal safety) they cannot land. Our military agencies are truly paranoid, and would attack any friendly visitors from space within minutes, while telling everyone that they prevented an “alien invasion”. Yet those extra-terrestrials do not actually have to land, in order for us to put some of their novel inventions into practice. Will any scientists on Earth take up the challenge of using magnetism for purposes of “wormholes” or “propulsion”?  

Unfortunately our academics are bound, somewhat stupidly, into treating UFOs or crop circles as “social taboo”:  

The word “taboo” was first noted by explorer James Cook in 1777 when he visited Tonga, and saw irrational practices of the natives there (see Crop circles are similarly “taboo” in modern Western societies, which pretend to be open-minded and liberal. Our societies are definitely not open-minded or liberal. It is just one big hypocrisy. Don’t discuss crop circles in public, don’t let anybody write about them in mainstream newspapers, and especially don’t let anyone show them on TV!

Academic scientists believe that they are smarter than other people, too smart to be duped by some stupid “taboo”. Evidently that is not the case. It depends on how you define “intelligence”. They are certainly no smarter than the typical crop-circle researcher in practical matters. The researcher has it right, while they have it wrong. Nor is it for lack of physical evidence that they have failed to think clearly (see for example or   or  ).  

Three reasons for “cognitive narrowing” among modern academics  

Personally I think there are three reasons why most academic scientists refuse to accept the broad factual evidence for paranormal UFOs or crop circles. First they are some of the world's most conservative people, would never wish to disobey “authority”, and would find it very hard to believe that Western governments have been lying to them about UFOs and crop circles for 60 or 20 years respectively. Secondly they spend long years to specialize in some arcane subject, which hardly anyone else knows, and have big (huge) egos as a result. They find it almost impossible to believe that a bunch of non-academic, spiritually minded people with little academic training could be right about such an important matter, which is more important than anything they will do in their entire lives (through grants, meetings or journal papers), while all of them could be wrong. Thirdly if any of them do dare to express the truth, their "peers" will censure them, or even try to run them out of science (like for John Mack at Harvard).  

Currently the USA, UK and most European countries are “going backward” in terms of science and technology, whereas China is “going forward” in many fields of technology, whether for spacecraft propulsion, solar energy, or biotechnology. Perhaps that is where our human race will first learn to use the power of magnetism to its full extent? To build new devices for clean energy or space transportation? Naturally we would like to favour the Western societies in which we live, but if they refuse to move forward, like leading a “horse to water” and having him “refuse to drink”, then it will be done somewhere else. Galileo once tried to advance the intellectual culture of Italy, but they were stupid and narrow-minded, so the great advances of science came later in northern Europe or England (with Kepler or Newton).  

Not much time left 

To summarize, we need to learn to how to make wormholes, and how to fly efficiently through space, by 2030 or at the very latest by 2050. Our ecosystem is deteriorating. The planet will not be able to support seven billion humans for much longer (see for example This is probably what the crop artists meant when they wrote in English (ASCII code) in 2002:  

“Much pain but still time. Believe, there is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing.”  

There is no (zero) doubt that the crop artists use “conduits” or magnetically-induced wormholes for many different purposes. They have shown us in principle how to make one, and that is the physics which I have tried to explain here, to the best of my ability, when dealing with advanced extra-terrestrial science that is not easy to understand. Often in the crops we see “magnetic fields”, “wormholes” or “rings of magnets” which show a “flux of energy” going up through their centres. Those general facts cannot be denied. If other scientists can come up with better specific explanations, of how magnetism might be used to create wormholes or spacecraft propulsion, based on the crop images shown here (or others), they would certainly be welcome and encouraged to do so.                                                                                                                                                                      

P.S. Part X of this series will discuss quantum magnetism or electricity, in terms of well-defined topologies which seem to exist in four or five dimensions, and are related to particle “spin”. This may be why the crop artists showed us a five-dimensional cube in projection at Jubilee Plantation on August 15, 2011, to say that “you need to study such phenomena in five dimensions”.

Appendix 1. If Einstein were alive today, would he be studying crop circles to learn “new physics”? 

Recently we have seen a series of news stories, which explain how $20 billion was spent on large particle colliders at CERN. Yet out of that vast sum of expenditure, the expert scientists involved have found no “new physics” (see higgs-standard-model-boson or new-higgs-result-bring-reliefand-disappointment or higgs-boson-is-too-saintly-and-supersymmetry-too-shy). Not to discount the excellent technological skills of those physicists, but could they have taken too narrow of an approach?

In Physics Today of June 2005, Lee Smolin asked “why is there no new Einstein?” (see He concluded that most professional physicists were somewhat narrow-minded, and did not appreciate the kind of intellectual diversity which an outsider like Einstein had to offer. To which I will add: “If Einstein were alive today, would he be studying crop circles?”   


Many studies of crop-circle geometry have already been made by non-physicists (see or In addition, I have explained how some crop circles show a new science of electricity and magnetism, which enables UFOs to fly, or spacetime wormholes to be opened.  

A few crop circles specifically address Einstein’s theory of special relativity. They seem to support a certain formulation of it in terms of hyperbolic space (see or I will show a few of those “relativistic” crop pictures here.  

The last two crop pictures from a “wormhole” series in 2006 were not understood at the time, but can easily be interpreted as “hyperbolic cubes”:  

Two other examples of hyperbolic geometry in crops are shown below, in comparison to the Poincaré hyperbolic disc: 

During the summer of 2003, the crop artists showed us an illustration of hyperbolic space, as it enters into the theory of special relativity (see  

Their first crop picture on June 5, 2003 was meant to help us interpret the latter one on July 18, 2003. There they told us in visual language: “Our next image will show a certain kind of cube”.  

Their second picture on July 18, 2003 showed a hyperbolic cube inside of a circle or sphere. Six small “clocks” of constant time were drawn around the outside of the sphere. When we enter hyperbolic space, the sphere around that cube becomes what is called a “null geodesic”.  

By the term “null geodesic”, we mean that a sphere of light has expanded equally in all directions x, y or z from an origin (0, 0, 0) during some time t. Inside of the sphere, all physical objects follow hyperbolic paths as they move forward through space xyz and time t (see Mathematical_transformations). This is why the crop artists drew a “cube” inside of the “sphere”, with all six of its edges distorted into hyperbolic paths. 

Mathematicians call it a “null sphere”, because clock time t remains constant as space location xyz changes. This is the meaning of the abstract equation shown in the slide above.  

In summary, the crop artists seem to be saying that we should re-formulate Einstein’s theory of relativity in terms of hyperbolic space. Some physicists on Earth have already done this (see Hyperbolic_motion_(relativity) or One interesting corollary is that the large-scale structure of the Universe might also be hyperbolic (see or expanduniverse). That would explain why the Hubble constant does not remain “constant” over large redshifts, without requiring an additional hypothesis of “dark energy”.  

One of Einstein’s biggest worries was how to explain a “cosmological constant” of how the Universe might be expanding (see Cosmological_constant). The crop artists seem to have addressed that problem directly. Yes, if Einstein were alive today, he would probably be studying crop circles to learn “new physics”, since he had an open mind.

Appendix 2. Could the “ghost of Einstein” be speaking to us from English fields? A crop picture in 2012 showed “rotation through hyperbolic space”  

While studying last summer’s crop pictures, I noticed that the top of a star tetrahedron, which was drawn near Liddington Castle on July 1, 2012, projects upward to show a “hyperbolic triangle” (see or Hyperbolic Geometry):                                                                                                                                                                                         

Inside of that hyperbolic triangle, we can see a series of “curved spacetime grid lines”. It appeared in a very muddy field, where thick mud would stick to the bottom of your shoes, or to the plants, while walking through it. Yet all of its undisturbed parts remained clean, high and fluffy off the ground.  

The original aerial photographs of that crop picture suggest “rotation” about its central hyperbolic axis, using details which are not as apparent in these line drawings (see wanboroughplain2012a or wanboroughplain2012b). Phase II on July 21, 2012 was seemingly meant to represent a 60o rotation away from the first image shown in Phase I on July 1, 2012.

By the theory of special relativity, any rotation in hyperbolic space is equivalent to changing from one frame of reference to another, while observing the same spacetime interval (see Mathematical transformations). Who else could be making these amazing crop pictures, except for an expert in advanced physics? Those people who believe in a spiritual world after death might even imagine that the “ghost of Einstein” is speaking to us from English fields. Or, of course, we could be receiving lessons in science from spacefaring extra-terrestrials.

Appendix 3. The complete set of crop pictures from near Liddington Castle in July 2012 showed a 3-D cube passing through the 2-D plane of a field, and suggests a deeper meaning for the ancient symbol known as “Metatron’s cube”  

When we studied the complete series of crop pictures more thoroughly, with regard to higher-dimensional spaces, we realized that they show ”slices” or intersections of a 3-D cube passing through the 2-D plane of a field, from some unknown hyperbolic space into our own: 

These images also seem to provide a deeper meaning for the ancient symbol known as “Metatron’s cube” (see Metatron's_Cube), which has not been known before on Earth in our modern history.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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