Circles of Power II: 

by Carlos Alberto Yates

Basically, the theory is summarized as follows: there are above our planet, according to the Doctrine of Christian Rationalism, 5 types of planets; therefore, I deduce we are the 6th. However, there is one more retrograde than our planet, according to my studies, and that is why I call it the 7th, or primitive. These 7 types of planets evolve linked, configuring a series of seven planets and relate to other 2 series, also with 7 closer planets, totaling 21 planets. We can notice that in the big "8" of August 8, 2008 there are 21 different worlds in each "ring". In addition, we have the inner worlds to the "ring" and the external ones, represented by the dashes, adding 42 more worlds, also hierarchical. There, the worlds are represented intertwined 3 by 3, that is, each type relates to the same type of two more different series totaling three series. Therefore, we have three primitive worlds, one of each series, the three class-6 worlds, one of each series up to the 3 more evolved worlds, hierarchically arranged in each "ring". The spirit that builds the crop circles scrambles this information and presents it to us in a different way every time to make us think, because they are teachers and we are students. We, here on Earth, already have the basis for responses to the crop circles, because it would be unwise of them to give us issues that we could not yet resolve. The crop circles unite the spiritualist philosophy to ufology, showing us the galactic planetary organization and probably universal. There are crop circles that remit us to material science, which are revealed, and that remit us to the spiritual science that was not disclosed until now. Every and any planet in the universe, where there is intelligent life, is a place for reincarnation for the spirits to make their evolution through learning in innumerous successive lives. There are worlds that are the 3 more evolved types of each series of 7 or 6 worlds, in which there is no longer life in the material form, existing only spiritual life. When the opportune time arrives, the class-6 planet encounters a class-7 world, and then this planet evolves until it becomes a class-6 planet, and contacts a new class-7 planet ... and this is an evolutionary law. This can be seen in study # 17 "A logical message in a beautiful design" about the great Milk Hill formation of August 2001. Let it be clear that the Doctrine of Christian Rationalism is a pure philosophy and from the reading I do of the crop circles with their parameters, is when this theory engraved in these textbooks that I present to those who study this, draw their conclusions. Aware of every planetary evolutionary, we have the 33 spiritual classes that evolve in our universe and that they perform, with their work, planetary evolution, whereas the first 17 spiritual categories make progress mandatorily reincarnating for the development of the 11 attributes of the spirit.

Carlos Alberto Yates                 A special thanks to Lucy Pringle.

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E 52) The 12 “Petals” of April 2012:

In April, this crop circle appeared in Hill Barn, nr East Kennett, Wiltshire in England. It’s a false crop circle.

  E 53) The 14 Worlds:

In April we also had this crop circle above in the town of Yarnbury Castle, Nr Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire.

We see in the picture above that there are 7 equal parts among themselves and another 7 equal parts among themselves, totaling 14 parts, which to me means that they represent the two series of seven planets that evolve more closely linked. We see that there is an outer circle, of folded cereal, which to me represents the most evolved planet that dominates the 2 series, that is, a 1st class planet or of Pure Light. The intact cereal cap that stands out also represents a 1st class planet and dominates its series, but it leans against the command of the Planet referred to previously, because this one, for being more evolved, dominates, besides its series of seven planets, the other series of 7 planets as well. As we have seen in my studies, we see that there are 3 series that evolve more closely, even this is represented in the large "8" of August 2008, and that is why there must be, in this case, besides these two series with their dominant world, one more series, and this one has the 1st class world that it dominates besides its own series, both the other two series. However, this series of greater evolution appears in the design. There is hierarchy in the evolutionary march of the planets, and the more evolved ones coordinate those less evolved. This is what is represented here. In addition, the planets are complementary, that is, what is lacking in one is not in the other, in terms of evolutionary resources for the spirit. The 7 types of planets, in decreasing order of evolution are 3 of only spiritual life: 1st world of Pure Light, 2nd Diaphanous world, 3rd Intermediate or White world, these of greater evolution. Those of still material life: 4th opaque world, 5th dense or materialized world, 6th School world and, if the series already has 7 planets, we have the 7th world, or the primitive world.

We see that even the way of making the designs reflects an evolutionary process, because they always start in the year with simple designs.

E 73) Crop circle of May 2011 in Padova, Italy: 

As we can see, and based on what I have been structuring in my studies, we might have the two following representations in the design above:

A) We have the 5 first types of worlds grouped, that is, more externally on the 2 “tips”, the worlds of Pure Light (1st), and on the opposite tip, the Diaphanous world (2nd). Just below the first mentioned world, we have, again, to the left, the Intermediate or White world (3rd) and on the same line again on the opposite side, the opaque world (4th), below the 2nd mentioned world. Now, on the same line of those 2 listed above the center, on the same centerline of theirs, the dense or materialized world (5th), originating, and a line from the longitudinal center to the design. Below, on the same longitudinal centerline, we have the school world (6th), and finally more externally, we have the primitive world (7th).

B) In the second analysis, we could, if we had an "inverted" way to study this design, being the outermost planet more to the right, the Pure Light one (1st), and the one that is placed between it and the group of the other five, would be the Diaphanous category planet (2nd). The one in the center, but on the same centerline of the other 2 outermost, joining the “T” would be the White or Intermediate planet (3rd). Placed on a transversal line to that which passes in the center of the three abovementioned planets, forming a "T", we would have all the other planets arranged towards the outside of the design, that is, closer the planets opaque (4th), dense (5th), and on the 2 outermost “tips”, the school (6th) and primitive (7th) planets, remembering that the Earth is a 6th category planet.

E 49) Again the amount of 42:

In July 2011 in Etchilhanpton – Wiltshire in England, we had this beautiful design, which reminds us of an already polished gem. Note that the 6 external tips that protrude from the overlap of two equilateral triangles have a total of 18 smaller triangles. In the inside we have a kind of "star" with 18 smaller triangles. More externally, on the perimeter surrounding the two overlapping triangles, we have the configuration of 6 more medium-sized triangles. As the great "8" of August 2008, 21 worlds are represented that evolve more closely to other 21, and these 42 worlds are evolving together with 42 other worlds represented by strokes from inside and from outside the "rings" of the great "8 ". Here we have 42 worlds that represent to me, the six series of seven worlds (6 x 7 = 42) which evolve more closely. The 18 worlds represented most externally are the 3 more evolved series than the 18 (3 series) of the inner part of the design above. As for the 6 larger triangles, they are the representation of the Pure Light worlds (1st), that is, the most evolved of these series, and they are equally represented because only its category is mentioned, which is the same for all 6 (Pure Light) and not to its current evolutionary stage, which is obviously different from each other, and there must be one that goes ahead and another that, perhaps recently raised to this level, is last, because we must not forget that everything is hierarchical. Emphasis is given to the worlds of Pure Light (1st) because they follow one another in the command of all the 6 sets of 7 worlds and are at the top of command, because each one commands one of the 6 series, in which the case, are 7 worlds. Therefore, as we see, there is a world of Pure Light, the one of greater evolution that commands not only its series, but all 6 series as well. My "E 30" study analyzes this chain of command, where we clearly see in the center of the "star", a set of 7 worlds of Pure Light, which according to logic, will pass the time and consequent evolution, and allocate, each in its propitious time, in the position of command of all the 6 series, a position once occupied by the world that is at the center. It may seem strange because we have 7 worlds at the center, but we have the spiritual categories of each one, and the worlds will be getting rid of the lower spiritual categories as they evolve, and this is exactly what happens in "E 30" where we have a world of Pure Light that is in the center of the crop circle and allocates itself, very probably only the 32nd and 33rd spiritual categories. 

E 51) Considerations about Chilbolton in 2002:

As described in the book of Wallacy Albino “O Mistério dos círculos ingleses” (The Mystery of the English circles) of 2002, published by UFO (Brazil), we have the information that a crop circle appeared at this site in England on August 14, 2001. This design was shaped like a human face. Seven days later, that is, on August 21, 2001, another crop circle appeared next to it, 200 meters away, which is a clear response to a message sent into space by the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974. It was this noticed in this "answer", a clear reference to the chemical element silicon.

Analyzing this information, we have: the alien "answer" came 27 years after the message sent from Earth. IF we consider the dates as if they were amounts of elements present in some crop circle can work with them as follows: date of the alien "response": 21 (days), 8 (months) and 3 (year: 2 + 0 + 0 + 1). From the difference between the year of the message from Earth and the year of the alien "response", which is 27 years, we take 2 and 7. In addition, the day of the appearance of the 1st message is 14. Then we have the "amounts" of 14, 21, 8, 3, 2 and 7, from where we get the following: 8 + 7 + 2 = 17, that is, a reference to the 17 1st evolutionary categories that must reincarnate for the learning in school worlds (class 6). 21 + 7 + 3 + 2 = 33 in reference to the 33 spiritual categories that evolve in the universe. 21 is a reference to the 3 complete series of 7 types of planets. 14 + 3 + 2 = 19 in reference to the 1 complete series with 7 worlds and 2 more incomplete series with 6 worlds, that is, in 3 sets that evolve linked to one of the class 6 planets (school) has already reached the primitive planet (7th) of the series, so that it is made up of 7 planets. 7 + 2 + 3 = 12 in reference to the 12 worlds of still physical life existing in the 3 series of 7 planets that evolve more closely. 2 + 7 = 9 in reference to the 9 planets of already spiritual life existing in the 3 series of 6 or 7 planets. 8 + 3 = 11 in reference to the 11 attributes of the spirit. The 8 is a reference to the universal logic because note that it was represented on 08/08/2008 in great style. 14 + 21 + 7 = 42 in reference to the two sets of 21 worlds (3 series of 7 worlds) that evolve more closely.

A second message was designed 7 days later, which is on August 21, 2001. I understand that the aliens made, with the face image, a reference to intelligent life, and showed us with the amount of 7 (days) that there are 7 types of planets with intelligent life. Another thing is the two dates, that is, 14 and 21 exactly 2 complete series with 7 worlds and 3 complete series with 7 worlds. The primitive worlds (7th) are always present in the series, but are gradually discovered by the less evolved planets that will have to work in it, and the class 6 school planets are the last planets of each series to know the primitive planet of its series. When a primitive planet (7th) rises to the category of school (6th) it is a sign that all those of the series also change category and the most evolved world of Pure Light (1st) becomes totally fluid, giving its atomic matter to build new primitive planets. That is why I say that when the series has 7 planets, it is because the school world of this series already knows the primitive world and not because this primitive world does not exist. Then, back to the two dates of 14 and 21, whose difference is 7, we can infer that we lack to exactly reach planet 7 (primitive) for the 3 series to have 21 planets. That is, the two series that go ahead already have this 7th planet known from its school world.

Silicon has atomic No. 14, then if we add 14 (atomic No.) + 7 (days) we have 21, and if we add the 21 (day) of the last crop circle, we have exactly 42, that is, the number of planets that is represented in the two "rings" of the large "8" of August 2008, being 21 worlds in each of the rings, along with 11 central circles of that figure representing the 11 attributes of the spirit.

I understand that the spirits who perform this work of passing messages in the cereal fields waited for the date favorable to the kind of message they wanted to send us. We are, according to the classification of Christian Rationalism, school planet, and I say that, moreover, we are 6th category and that is why the spirits in charge to help us in our evolution, give us lessons on natural "blackboards", which are the cereals. The spirits are masters, we are students. The crop circles are made by spirits, as I understand, but not the Nazca lines; these were made by the hands of material beings, humans or aliens at their service.

E 33) Mathematical Operations:

In this crop circle of June 2010 we have a configuration with an “8” format with 2 green circles in the center of each ring of the eight, and 27 more clear circles in the internal perimeter of the eight. If we make the following calculations we obtain: 27-8 = 19, which means 1 complete series with 7 types of worlds plus 2 incomplete series with 6 types of worlds each. If we take 8 from 19 we will have 11, that is, a reference to the 11 attributes of the spirit (registered in the Christian Rationalism book). If we add to the 19 the 2 green circles, we will have the amount of 21 which means 3 complete series with 7 kinds of worlds each, which is the ideal configuration. If we add 27 + 8, we will have 35, and if we do 35-2, we get 33, in a reference to the 33 spiritual classes. If we subtract 8 from the amount of 2, we will have 6, in a reference to the class of our world, which is the 6th. If we make the following calculation: (27-8) - 2, it will result in 17, which would be a reference to the 17th spiritual category, being in this category the last reincarnation of the spirit for learning, because after this it will enter the 18th spiritual category, that is, the first category admitted in the Diaphanous worlds (2nd). The 8 represents to me the logic of the universe, because after evolving in seven types of worlds, the spirit starts acting on the Universal Intelligence, where absolute logic reigns.

E 34) The 2005 Hexagon:

Crop Circle of August 2005 in Chercill – Wiltshire in England

We can notice that there are 18 of these figures on the outer perimeter of this hexagon, where I see a reference to 3 series of 6 planets each.

If we count the figures inside we see that the smaller ones total 12, which may be a reference to the 12 physical life worlds that exist in the 3 complete series of worlds made up of 7 types of worlds. However, there is one detail that has to be considered and this is the fact that there is a larger central figure. Now, this figure, if added to each of the three lines that cross the inside of the hexagon from vertex to vertex, each one of these three lines will have 7 hexagons. Since there are three lines ... 7 x 3 = 21, that is, a reference to the 3 complete series with 7 kinds of worlds just like represented in each of the rings of the large "8" of August 2008.

We can notice that there are 7 larger hexagons and this means the representation of a complete series with 7 worlds, or a reference to the class 7 primitive planet. What an interesting relationship, because the hexagon is a 6-sided figure, so it reminds the school-world earth. However, our world will be able to travel to another primitive world, which will provide the movement of life, and this primitive world is number 7. In addition, the highlighted figure in the center reminds us that, too, that besides existing 33 spiritual evolutionary classes, there is a school-world and a new world to be discovered by this school-world, so that this school-world becomes a materialized world. That is, the class 7 world is also highlighted in this design, whereas each of the vertices of the hexagon reminds us of the 6 categories of worlds existing in the Universe: school world, materialized world, opaque world, white world, diaphanous world, and the world of pure light, and as written above, the primitive world in the seventh category. Another thing is that if we add only 3 rows or diagonals formed internally, adding to each of them the central hexagon, without adding the external hexagons of these diagonals, we will have the amount of 15 (3 X 5) and if we add the 18 hexagons of the external perimeter to this, we will have a total of 33, that is, a reference to the 33 spiritual categories.  Another thing is that we have 7 larger hexagons as seen and if we make the following calculation: 7 x 6 (sides of the hexagons) we get 42, which we know is the number of worlds represented in the two "rings" of the large "8" of August 2008, whereas 21 in each. These 21 worlds evolve more closely, because they are actually represented in each "ring" of the large "8" 42 worlds, which brings us to a total of 84 worlds. 


E 24) Four planets of still material life in three series:

In this design in July 2006 in Uffington, Oxifordshire UK, we have the representation of 4 worlds of 3 different series, whereas only the worlds of still material life are represented here. In my view, the rectangles represent the primitive (7th), school (6th), dense (5th) and opaque (4th) worlds, because the representation begins with a world in the three series of little evolution, analyzing it the counter-clockwise. The 12 worlds of physical life belonging to the 3 series that evolve more closely, according to the large "8" of August 2008. Just as we have the 12 worlds of still physical life, we have, present in the 3 series that evolve closer, the 9 worlds of already spiritual life. I say that these 12 worlds above are of still material life exactly because there are 12, that is, 4 in each of the 3 series that already have their primitive world, because without the primitive world the series gets 6 worlds, with 3 of still material life and 3 of already spiritual life. Let us notice that at the center of the design there is, for each shape that protrudes, 2 lines, and as there are 12, then there are 24 lines, which are added to these 12 figures that are protrude, we have 36, in a clear allusion to the 6 series of 6 worlds, that is, 6 series without their primitive world, because 6 x 6 = 36. I believe normal to each series is to hold only 6 types of worlds, because one world, in my view, begins to be useful to the spirits from its elevation to the school category, or 6th. We have in the large "8" of August 2008 that the series of 7 or 6 planets evolve tied to other 2 completing a set of 3 series and then they join other 3 series, and so on. The picture that I see is that what is lacking in a world for the spirit to evolve, we have in another world. I do not know how far in years, centuries or significant events from one world to another, but I understand that this distance exists as a need to the evolution of the spirit reincarnated in the worlds of physical life or even disembodied in the worlds of already spiritual life. 

E 25) Several series of worlds:

In this design built in August 2003 in Milk Hill, Wiltshire – UK, we have another representation of a largely evolved world (world of Pure Light) in command of 7 series of worlds whose other tip worlds, subordinate to that of greater evolution, are already administering their respective series of worlds. To me, this design is a planetary organizational chart. We can also observe that the 7 worlds of greater evolution are located on the central axis of the design and we also see that 3 central representations are similar to each other and the other 4 of this central column are different from the other 3, but equal among themselves, that is, we have a representation of what is already clear to us, that is, there are 3 worlds of spiritual life and 4 worlds of still material life. We also know that as a world evolves, it bans from its surface the less elevated spiritual classes, and that worlds that follow it, just below, on the evolutionary conveyor attend these classes that have been, because of continuous evolution of the more evolved world, untie from this one and migrate to worlds that ascend to the ability to bear them. Therefore, this world of higher evolution, as we can notice, is already disintegrating its atomic matter and is about to have its mass placed at the disposal of the universal laws to be reused to make a new planet. However, as we can notice, its capacity is immense. The spiritual classes have a downward movement regarding the planets and these have an upward movement regarding those, because in the evolutionary path, a planet will renounce the less evolved spiritual class and gain the opportunity to interact with the following higher class, which it had until then on its surface. It is a slow and continuous transformation always in the direction of greater evolution. It is like a ladder made up of 33 steps that will have to be climbed step by step leaving behind the lower steps and including the steps above. We also notice that a total of 36 worlds is represented, that is, 6 series of 6 worlds each without their respective primitive worlds (7th). In the center column we also see that there is a representation of 2 types of worlds (solid and dashed lines) to show us once again the existence of, in the series of 6 planets, 3 worlds of still physical life and 3 worlds of already spiritual life. I notice that there is, in the more external series, sharing of worlds, making each of them with 7 kinds of worlds, but with worlds that belong to more than one series. 

E 26) 3 Series of 7 planets:

In this other crop circle of July 2006, built in Adbourne, nr Swindon Wiltshire UK, we have the representation of 21 light-dark semi-circles, in a clear allusion to the 4 types of planets that have physical life and to the 3 types of planets that already have only spiritual life, interpolated. Each of these 3 sets of semi-circles represents 1 series of 7 planets, as we can see by the number of concentric semi-circles. The 3 planets of already exclusively spiritual life are: Intermediate (3rd), Diaphanous (2nd) and Pure Light (1st). The four of also physical life are the primitive (7th), school (6th), dense (5th) and opaque (4th). Again we have the representation of 21 planets that evolve more closely linked, that is, as in one of "rings" of the large "8" of August 2008. A series is inserted into the other due to the difference in evolution of their respective worlds that make them up. This does not mean that the least evolved planet, or 7th, which is the primitive belonging to the most outward and evolved series is more evolved than the planet of Pure Light, or 1st, from the other two series that include it. This is only a representation, but the order by evolutionary stage must always be the same as the large "8", that is, the worlds are grouped according to their category, 3 in 3 in that series where they evolve more closely linked. Sometimes we have the representation, in the crop circles, of the number 12, and this represents all the worlds of physical life in the 3 series that evolve together, because 4 x 3 = 12. In addition, sometimes, more rarely, we see the number of 9, that is, the representation of the number of worlds of already spiritual life in the 3 series, because 3 x 3 = 9. We have the representation of series of 6 and 7 worlds, whereas the number spiritual life worlds is the same in these two conditions, only varying the addition of the primitive world (7th) which makes the series with 4 worlds of physical life. The series are represented with 6 worlds when the 6th planet (school) has not yet contacted the more retrograde planet, 7th or primitive, that is why sometimes we have the amount of 18, or 3 series of 6 worlds. Other times we may have a crop circle with 19 worlds, and this only means that a class 6 planet of one of the 3 series of 6 worlds has already contacted its class 7 or primitive world, remaining the configuration of a complete series of 7 worlds and two incomplete series with 6 worlds waiting for its turn, hierarchically, whereas these class 6 worlds will contact the respective primitive (7th) world.

E37) Relations with the primitive world (7th):  

At the Lucy Pringle.UK website we have this crop circle in the month of July 2011. As we can see there are, again, 7 eccentric circles, in a correlation to the 7 types of world that exist in the universe. Let us note that the before last most central circle represents the 6th category world or school planet or the Earth. The last circle in the center represents a primitive world (7th) or the one that will replace the Earth on the evolution conveyor. As explained in Christian Rationalism, there are above the Earth, hierarchically, 5 types of worlds. Notice then that in the design, there are 5 more external circles that "come in contact with the 6th circle or the Earth, showing us clearly the spiritual access that these worlds have in relation to the school planets and to all the others above it. But this access does not occur, as shown in the design, in relation to the more central circle, or primitive world, and this is exactly because this world does not yet offer evolutionary conditions for spirits to reincarnated from worlds that have spiritual access to school worlds; worlds from the materialized category. That is, the humanoid race who already lives in a more central, less evolved primitive world (7th), has not yet reached the category of spirit, that is, it is in an intermediate phase between animal and man, this race is just making the link between the animal and the human, both physically and spiritually, that is,  a body more suited to the human spirit it still being prepared so that the spirits can begin to reincarnate on this planet as human beings and have the right to the attributes and their individual fluidic conveyor. Then the force particles reincarnated there are probably derived from the evolution, yet little, of lower animals that were there, not yet being possible to call these spirit forces because they animate bodies of transition between the animal and the man who will inhabit the planet. Besides this, the design is clearly pointed out that whoever has access to the primitive planet is only the class 6 planet or school (Earth), in a clear demonstration of what I wrote above, that is, we, from the Earth, will have to work for the evolution of the inhabitants of the primitive planet to be discovered soon, because the hierarchical levels above the progress they enjoy, do not relate to the inhabitants of that little evolved planet. We will leave marks for the source, in the future of this planet, of ufoarcheology so that the humanities that will dwell there in a distant future, can then start to research the past of their civilizations and prepare for when they discover the primitive planet they are entitled to.

E 47) The Wheel and the Calculations: 

We have in this crop circle, 32 circles forming a huge wheel. This design appeared in Hackpen Hill – Witshire in England. Inside the wheel, we have 7 circles, whereas 3 are marked. I understand that in these 7 inner circles there is the most central and smallest, which represents the primitive world (7th), because the central position is the lowest in coverage in this case. Then we have in the two 2nd sized circles a representation of the school worlds (6th) and materialized or dense (5th). In the two intermediate sized circles we have the opaque (4th) and White or Intermediate (3rd) worlds and in the two larger sized ones we have the Diaphanous (2nd) and Pure Light (1st), that is, we have the representation of a complete series with 7 types of worlds. IF we add 32 + 7, we have 39, and if we add the three worlds marked inside the wheel, will get 42, which is a number equal to that represented in the large "8" of August 2008, where there are 3 series of 7 worlds in each ring of the "8" totaling 42 worlds, because we have 2 rings in the "8" and therefore 6 series of 7 worlds. If instead we add 3, we decrease this amount of 39, and we will have 36, which is also a reference to the 6 series of worlds only lacking the primitive world or 7th world to each of these 6 series totaling 36 (that is, 42 - 6 = 36). If we add the 32 (3 + 2) + 3 (marked worlds inside the wheel) we have the sum of 8, or a reference to the logic of the universe or the Universal Intelligence. If we add 3 + 2 + 4 (worlds not marked inside the wheel) we have a total of 9, or a reference to the 9 worlds of already spiritual life present in 3 series of 7 planets or 21 planets or 3 series of 6 or 18 planets. If we add 3 + 2 + 7 (worlds within the wheel) we have the number 12, or the amount of still material life worlds present in 3 series of 7 planets, that is, series already with their respective primitive worlds. If from the amount of 32 circles we take 21, we get 11, which is a reference to the 11 attributes of the spirit.

E 15) Crop circle found in Martinsell Hill, Wiltshire in England in July 2007:

In this design we clearly see the representation of 4 times the amount of 18 characters. Whereas all 3 sets of characters differ innermost and also the outermost. All characters belonging to the innermost circles are hierarchically below the outermost, where we can discern by the character size.

If we multiply 18 x 4, we have 72, and what does this number mean? We have represented in the large "8" of August 2008 a total of 84 worlds or planets, that is, 12 sets of 7 worlds, or 12 sets of worlds already with their primitive planets integrated into them. If we take 12 from the 84, we get exactly 72, that is, we have then represented in the crop circle, nothing less than the 12 series of planets with 6 worlds each, that is, 12 series of planets without their respective primitive worlds. Stating again that according to my studies the primitive world, or 7th, is only represented in the series after being found by the school world or class 6 world of equal evolutional level as the Earth. This world, of course, already exists, from remote ages, in every series, but the last planet, in each series, which is aware of its existence, is the school planet (6th). When the planet of Pure Light (1st) of the series becomes totally fluidic, it rises to the level of Universal Intelligence, a new primitive planet (7th) already has to become a school planet (6th) because all planets rise, an incessant progress to the next level. I add to the knowledge of Christian Rationalism, obviously to support my theories, the existence of the primitive world (7th) and the still material life in the dense (5th) and opaque (4th) worlds. The spirits reincarnate in material bodies based on the following order of worlds according to the Christian Rationalism book, 43rd edition:

Spirits from 1st to 5th class – Materialized or dense worlds (5th)
Spirits from 6th to 11th class – Opaque Worlds (4th)
Spirits from 12th to 17th class – White or intermediate worlds (3rd)
Spirits from 18th to 25th class – Diaphanous Worlds (2nd)
Spirits from 26th to 33rd class – Worlds of Pure Light (1st)
Recalling that there are also the school worlds (6th) and the primitive worlds (7th).

E14) The Beautiful Star and the progress of class 7 worlds

Crop circle of August 2000, built in Overton Hill in England. In this crop circle we see this design in the shape of a seven-pointed star. 7 is known as the number of types of world that exist in the universe, which are: (1st) worlds of pure light, (2nd) Diaphanous worlds, (3rd) White or Intermediate worlds, (4th) opaque worlds, (5th) dense or materialized worlds, (6th) school worlds; (7th) primitive worlds. The primitive worlds are those that, more recently formed, have not evolved enough to enter the school world. And only one planet, in my view, will be considered school when it offers conditions so that spirits from the 1st to 17th spiritual category can reincarnate. And, as we can conclude from my studies, it depends on the contact that a school world will make with it so that this school world becomes a materialized world, and the contacted primitive world, becomes a school world, materializing interdependence, more closely, to these three types of worlds. The school world has to contact the primitive world, because the one that is in a category immediately above, and this seems to be a law where who knows more helps who knows less. But later the kind of help will change to spiritual help where the world previously school and now materialized, will help the now school world by helping to plan reincarnations of spirits from the 1st to 5th category, who will reincarnated in the current school world starting from the now materialized world, intending to establish in the new school world, bases of groups who, obeying to universal principles of conforming  civilizations give origin to those based on family and on the right of citizens favoring the emergence of arts and sciences, like the dawn of our ancient civilizations.

As I said in previous studies, I believe that we are part of a series of worlds, whereas there are three series evolving more closely, and each one made up of 7 or 6 worlds, that will complete with 7 worlds.

And what the figure above shows us is, in my view, these three series of worlds, whereas one series is ahead, evolutionarily speaking, of the other, and therefore are three series of worlds with different levels of evolution. Because we see that the number of seven characters is repeated three times, and the format of each of the representative characters of the three series is different. We have the seven points of the star, then inside we have the 7 double triangles, and then we have 7 simple triangles in this. In addition, we notice again the merging of worlds, that is, what one does not have, the other of the same category, but of a different series, has.

E 10) Butterfly build in July 2007 at Hailey Wood, Oxfordishire:

In this splendid design that resembles a butterfly we also have some aspects to point out.

The first is that the dark characters total 36 on each of the butterfly "wings". Where we can conclude that 36 x 2 = 72 or 12 series of 6 worlds. Series without their primitive worlds.

Each "wing" consists of 8 “caps” on the front and back. The eight as you know I consider the 8th attribute of the spirit, that is, logic. We can also understand this 8 as the Infinite or Universal Intelligence, because the infinity symbol is similar to the number eight "lying." In addition, Universal Intelligence is where absolute logic reigns, and it is also the eighth and final home of a spirit after it completes its evolution into the reign of organized and fluid matter on the seven planets classified by their psychic atmosphere, which we will describe in the studies.

On the other hand, we can make one more interpretation: If, for example, on a "wing", which we have seen is composed of 16 "caps", we can see that there is in the center, on an imaginary line transverse to the body, a full circle. If we consider this circle for one more of the characters of the "wing" we will count the number of parts of each "wing" as 17. That is, the first 17 spiritual categories where the spiritual, in order to conclude, must necessarily, reincarnate.

If we also consider that each "wing", with its 16 semi-circles is worth 8 circles, and we add the globe in the center of its ends, we will have 9, and since there are two “wings”, we have 18 characters. In addition, 18 represents, besides 3 series of 6 worlds, which evolve more closely, also the 18th spiritual category where the spirit finally is freed from the reincarnation cycle on planets of still material life.

We also have the following analysis: Each "wing" has 16 caps, 16 x 2 = 32 and adding the globe, we have 17 elements, and since there are two "wings", we have a subtotal of 34, which added to the two circles of the "antennas"; it gives us 36 again, one more reference to 6 sets of 6 worlds.

Subsequently, on the same transverse line and central to the body, we see aligned with the globe of the outermost part of the "wings", we see that there are toward the body of the butterfly, 4 dark rectangular characters. The total of these characters on the "wing" is 36. If we divide both the "wing" to the right and left in two more halves, as appears clearly in the design, and subtract the 4 central rectangular characters, we have both in the front and in rear 16 characters. 16 = 1 + 6 = 7. If we allocate in number 6 the corresponding world, we see that it is a reference to a school-world. In addition, the number 7 is a reference to the primitive world. To me this alien planet that will contact us is 5th class or dense. Where could it come from that the 32 "caps" forming the "wings" could have their digits added up and the result of 5 (3 +2)! NOW, if we count the white parts of the halves of the "wings", we have, ignoring the light-dark in the center, that is, those that link to the "globe" transversely to the body of the butterfly, we have the sum of 20, and since there are 4 halves on 2 “wings”, we get a total of 80, and if we add the 2 (globes), we have 82. In addition, if we add the two tips of the "antennae" we have a total of 84, that is, the same number of worlds or planets expressed in the large "8" of August 2008. We can also observe that in each "wing" we have 20 x 2 = 40 and that this number refers to the 7 + 33, that is, 7 types of planets + 33 spiritual categories. Right in the transverse center of each "wing" we have, connecting the body of the butterfly to the “globe”, 8 light-dark spaces, which adding to the "globe" we get the sum of 9 and this number indicates a reference to the 9 worlds of already only spiritual life present in the 3 series of 6 or 7 worlds. NOW, since there are two "wings", we have 9 x 2 = 18 in a reference, as I understand, to the 3 series of 6 worlds or the joint action of 3 class 6 worlds (school), one from each series. 

E16) More analogies between the Crop Circles and the Number of Spiritual Classes:

In crop circle built in July 2000 in Uffington White Horse, Oxfordshire in England, we see that the design imitates a rose or a pendulum. In the place where the "rose" is we have several figures, as if they were "petals" of a flower, triangular in shape. These figures add up to 24. The stem where the “rose” is attached has exactly nine circles. If we add 24 + 9 = 33. Thirty-three is exactly the number of spiritual classes that evolve, hierarchically distributed in all seven types of worlds that exist in the Universe. Worlds that are organized into seven classes: 1) worlds of Pure Light, 2) Diaphanous worlds, 3) White or Intermediate worlds, 4) opaque worlds, 5) dense or materialized worlds, 6) School worlds. In addition, being prepared to replace the school worlds (6th) has the 7th category of worlds that are primitive worlds. If we take the number 24 and add (2 + 4) we get 6, which would be a reference to the class 6 planet or school, that is, the Earth. We can also verify that the center of the "rose" there is a hexagon, which would strengthen the thesis of a reference to the 6th planet or Earth, which is included in this classification. This classification of 33 spiritual classes is provided Doctrine of Christian Rationalism. Now, if we multiply the number of "petals" of the flower, which is 24 by 3 (because the petals are triangular) we have 72, that is, a reference to the 12 series of 6 planets, whose series still do not have their primitive worlds (7th), and in the large "8" of August 2008 12 series of 7 worlds are represented, that is, series already integrated with their primitive worlds, totaling 84 worlds. And then the 9 light circles of the "stem" of the "flower" would represent the number of worlds of already spiritual life in 3 series of 6 or 7 planets. If we add the 12 largest "petals" of the "flower" we can see a reference to the 12 worlds of still physical life of the 3 series of 7 worlds, because 12 + 9 = 21 planets in 3 complete series. If we add the 9 circles of the "stem" plus the two final circles (the thin light and the dark) we have 11, which I understand it indicates a reference to the 11 attributes of the spirit. Attributes listed in the Doctrine of Christian Rationalism. 

E 56) The 9 Cones and the 33 spiritual categories:

This crop circle designed in August 2001 in Woodboroug Hill, Wiltshire in England brings us 9 triangular figures whereas within each one a circle is marked, dividing them into 2. Then we have in each of 9 parts, actually, 3 parts, which totals 27 parts. We now have externally to these 27 parts, 3 circles, which adding we have 27 + 3= 30. However, in the center we also have 3 more circles, which added to the number 30, we get 33. This is the number of spiritual classes according to the Doctrine of Christian Rationalism.

We also simply have the number 9, which I understand it is as a reference to the worlds of already spiritual life present in 3 series of 6 or 7 planets, which evolve together. If we add to the 9 the 3 outer rings, we have the number 12, which is a reference to the 12 worlds of still physical life present in the 3 series of 7 planets, that is, series already with their primitive worlds integrated. If we add the 3 outer circles and the 3 inner circles, we get 6, in a reference to the school planet, which is 6th category.

E 66) Crop circle built in East Kennet, Wiltshire in England:

We have in this representation of July 1999, 3 sets of 13 circles totaling 39 circles, which added to the larger and central circle gives us 40 circles. We know that we can unfold this number (40) into 33 spiritual categories and + 7 classes of worlds. At first sight, it is the most outstanding information that we can observe. We can also say that the number 39 means 33 spiritual categories plus the school world (6th). We can also allocate in the amount of 40, besides the 33 spiritual classes + the primitive world (7th). In another type of count we can see that if we add the larger central circle to any of the series of 13 circles, we will have 14, which represents 2 X 7, or twice the number of categories of worlds, or 2 x a series of 7 worlds.

Now, if we add the central circle to the count of each row, we will have 14 circles, and if we multiply this by 3, we get 42 that can be unfolded into 4 + 2 =6, whereas this number is a reference to the school worlds, that is, worlds at an evolutionary level as the earth, which is also 6th category. We also know that 42 is the number of 6 series of 7 worlds, that is, series whose class 6 planets have already contacted the respective primitive planet (7th) of the series, and evolve more closely. These 42 planets are represented in one of the "rings" of the large "8" of August 2008. Just to remind you that in that crop circle, 84 worlds or 12 series of 7 worlds are represented plus the 11 attributes of the spirit to the center of the "8". We see that the layout of each of the three series resembles a counterclockwise vortex. It is one more different arrangement of the 6 series of 7 worlds, just like they present differently in my study #30. 

E 63) The 4 balloons: 

Crop circle made ​​in June 2008 in All Cannings – nr Devizes, Wiltshire England. In this unique design, like a balloon, we see that there are clear and green interpolated strips. On the transverse central axis of figure 1 we see average-sized balloons and 2 small balloons. The two smaller ones are similar configuring a “negative” image of each other, the same happening with the lower half regarding the higher half of the figure. Regarding the numbers, we have: In the larger 2 x 12 balloon. In the central 2 x 6 balloon. In the 2 x 5 balloon on the left. In addition, in the 2 x 5 balloon on the right. A total of 56 elements. Whereas if we add 5 + 6 we get 11 in a reference to the 11 attributes of the spirit, which are willpower, self-awareness, perception capacity, intelligence, reasoning power, conception capacity, mental stability, logic, self-control, sensitivity and strength of character. IF we add (2 x 12) + (2 x 6) we get 36, an allusion to 6 series of 6 worlds, that is, series without their primitive worlds (7th). If we add 12 + 6 we get 18, a reference to the 3 series of 6 planets that evolve more closely linked. If we add (2 x 12) + (2 x 6) + (2 x 5) we get 46, and IF we subtract 4 (balloons), we have 42, a reference to the six series of 7 worlds present in a "ring" of the large "8" of August 2008. If we divide the balloon into 4 parts, as if we made a cross in right in the middle, we will have each quadrant 14, a reference to 2 series of 7 worlds, a number that is sometimes expressed by some crop circles. If we add 12 + 5 we have 17, a reference to the first 17 evolutionary categories that are part of a reincarnation cycle required to evolve. If we add (2 x 5) + (2 x 5) + 1 Balloon, we get 21, which would be a reference to the 3 series of 7 planets. If we add (2 x 12) + 12, we get 36, and IF we subtract 3 balloons, we get 33 in a reference to 33 categories of spirits. If we add 12 + (2 x 5) we get 22, and if we subtract 3, we get 19, a reference to 2 series of 6 worlds plus 1 series with 7 worlds.

E 68) The 36 Circles and the material life planets:

Crop circle built in July 2000 in Bishop's Sutton, Hampshire England. Here we have 12 inner circles plus 12 outer circles making two sets, whereas all the circles of the two sets are divided into 2 parts, which denotes that life on the planets represented here is double, that is, it is still material and spiritual, that is, these larger circles represent the worlds of still material life material.  As we have in each 3 series of 7 planets, 12 planets of still material life, it is quite likely that there are 24 planets of still material life representing 6 series of planets, whereas obviously the planets of already only spiritual life are missing, which add up in the 6 series, 18 planets closing the calculation that there are exactly 42 planets in 6 series of 7 planets. Any interpretation that I make of these figures is through mathematics regarding chapters "The Space" and "The Spirit" of the Christian Rationalism book, and I recognize that it is not the only answer, but I am sure it is one of the answers that we was missing. The answers that I can argue are those that I can see easier about the knowledge I have of the CR Doctrine, because I can make a direct correlation between the numbers shown in crop circles. Obviously there must be other implicit aspects in these designs that we have not reached yet, but I believe the answers I propose, based on the Doctrine, are already a first and large step in understanding the entire proposal that registers this puzzling problem about the crop circles. Let us also notice that there are 12 smaller circles within the outermost circles, and that if we add to these, the 24 larger circles, we get 36, in a reference, I believe, to the 6 series of 6 worlds, that is, 6 series that have not yet contacted their primitive class 7 worlds. Again we notice the trend of the design to indicate that the worlds are complementary, that is, what one lacks the other has. 

E 61) The 8 Arches and the 4 quadrants:

Crop circle found in England in April 2009 in Ridgway – nr Avebury.

In this design we can see with some difficulty that there is a set of 5 concentric circles. We can divide all of them into 4 imaginary 90° quadrants, imaginary, whereas the quadrants will be presented in two pairs, and each pair showing the same interpolated design of the different quadrant of the other pair.

Therefore, we have four of five circles in two quadrants with an arc segment inside. Since there are two quadrants in this situation, we have the number eight.

In the second type of quadrant type we have 5 circles in each quadrant without an arc segment inside. Since there are 5 circles in each quadrant, we have a total of 10 circles, because there are quadrants.

Adding 8 plus 10 we have 18. This is a clear reference to 3 series of 6 worlds, which is 3 incomplete series without having its 7th category or primitive in each one. On the other hand, if we add only the circles with one arc segment inside, we have 8, which mean logic, or the 8th attribute of the spirit. If we count in the quadrant whose circles do not have arc segments, from outside in, we have 5 circles to the central circle. HOWEVER, if we add the circles of the opposite quadrant, that is, also without the two arc segments, we have 4 more circles, which added to the previous 5, gives us 9. I consider this 9 as a reference to the 9 worlds of already only spiritual life present in the series of 6 or 7 worlds. If we add 9 + 8 we get 17, which to me is a reference the 17 first spiritual categories that must reincarnate for learning. If we add 8 + 4 (quadrants), we get 12, an allusion to the 12 worlds of still physical present in the 3 series of 7 planets. 

E 62) The 19 worlds of 3 series of liked evolution:

Crop circle of May 2009 in Windmill Hill, Avebury in England. In this beautiful design we see a large stylish "eight" where there is, on a longitudinal center imaginary line, the representation of 7 planets. Right in the center of the "eight" there is a representation of a planet with a very large coverage area and we can consider as a world of Pure Light (1st). From this world of Light, six beams that unite to the worlds of Pure Light that coordinate the 2 still incomplete series, with 6 kinds of worlds, representing guidelines that base those worlds to coordinate the evolution in the other worlds of their series. That is, we have a world of Pure Light dominating 3 series of worlds, which gives us the known number of 19 worlds, which occurs when one of the 3 series has already found its primitive world and stays with 7 worlds. We see that the school world (6th) of one of the 2 series of the tips is near the primitive world (7th) of the main series and the other from the school world (6th) of the other series of the opposite tip is near the school world (6th) of the main series, which probably means a joint effort. Therefore, all these aspects described are part of the logic of evolutionary action, hence the format of an "eight" of the crop circle. I understand this as if there were an intersection of worlds in the series, that is, a school world (6th) of a series would use a primitive world (7th) from another series. I believe that as the school planets are susceptible to destruction, this can sometimes happen, which causes the absence of school planets in some series. I believe this is not the case here. What happens here is that a more evolved world than the 6th (school) is already contacting a school world from another series so that this one acknowledges the primitive world (7th).

E) 76 The Cube and the 19 Planets: 

Crop circle of July 2010 in Danebury Hill, nr Nether Wallop, Hampshire, England.

In this design, we have in the center, like a "Y", the representation of 9 planets, which as we know, are the 9 planets of already only spiritual life present in the series with 6 or 7 planets. We also notice that the planet in the center of the "Y" is different and so we can make a new reading, that is, we have 6 planets, not as evolved as the one in the center, totaling 7 planets, making a series. We have, making up the cube, 12 more planets (4 planets of still material life of each of the 3 series of 7 planets), thus adding to these 9 central planets, we have 21 planets, or 3 series of 7 planets). Let us notice that WITHOUT the central planet we have 18 planets, that is, 3 series of 6 planets, that is, series without their primitive worlds (7th). Externally we have 18 more planets, that is, adding these 18 to the internal 18 we get 36, or 6 series of 6 planets, series without their respective primitive worlds. I say 18 because there is a reading of the number of planets in the cube that allows us to view this, ignoring the more central planet. We can also “read” in the cube that there are 27 planets, which added to the 6 in greater evidence outside; we get 33, in a reference to the 33 spiritual classes.

In my view, the dominant series among 6 series planets (see study #30), upon dematerializing its world of Pure Light (1st), its school planet (6th) meets, due to evolutionary laws, a primitive planet or 7th. Then the series that was the most evolved or the oldest of the 6 starts an unprecedented renewal upon finding a new and intact world in its natural resources. Thus the series are normally made up of 6 worlds. The evolution of planets in the series is constant in all of them. Evolution of one depends on the evolution of others above or below on the evolutionary scale. The planet that stands out, in the 3 series, is the Pure Light (1st), but is only there because there already is a primitive world (7th) in its series. The 1st category planets take turns in the command of the 3 or even of the 6 series that evolve linked.

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