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Worm Hole

My attached symbol is similar to Alton Barnes, Wiltshire 11th of July 1990 - These circular, linear formations, relate to navigating direction within wormholes which connect parallel universes.

There's a difference in "purpose and meaning", between my personally witnessed symbol (attached), and many similar to Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, opposed to the symbols displaying only sacred geometry.

My story was published in the Nov./Dec. 2011 issue of 11 11 Magazine http://www.1111mag.com/ 

The (attached) symbol is what I witnessed while travelling through the "throat" portion of a wormhole which connects parallel universes. After four years of research and numerous recollections I have an understanding of what I actually witnessed. I have learned more since my story was published. The (attached) symbol is an actual "directional marker" for alien races that travel through these wormholes as a way of covering massive amounts of space in short periods of time. Our world is visited regularly. Even alien races with knowledge in time travel still need verifications of how to navigate these wormholes. The symbols were left by entities of highly advanced technology that have a supreme knowledge of how to navigate these wormholes. The second (attachment) (for reference only) is an example of what the wormhole backdrop looked like. 


The symbol's large circle contains a partial representation of Metatron's Cube which informs the wormhole traveller as to what laws of physics apply to that entrance/exit on that particular side of the worm hole. (Plutonic Solids).This was the side that I had entered from.

The 11 11 dashes symbolizes the act of piercing through dimensions. 

The centre circle with the key formation protruding from the solid disk and ring is similar to a compass which provides navigational information & eventual destination location. 

The last smaller symbol is unknown to our laws due to the fact that it represents the "other side" of the wormhole which contains physical laws that are unknown to our technology. Even though advanced alien races enter this side, they enter from a world with physical laws that our race is incapable of comprehending.
The reason these symbols were forged into areas of our Earth were to notify the traveller that the destination was navigated properly. The symbol I witnessed is very similar to the early crop symbols that started appearing long before the crop symbol hoax started. In the last 4 years, I have contacted tens of thousands of people, and I have yet to encounter another individual that witnessed what I witnessed, nor possess, the knowledge that I possess.

Tim O'Neill


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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