The biggest clues here are the two suns and the cross on the side of the huge planet.  When creating a sun crop circle – they always appear with the brightness displayed  in this manner – and there are two of them here. The second huge clue is the Cross  (of Hendaye) on the side of the huge planet straddling the road.  There are two smaller planets with atmospheres, one with a tectonic “crust”.

The other is Venus.

The top illustration was screen grabbed from Facebook and the top comment is most  certainly not mine – there is nothing “humerous” about this crop circle warning whatsoever! 

Expanded illustration follows 


This illustration shows the same event at two different stages In front of the red dwarf sun on the lower side of the road  is what could be our moon –  being separated. The two separate events seem to show ‘before’ and ‘after’, since the top side of the road  shows Venus still has her thick atmosphere and Earth still has her airy atmosphere. Earth is in the bottom ‘after’ shot with parts of her tectonic plates being pulled towards the huge planet. The extra density of Earth’s atmosphere has been described by Enki in the Lost Tablets and by da Vinci: –  

“The water fallen from the clouds will so change its nature as to remain for a long space of time  upon the slopes of the mountains without making any movement.          

(Glaciers? Or heavy clouds suspended)

And this will happen in many and divers regions:- The snow that falls in flakes which is water. 

A great part of the sea  will fly towards the sky, and for a long time it will not return:- That is - in clouds”.       


Some shall go about in white vestments with arrogant gestures threatening others  with metal and fire, which yet have never before  done  them  any  harm.

BIG PHARMA where ‘Thurifer’ could  be a pun on THIMEROSAL (thiamersal) an organomercury compound in vaccines WHITE VESTMENTS – a laboratory coat

A thurifer is a cleric (priest/druid/paladin) who swings a thurible.

A thurible is a round metal crucible which emits smoke --   a censer.  

Except for da Vinci,  and Nostradamus, no-one ever thought that "clouds" could be used as weapons –  until the advent of chemical WARFARE H.A.A.R.P and CHEMTRAILS  

The  RIDDLES OF DA  VINCI  forum is almost completed and will appear next week  at the web site named here: 

Helen C Parks©                                                                                                       October 6 2012


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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