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The Numbers Crop Circle
 by Wolfgang Wiedergut


Was the tragic Haiti earthquake of January 12, 2010
foretold by a crop picture in England nine months earlier?

The Norway light spiral from 2009 matches in appearance a crop picture from England in 2002 

On December 9, 2009, many residents of northern Norway or Finland woke to see a huge, blue-white spiral of light in their northern sky. Some media organizations later suggested that it may have been caused by a “failed Russian missile”. Yet curiously enough, the pattern of lights seen in Norway on that day matches closely a pattern of fallen crops seen in southern England on June 23, 2002: 


Those Norway lights also seem to resemble what was seen by hundreds of thousands of people during a famous UFO incident near Fatima, Portugal on October 13, 1917:

The silver sun was seen to whirl and turn within a circle. Its light then turned a beautiful blue, as if it had come through the stained glass windows of a cathedral.”

“The sun began to revolve rapidly on its axis, like a magnificent fire wheel, and sent forth multicoloured flashes of light.”

Could the same group of extra-terrestrials have made all three images?

CMM Research

One notable feature of the Moscow UFO, as photographed in two videos from December 9, 2009, was that it was shown to be rotating in the sky about several different axes, while being correctly illuminated at all times by the city lights below. Likewise in southern England on July 9, 2009, a triangular pyramid of the same shape appeared mysteriously in crops next to Chesterton Windmill, as if to say “this pyramid will rotate on its own axes like the blades of a windmill.

CMM Research

Indications of Archaeo-Sky Matrix Encodings in Some Recent (2008 season)
 Crop formations in England

Part One & Part Two

by Michael Lawrence Morton, June 2008

Those controversial CARET diagrams and modern crop pictures: a series of visual comparisons.

 by CMM Research

A stunning summer it was indeed!
 The Universe provided the lock and the key!


After four years of intention focused on Smeathe's Plantation (Wiltshire, England), a significant component of the Lineage story, a circle fell there on July 24th, 2009. The glyph is the EC's interpretation of the crystalline structure of their DNA...and their gift to mankind that's contained in their Waters. These codes to consciousness, health, and vitality are here now for Earth scientists to identify, as the Extra Celestials have been providing materials to assist in the healing of human health since last year. HOMEPAGE www.nancyburson.com

The new Chinese UFO video and English crop pictures  

A leading British newspaper just reported upon a long daylight video, taken in China during the solar eclipse of July 22, 2009, which shows a large metallic UFO flying near our Sun:


Two crop pictures from southern England during the summer of 2009 now take on new significance, in light of that Chinese UFO sighting.   

First, a picture which appeared in three stages near Milk Hill on June 21 to 30, 2009 clearly showed a "small circled object" near our Sun, in the Ptolemaic solar system as drawn there:

"Look up from Earth, and you will see something of interest near your Sun."  

Then another picture which appeared near Liddington Castle on July 19, 2008 showed a "small teardrop shape" near our Sun, during the solar eclipse of July 22:

"Look closely at your Sun during the total solar eclipse of July 22, to see something nearby". 

Were those two crop pictures trying to tell us about the Chinese UFO event beforehand? In other words, to tell us that they were planning to fly clearly and openly near our Sun on July 22, in another attempt to make open contact with our troubled world?

CMM Research

We  have been expecting this for years, an inverse circle with a standing circle with the rest of the field flattened. It looks like it has been done in this field north of Yatesbury. Well in fact it is not a crop circle really, but it is strange, a little bit interesting and I am not sure what they are. Still it might be of interest and you might just get a call about them one day.

Russell Stannard

The Cambridgeshire “maze” of 2001 showed various images from the Greek Antikythera device, that were not deduced by modern scholars on Earth until 2006


The Cambridgeshire “maze” of July 2001 was one of the most important crop pictures in the history of this phenomenon, but has never been understood. In an upcoming article, we will show how that “maze” illustrates an Earth-centred model for our solar system once proposed by Claudius Ptolemy, superimposed on various images from the Greek Antikythera device: namely its planetary location and eclipse prediction dials. The overall purpose of that crop picture was to predict six solar eclipses from Saros series 127, lasting from June 2001 to August 2091. Yet modern scholars on Earth did not learn that the ancient Antikythera device could predict eclipses, until five years later in 2006! Hence that Cambridge 2001 crop picture showed a highly detailed knowledge of our future, and of our past, not available to local humans on Earth when it first appeared.  

UPDATED WITH AN Appendix 12th March 2009

 Part of the Antikythera device was shown in crops at Gog Magog in 2001, five years before it was imaged by scientists on Earth in 2005 or 2006: it’s all Greek to me!  

Scientists on Earth did not obtain accurate, highly detailed images of the ancient Greek Antikythera device until late 2005 or 2006, using novel methods of mapping. Yet an image very similar to one of theirs appeared mysteriously in crops at Gog Magog near Cambridge in 2001, five years earlier. When that crop picture is studied in close detail, its logical similarity to the Antikythera device leaves no doubt about its intended meaning. It predicted six eclipses, and even showed a small Greek symbol “zeta” just outside of its eclipse prediction wheel! Hence there can be no doubt about its paranormal origin, because the information required to make it did not even exist on Earth until five years later, when new studies of the Antikythera device were published in prestigious scientific journals worldwide.

A crop circle drawn in the sky, before it appeared on the ground?  

A crop picture which appeared near Serpent Mound in Ohio on August 24, 2003 was preceded by reports of strange lights in the sky, as seen by many reliable witnesses. Yet only recently in 2008 was it revealed that a sketch of those moving lights, drawn on paper the night before, matched closely a picture found in soybeans the next day (see www.witchy-one.com/2008/06/serpent-mound-crop-circle-lights.html):  


Why was this important observation not reported earlier? In a private message. Ms. Pruitt explained: “Yes, we really did witness those lights over the field that night, before the design appeared on the ground. I tried to report it at the time, but local media were not interested.”

A Close Encounter at Alton Priors (An eye witness account)

by Andrew Pyrka 

The “astrolabe” crop pictures of 2001, 2003 and 2008: another lesson in ancient astronomy for the modern inhabitants of Earth!  

Before the invention of a telescope in 1609 AD, most astronomers used an “astrolabe” to measure sky locations of the Sun, Moon, planets or stars. Today that ancient astronomical instrument has largely been forgotten, which is why no one recognized its appearance in a series of highly intricate crop pictures from 2001, 2003 or 2008, until an Italian crop circle researcher (M. Sassi) noted it as a companion to the famous “Antikythera device”.  

Each of those “astrolabe” crop pictures from 2001, 2003 or 2008 seems to provide us with a lesson in ancient astronomy, from the historical era when astrolabes were still in use. One tells us about a lunisolar calendar, another tells us about six-month seasons for eclipses, while a third tells us how many weeks (50, 48 or 47) separate two eclipses in successive calendar years. Who could have made such amazing pictures, based on long-forgotten knowledge?

by Harold Stryderight and Marina Sassi

 by Michele Proclamato

First the Antikythera device, now ancient Greek astrolabes!  

After reading two new articles on the Antikythera device as shown in crops, the Italian researcher Marina Sassi studied that subject further. She soon found that another kind of ancient Greek astronomical instrument had also been shown in crops, namely the “astrolabe”. Yet because modern humans no longer pay much attention to the stars, we did not recognize those images when they first appeared. In an upcoming article, we will explain and investigate those amazing messages further.    


Harold Stryderight and Marina Sassi

Why did Avebury Manor show most of our solar system for a date of December 23, 2012, but Pluto for the year 2036?

Two crop pictures from Avebury Manor in 2008 showed most of our solar system for a date of December 23, 2012, when the Mayan Long Count calendar will end. Yet they showed Pluto for the year 2036, many years further into our future. Detailed scientific analysis suggests that both years 2012 and 2036 will be important astronomically, for close passes to Earth by asteroids or comets.

Coins, dolphins and Archimedes 

The Antikythera device was built by Archimedes and colleagues in the small city of Syracuse around 200 BC (see Archimedes or antikythera-mechanism-eclipse-olympics). Part of that device was shown in crops at Gog Magog in 2001, five years before modern researchers on Earth discovered its true functions.  

Two further observations strongly support a paranormal origin for that 2001 crop picture. First, the “maze” from Gog Magog showed a clear image of Ptolemy’s solar system, with the Earth at its centre: 


Archimedes and colleagues used Ptolemy’s solar system to help design the Antikythera device in 200 BC. Secondly, the beautiful and characteristic coins from where Archimedes once lived have also appeared occasionally in crops as “dolphin” motifs:  

Although some question remains as to the paranormal authenticity of those “dolphin” crop pictures, we seem to be seeing messages that could only have been made by someone with great and detailed knowledge of Earth’s past: its science, culture and great men.

A second mathematical code at Barbury Castle in 2008: Archimedes and pi.

Gerald Hawkins once argued that certain crop pictures from the 1990’s had been made by the “ghost of Euclid”, since they showed new geometrical theorems which extended Euclid’s original work from 300 BC in Alexandria. Here we show that Barbury Castle of 2008 shows strong links to the original work of Archimedes from 250 BC in Syracuse, including his famous calculation of pi.

by Charles Reed


by Charles Reed and Harold Stryderight

Hyper-dimensional physics in English crop pictures: extra-terrestrial support for quantum gravity and the theories of Richard Hoagland?

by Harold Stryderight

The Tesla Crop Glyph – Tapping the Transdimensional Wheelwork of Nature.

By M.G. Whitney 

Crop Circle Connector contributes to 'Physics World'

Crop Circle Connector contributed an aerial photo to 'Physics World' for their current edition concerning the remarkable formation that appeared at Barbury Castle reported on the 1st of June this year 'Physics World' is a highly regarded international science magazine.

Crop Circles, Egypt and the Knights Templar 

Bert Janssen, a Dutch researcher, award winning author, and photographer, has been involved in crop circles for over fifteen years. On the 5th of August he gave an energetic and enthralling lecture at the Compton Bassett village hall. The event was organized by Charles Mallett, director of The Silent Crop Circle Information & Research facility, also based at Compton Bassett. 

In a packed village hall with many having to stand, a fact I can certainly verify, as I was one of those standing, Bert Janssen delivered an avalanche of information upon a spellbound audience. This ranged from biblical texts, the mysteries of the Knights Templar, aspects of the history and the landscape of the Wiltshire countryside, to the present day crop circle situation. Bert displayed his thoughts on the geometric values inherent in the crop circle formations with a wonderful set of images projected via a computer onto the white wall behind him. The quality of the images, and one had to appreciate the hard work that had gone into creating them, concerning the geometry were a delight to watch.  

I will not go deeply into revealing the numerous aspects of his discourse, as I feel sure Bert will be repeating this lecture many times and therefore I would not wish to spoil it for future audiences. 

Suffice to say rebirth and geometry were very much in evidence.  

Bert’s ability to engage and connect with an audience as he revealed revelation after revelation was a joy to watch. It was a wonderful and memorable evening for everyone who managed to brave the wet and windy English weather to be there. 


Colin Andrews

Crop Circle Photo Archive made public.
Alpha Books release a chapter of the new 2012 book.Announcement by Colin Andrews
C.P.R. International & Foundations of Life, llc.


Paranormal believer Erik Beckjord dies at 69

The (in)famous creator of the "TALK TO US!" Crop circle reply in the 1991


Field orientation at Serpent Mound on August 24, 2003?


Yet another crop picture from Serpent Mound on August 24, 2003 showed the location of sunset on any equinox.

(In the section of the article Astronomy, spirituality and space-time technology: more symbols for the legendary Quetzalcoatl in English crop pictures that Chris sent (link below) that the author Red Collie wrote specifically about Serpent Mound and the August 2003 crop circle, he writes:)

Somewhat surprisingly, Serpent Mound in Ohio was also the location of a rare American crop picture on August 24, 2003: 

That crop picture seemed to show the four compass points N, S, E, W, as well as a "pointer" that pointed due West toward sunset on either equinox (spring or fall). It was aligned geographically (see the large red arrow) in a field direction of due West, past the "snake's tail" (see HERE).  

The author makes a series of claims in his whole article which sound important to people who are interested in the topics he's referencing, but much of the information he gives them is completely false -- his interpretations particularly of the Serpent Mound formation in this article are based on a completely incorrect alignment of the formation to the mound.  I have no idea how he decided his directions of the formation (maybe it fits his theories and conclusions better), but as we know that a line split down the centre of the formation goes through the 'head' of the Serpent (and not through the Tail as claimed here), near through the North point, the formation's layout places his "west" circle (the circle at the bottom of the picture with the 'ourobourous' ring)  actually points much closer to NNE instead of West.  His V arrow on the formation picture does point to the formation, which makes his conclusions even more bizarre, because then his placement of the formation in the landscape would put the formation somewhere east of the Serpent Mound near Jim and Bev's house, instead of its actual location in the landscape to the south and slightly west of Brush Creek and across the street from Mollie's. 

This is typical of the type of 'armchair' crop circle research that takes place, and it makes you wonder if the author constructs such hughly important claims but builds them on such false assumptions to construct his grand theories, how many other key and important details in the rest of his essays are false as well.  What's even more interesting is that his 'reference' link takes you to a page where Ted has posted his diagram of the formation (measured out by Ted, myself, Delsey, Roger and Tony) which clearly has a magnetic north orientation labelled on it, yet the author completely ignores that key detail, and flips the formation around both on the ground and in the landscape to make his claims.  The Serpent Mound crop circle formation does not show us the location of sunset on any Equinox as is claimed in this article.  He didn't even give Roger credit for using his photo...

Jeffrey Wilson
Director, ICCRA
Independent Crop Circle Researchers' Association

Genuine that is for sure! 

On July the 4th 2008 I took this shot of what I would normally say was crop damage. It is interesting to see how only a small part of the crop has been flattened creating a
 series of small islands in this otherwise unaffected field of crop. 

Recent news releases by the Telegraph or Ministry of Defence about extra-terrestrial visitors to  modern Earth: do these signal a change of official position from complete denial to "well, maybe"?

If one or more extra-terrestrial races were visiting Earth today, then the importance and paranormal nature of crop circles would be undisputed: perhaps as an open form of messaging to everyone on our little planet, without any imposed secrecy.
For fifty years, most governments in the Western world have denied that possibility, and have scorned or censured any witnesses who did see anomalous flying craft. But now there seems to have been a change of official position in Britain (at least) from complete denial to "well, maybe". Consider for example the three news releases which just appeared: HERE
"Even police officers and air traffic controllers have seen mysterious craft in the skies over Britain."
"Disclosed for the first time is a report from three experienced air traffic controllers, who attempted to 'talk in' a UFO which landed on the runway before them. The incident occurred on April 19, 1984 at an East Anglian airfield."
"In June 1984, three officers at Edgware in north London were called after a sighting in Stanmore. On their arrival the uniformed officers saw a flashing light 45 degrees up in the sky, with a dome on top and underneath. 'We observed the object for one hour,' wrote the officers, who also sketched an image of the spacecraft."


"In December, Nobutaka Machimura, Japan's chief Cabinet secretary, said that UFOs definitely existed, and that he was firmly of the opinion that aliens were out there."


"UFO Reports 1997-2007 in the UK"
In the light of these news releases, we can definitely proceed with the hypothesis that modern crop pictures might be of extra-terrestrial origin, even if we cannot usually determine how they are so quickly and mysteriously made. Also, we should try to understand as clearly as possible what they are trying to tell us. Surely we will make mistakes along the way, but what is the alternative?

Quetzalcoatl versus the greys: two opposing camps in the USA

By Red Collie

Two hidden codes in Crabwood 2002 told us "50 years have passed" since unfriendly grey aliens flew over Washington D.C. in 1952, while West Overton 2002 told us that our crop artist friend comes from a star in the constellation Hercules, about 160 light years from Earth.

By Red Collie

Crop Circles on the Isle of Wight

The binary-ASCII code from Crabwood 2002: a second message embedded somewhere?

By Red Collie

Waves from the galactic centre in December of 2012? Two crop pictures from West Kennett 1996 or Wayland's Smithy 2006 seem to provide detailed information

By Red Collie

Astronomy, spirituality and spacetime technology: more symbols for the legendary Quetzalcoatl in English crop pictures

By Red Collie

Detailed comparison of Longwood Warren 1995 to its human-made copy from 2001: can local humans make authentic crop pictures of a complex kind?

By Red Collie

Webs of Maya



Another example of cometary astronomy in crops: the impact of Comet Shoemaker-Levy on Jupiter in 1994 was shown all throughout the summer of 1994 in English crop pictures

By Red Collie

Another example of future prediction in crops: the outburst of comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 in September 1995 was shown three months earlier in English crop pictures from June or July

 by Red Collie

Three significant events in the astronomy of Comet Holmes from 2007 were shown in English crop pictures from two years ago (in the summer of 2005)

 by Red Collie

The recent outburst of Comet 17P Holmes was shown in English crop pictures two years ago: both its stellar location in Perseus on October 25, 2007, and its conjunction with Mirfak on November 21, 2007

by Red Collie

The Magical Starglyph at Waden Hill

    A magical Starglyph appeared at Waden Hill in 2005.  The day before its appearance, I had received an impression a formation might occur.  As a result, I investigated the hill at 3:15am the following morning and found nothing.  At 4:15am or so, only an hour later, I returned to find a massive Starglyph had appeared.  Two years later, in 2007, I was working on a special venture of mine called the Chameleon Project.  It incorporated parts of this symbol that had become close to me.  As I was working on it, a vision unfolded that opened its secrets and the Starglyph’s unseen symbols flowed like a waterfall.  I believe the Star Nation People have sent one of the most important formations to ever exist.  The images of its contents and the story are at
The Magical Starglyph at Waden Hill

The Magical Starglyph at Waden Hill

I had felt more than honoured that the Star Nation People had chosen to reveal this gift to me.  Not only its eventual appearance in the field but its content that expresses unbelievable fractal geometry.
Wah-we-nah Bearcloud

Both crop pictures from Stanton 2007 told how many Venus-Sun conjunctions would be left until transit in 2012

By Red Collie

A twenty-year mystery solved: the crop hieroglyphs of Wiltshire 1990-1993 and Alton Barnes 1999 are purely astronomical, and show various events in Earth's sky contemporary with their appearances

By Red Collie

 A Mayan calendar, the Jester's Hat and eclipses:
who else but Quetzalcoatl?

By Red Collie



General Note, time, consciousness, crop circles, etc

by Michelle Jennings

More lunar phase symbols shown at
Danesbury in August of 1998

Only Available to Members of the web site.

Three stone circles in Ireland (Knowth, Dowth and Newgrange): the 1994 Avebury "spiderweb" explains them

Only Available to Members of the web site.


CCCRN is pleased to announce the opening of the Canadian Crop Circle Research Museum exhibit in Estevan, Saskatchewan, a project of The City of Estevan and the Estevan Tourism Committee. In southeast Saskatchewan, one of the country's long-running hotspot regions for crop circle formations, Estevan is an excellent location. Currently part of the City of Estevan’s Golden Anniversary Celebration (June 30), the display will then become part of the Souris Valley Museum. CCCRN is providing images, statistics and other information for the displays, and will continue to consult with CCCRM with a focus on historical cases and  scientific evidence.

CCCRM web site:http://www.cccrm.ca

Silbury Hill 1992: a modern "Rosetta Stone"
by which to decode crop language glyphs from the 1990's

Only Available to Members of the web site.

SETI beneath our feet: two megalithic
calendars and other lunar astronomy

Only Available to Members of the web site.

The 1994 Avebury "spider web" as a lunar calendar:
five turns around its outer circle equal 19 years

Only Available to Members of the web site.

Dual codes for lunar astronomy at Chisledon 1996

Only Available to Members of the web site.

The Stonehenge code: five lunar phase diagrams
 in Wiltshire crops from 1996 and 2001

stone7.jpg (35473 bytes)

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Time-Imbedded Message Encoded Into Circles 

Time-Based Analysis of August 2007 UK Crop Circles

by Green Shepherd

Are the ancient treasures of Silbury Hill about to be found?

 Image CCC Copyright 2007

Work has just begun at Silbury Hill to fill in the tunnels that were dug into the hill over the last centuries. The work will take about four months and involves filling in the tunnels with similar chalk. If anything is seen that raises the possibility of a find during this work it will be investigated even if it means adding more time to the works schedule.


 Image CCC Copyright 2007 

This was the largest man made Neolithic mound to be built in Europe. It is believed that it was built around 2500 BC. There has never been a definitive explanation as to the purpose of the mound and it is therefore surrounded with mystery to this day.

 Image CCC Copyright 2007 

Perhaps a part of its secrets are about to be revealed?

Julian Gibsone

New BLT Report-Robbert v/d Broeke UPDATE

Last fall (2006) I again visited (among other people) Robbert v/d Broeke, the young man in Holland around whom crop circles form regularly.  As in the past, he somehow "knows" when and where a new circle is forming in his area, as well as knowing what they will look like.  But there are many other strange events which also occur around Robbert and I was able to document some of them last year.  I have been working to get this report finished and on the BLT web-site, since I am returning to Holland tomorrow to stay with Robbert for several weeks.

This UPDATE includes many details not made public before....and I hope supports my growing impression that many so-called "paranormal" events (such as the crop circles, remote viewing, poltergeist activity. orbs, out-of-body experiences, psychic knowledge, etc.) are, in fact, related -- and that perhaps our eventual understanding of the crop circle phenomenon requires serious inquiry into a wide range of anomalous events.

Here's the link:   www.bltresearch.com/eyewitness7.html

Nancy Talbott

BLT Research Team Inc.

P.O. Box 400127

Cambridge, MA  02140  (USA)


ph:  617/492-0415   

web-site:  www.bltresearch.com

More lunar phase symbols shown at
Danesbury in August of 1998

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Three stone circles in Ireland (Knowth, Dowth and Newgrange): the 1994 Avebury "spiderweb" explains them

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By Stephen Jarvis

17th Century Event

During the course of my researching something completely different, I came across an item that I thought might intrigue or amuse (hopefully both!) you. Below I offer you an extract from a letter written 9 July 1686 from one A. Paschal to the celebrated antiquary John Aubrey, concerning an extraordinary incident that occurred in Somerset on 14 June 1686. Note that I have modernised the language a little here & there in order to render it a little more intelligible: 

"On June 14, about 6 at night, came a Storm, with Thunder, and a whirlwind uncommon. Sir Fr. R. had 10 or 12 people about Hay in a ground of his on the N. side of Polden Hill, four miles hence. It made them think the Judgement Day was come, and to run from their work. They saw it take up many of the Hay-cocks, to the quantity of two or three, load very high into the air. It fell all about the parish, some was carried two miles off. Trees bowed flat to the ground by it. A man said to be taken up and carried to some Distance, supposed as an 100 yards, and set down in a ditch. Active and inventive fancy saw there were armies in the sky, heard drums and guns, beheld colours, and a long Dragon's Tail; and at last the scene was removed with very sweet music, that of the Spheres not comparable to it. A great storm of rain fell about a mile or two short of the place wherein this to-do was. This is hugely talked of at a distance; and the story is dressed up to a Miracle; but setting aside what Superstition adds to it, I can be assured of nothing in it but what was natural, only not very usual." 

No "normal" whirlwind this, then. A rare recorded incidence of freakish weather phenomena incorporating powerful uplift and enough down force to make trees bend to the ground- all of which was accompanied by what we might today describe as a multi-sensory experience featuring colours (lights, I assume), visuals (Dragon's Tail? A vapour trail?), mechanical noises (drums & guns) & 'very sweet music' (phew!). Quite something, eh? 

The letter was eventually published in 1723, in a volume edited by Richard Rawlinson with the title: Miscellanies on Several Curious Subjects: Now First Published From Their Respective Originals (London, W. Mears & J. Hooke). The item is exceedingly rare, needless to say.

Brian Grist

Dual codes for lunar astronomy at Chisledon 1996

Only Available to Members of the web site.

The Stonehenge code: five lunar phase diagrams
 in Wiltshire crops from 1996 and 2001

stone7.jpg (35473 bytes)

Only Available to Members of the web site.

The 1994 Avebury "spider web" as a lunar calendar:
five turns around its outer circle equal 19 years

Only Available to Members of the web site.

Four megalithic sundials: geometrical
and astronomical analyses

Oliver's Castle as a megalithic sundial

Supporting evidence in regard to Longwood Warren:
two comets and a wormhole

Wormhole technology, Crabwood, Crooked Soley
 and other crop artist-human interactions

Mysterious circles found in Rio Grande (6:02 p.m.)

By Daniel Borunda / El Paso Times

Article Launched: 03/01/2007 05:58:44 PM MST

These mysterious sand circles in the river bed of the Rio Grande in West El Paso has residents curious. (Rudy Gutierrez / El Paso Times)

Video: "Mysterious" sand circles found in Sunland Park

Unexplained sand circles -- kind of like crop circles without the crops -- have been found in the middle of a dry Rio Grande in the Upper Valley. "It's pretty weird," Antonio Padilla of Sunland Park said while looking over the series of circles on a sand bed. At least one man claimed to have seen a mysterious light in the sky land in the area and take off on Tuesday night, Padilla said. The largest circle is about 35-feet wide contains three other circles made by an 8-inch deep trenches in sand bed in the middle of the river bed between Artcraft and Borderland roads.

I just came across this news story, and I thought I’d pass it along.  A series of four concentric rings were found in a sand bar in the middle of the Rio Grande River in Sunland Park, Dona Ana County, New Mexico (which is a suburb of El Paso, Texas).  In fact the location is in an area where the borders of the USA states of New Mexico and Texas as well as the border of Mexico all come together. 

The widest of the four rings is approximately 35 feet wide, and each of the ‘trenches’ are approximately 8 inches deep.  From watching the accompanying video, the inside edge of each ring appears to be serrated -- and the sand from the trench appears to have been thrown outward (scooped out?) and away from the centre, creating the mounds of sand in-between each ring. 

One man interviewed, Antonio Padilla, claims that a friend of his “saw something land there then took off pretty quick”.  This eyewitness then ran a told several others who came out to look at the rings, and found no footprints leading to the circles. 

The web link to the story and the story follow below…


Jeffrey Wilson Director, ICCRA Independent Crop Circle Researchers’ Association


Location:  Rio Grande River _El Paso, TX
Crop: Multiple rings
Description: 6 large rings, open at opposing sides approx size=300 feet

March 1, 2006

Name: Daniel Borunda

Wayland's Smithy 2006 and the Mayan Long Count

Etchilhampton Hill 2006 matches
exactly an "astronomical gravity wave"


Longwood Warren 1995: a cometary "disapparition"
predicted before the fact.

Unlikelihood's in the reports of Apache helicopter formations


by Jonah Ohayv, Copyright June 28th, 2006.

Crop Circles Working Protocol
 vers. 3.0

(by Claudio Dall’Aglio and Dr. Giorgio Pattera - Parma - Italy)

This is the Crop Circles Working Protocol. This is the Crop Circles Working Protocol, created to get all the scientific information of a crop circle. With the Data Collection Form, at home, we can archive all the analysis in only one form and create a more complex database.

When we find a crop circle, the first question is: the formation is good or false? With the analysis of this protocol we can get the answer. If we knows that a crop circle it’s good we can start to study the symbols.

This protocol is used by GALILEO – CUN  Italian Crop Circles Scientific Research Team.

For info: Claudio Dall’Aglio  crop@libero.it      

Good News for Thornborough Henges site.  

At a packed meeting earlier this week the campaign to save the Thornborough Henges site from the Tarmacs diggers was won, although it must be said that Tarmac are going to appeal against the decision. The campaign for this important cause was supported by many people across the country, including many conservation groups such as English Heritage.  

This is the most important ancient site between Avebury in the south and the Scottish Islands of Lewis and the Orkney in the north. This Yorkshire site has three massive Henges in a row with the one at the west end being slightly out of alignment so as to mimic the three stars of the Orion’s belt. I recommend anyone to visit these amazing Thornborough Henges. 

Today I spoke with Pauline Wright, one of the local campaigners, and she said she is ‘thrilled by the planning decision but will be watching carefully as to the progress of Tarmac’s appeal’. 

You can read a full article in the Guardian newspaper. Click on to their web site below. 

Julian Gibsone  


Understanding Crop Circles gave me the key to Intelligent Design.