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Announcement by Colin Andrews

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1st August 2008.

Many changes are taking place around the planet, one of the more concerning being climate change. Some will remember me voicing my own concerns for the climate during my many presentations around the world, back 20 years or so. I was particularly touched by the message sent out of Columbia by the Kogi Indians in 1991 and again referred to in my presentations. There have been many indications over a long period that we were heading here, but the message was ahead of its time it seems. Now there is overwhelming evidence that what is affecting the millions of species on our planet, is hitting affecting our souls.  We have to come together to work our way through the times ahead – which by many accounts could be bad. Without the many battles, the many blind avenues of distortions spin and lies, we will find ourselves on the same page, with the same agenda.  Survival

As many of you know, I made my last public presentation six years ago in San Francisco, where I had the honor of being awarded the Maverick Award for my research of the crop circle subject and just the day before, a personal letter of congratulations for the research by United States Congresswoman, Rosa DeLauro.

Since that time, I have continued research out of the public eye and have widened the scope of the research considerably with Synthia my wife, into Human Consciousness and the 2012 Mayan Prophecy. 

The crop circle subject is every bit as important today as I believed it was back in 2000 when I announced on BBC. television as few as approximately 20% of the crop circles discovered in England during a two year study period (1999-2000), were not explained away by people making them.  Here is why I know the subject is so important to the period we are living in:

The most important question to be posed in the research of crop circles is WHY are they made? Not by whom, if man-made or not, although that is also important.

The basic fact is that plants are bent into geometries and for those who have been attracted to researching them as well as making them, unexpected and totally illogical connections with the human mind are experienced.  And so from a simple question to a second much more important one:  How is human consciousness being effected or even interacted with by such basic creations or their planners?

There is a plan afoot and we are all part of it.  Dare I say, those who are active in making formations in the fields this year, are more deeply connected to world events than they might think.  There is a great deal for us to debate.

I don’t have all the answers to this enigma but I have learned some things which I want to share with those in the field.

In December last year, my wife Synthia and I were asked to write a book on the 2012 period and the Mayan Prophecy, by Alpha Books. We believe, as does Alpha Books that this book, in the famous Complete Idiots Guide series, is an important educational book on growing concerns by many people that this prophecy and this period could be different to those that came and went before. Today the publishers authorized a very relevant chapter to be released ahead of the scheduled publication date in October, which will explain part of this answer.  This has been posted on my web site in the last couple of hours. My new web site is  The site is still under construction but already you will find data to help researchers and those interested in the subject’s history, including many crop circle photographs not seen before.

My huge photographic archive is going to be made available to the public on my site and so I decided to inform sites like this first, who are actively providing an excellent service to the public.  Hundreds of photographs are up now as are pages of the Andrews Catalogue. Hundreds more will follow as will an engagement with the research into the changing world and also human consciousness – the center of the earth based changes.

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