- A Statement

Founded by Roland Pargeter, the annual Glastonbury Symposium conference began in 1990 and has gone from strength to strength through several changes and evolutions since, to become an important event in the calendar of those with a fascination for crop circles and 'alternative' thinking.  In 2000, the running of the event was taken over by Sheila Martin, Karen Douglas and

Andy Thomas, and it made a successful transfer to a new and larger venue. 

Unfortunately, as the announcement just released by Temporary Temples indicates, there have been difficulties within the organisational structure of the Symposium and differences of opinion over specific issues.  Events recently reached a head and despite ongoing discussions, agreement was

unable to be reached.  As a consequence of this, the Symposium is now having to continue without Karen.
We are very sad that this development has come about.  However, we do wish to express our deep gratitude for the important role Karen has played. Likewise, we extend our appreciation to Steve for his own valuable contribution over the years.  We wish them both well in all their future endeavours and projects.
We are now looking towards the future with enthusiasm and optimism. Arrangements for the 2005 Symposium are in full swing, as we move into yet another new era of evolution.  Growth comes from unexpected change, and we are now moving forward positively and taking this chance to push the boundaries out yet further in our ongoing mission to keep the Glastonbury Symposium a thriving and ever-developing forum for exploration of our unexplained world.
The Glastonbury Symposium

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