Crop Circle Connections - Intangible Realms of Reality 

 by Frank Laumen

Updated  Friday 26th May  2000

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- Frank Laumen began documenting the English and German crop circle phenomenon in 1997, and since this time he is one of the famous crop circle photo and videographer. He spends every summer visiting  Wiltshire and researches  the most German crop circles since 1998.  This video shows you the crop circles since 97 till the first German formation in 2000 and the places where you can find the crop circles. 

AVAILABLE VIA MAIL ORDER - - or via post way to the address below. 

 - The near one hour long tape costs including handling and postage 20
British pounds or 25 US $
- The video is available in PAL and NTSC
- Send cash money (British pounds or US $) (please no bar checks !)
to: Frank Laumen, Dahlemer Str.12, 51377 Leverkusen, Germany.

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