Video by Martin Keitel 

 Martin Keitel, head of Finland’s Centre of Circles Information (FCCI –, has recently produced a new video exploring the crop circle phenomenon.  Filmed in Southern England in the summer of 2000 the film imaginatively and creatively encompasses a broad spectrum of research, including numerous interviews with international crop circle investigators, a microlight pilot and a local farmer. 

Professional standard computer animated graphics and aerial and ground shots of the crop circles are used. Brilliant artwork showing the geometric construction of the formations and comical, entertaining cartoons with original background music make this video essential viewing.  

Many questions are posed including: 

Strange anomalies are examined, such as eye witness accounts of balls of light, unusual sounds, camera malfunctions and mobile phone failure. Experiences of other dimensions associated with the formations are explored. Do we need to understand more about the role of consciousness in our universe?  

Concise and well edited this video is ideal for newcomers to the phenomenon as well as giving established researchers new concepts for consideration.  

Reviewed by Melanie Gambrill and Lyn Collin 

Copies of the video can be purchased for £15 each (plus postage and packing)

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