The town of Marlborough is the last town you come to as you travel out of Wiltshire eastwards. Its a typical market town with a wide main street which still holds a bustling market on weekends. As you travel into the main high street you will come across a delightful blend of architectural styles, including delightful cottage architecture, so typical of the county of Wiltshire.

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The Complex of Avebury is located between two old market towns of Devizes and Marlborough. These two Wiltshire towns are classic examples of Twentieth Century meets 15th Century. Both of these towns comprise of a very wide main street, were most of the Hotels and shops can be found.

Many gift shops line the streets of Marlborough with quaint tea-rooms where you can enjoy the very best in English traditional Tea Drinking pastimes, past down through many centuries. There are numerous Antique shops and pleasant walks to enjoy around Marlborough, with some of the finest cottage architecture to be seen in Wiltshire.

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 Many of the shops along the high street have tea-rooms, and Antiques with an information centre located close to the church. There are Supermarket stores available also, so you can stock up if your staying for sometime.

There are also a number of pubs, guesthouses and a few hotels to choose from, if you prefer your creature comforts, and its perfect for riding, cycling, and walking.

The town is famous for its exclusive public school and its wide high street. It has been a stopping point for travellers for many centuries, and was a major town on journeys to London back in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

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The Market within the main high street is held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and caters for clothing, souvenirs etc. The parking for the market can be found in the middle of the high street, but off street parking is also available for a minimum fee.

In fact Marlborough is a perfect base for visiting the crop circles throughout the summer months, many of the formations appear in fields on the outskirts of town, and its only a few miles away from the Avebury enclosure, and the village and surrounding area Alton Barnes.

You can find information on Horse Riding in Marlborough, or if your a keen golfer, you can find six golf courses within a few miles of the town. The local Tourist Information Centre will have details, which can be found on the end of the high street towards the Church.

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Just a few miles north of Marlborough you arrive at a village called Ogbourne St Andrew, which has its own late Round Barrow, created in Saxon's times around 450 A.D.

Driving further out of the town about 6 miles north east of Marlborough you will find Barbury Castle Country Park. This is a dramatic downs with its own field system and enclosure with ramparts. This camp is one of best places to appreciate the wonderful scenery, and many crop circle formations have been discovered in the shadow of Barbury Castle. Probably the most famous being the Tetrahedron design which appeared in 1991.

Marlborough Tourist Information Centre Tel: 01672 513989

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