The farmer at Grafton Down, demonstrating the swirling energy he reckons flattened the barley in his field. 

I'm sure he was a bit frightened of the formation, because when he approached it (walking through the crop!) he stopped just outside. Then after I invited him to inspect it, he began walking around outside of the circle (still through the crop).  Horrified that he was ruining the aerial view of the formation, I urged him to come inside. I could see he was hesitant, but after a few seconds he did.

Once inside, I invited him to inspect the way his crop had been laid down. Then I asked him what he thought could have produced the circles, and he responded, "Some kind of energy moving around like this -- I don't know!"

He told us that he had a crude formation a few years ago, but it was an obvioushoax -- this one he clearly felt differently about!

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