“After a dozen years of studying the circles, in my opinion they are probably all man-made.  I could be wrong -- I’ve changed my opinion before!  And I haven’t given up all hope for an extraterrestrial/angelic connection. 

“The sheer size, complexity and other-worldly beauty of many formations argues against my position, but I have been present when some amazing ones were constructed.  (You’ll have to take my word for it, because I’m sworn to secrecy as to which ones.)  I have never seen a design that couldn’t be constructed with simple tools -- although sometimes it takes me weeks to figure out the tricks these geniuses use! 

“I’m occasionally accused of working for the CIA to discredit the phenomenon.  Of course I deny it -- but I would, wouldn’t I?!  I assure you I’m still in love with the circles, and still experience a lot of magic surrounding them.   

“I think that when art history books are written about the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, that crop circles will be recognized as the most remarkable new art form of the time.  Not only are many of the designers on a par with the greatest modern artists, they rarely sign their works, and they aren’t paid!  Furthermore, they are highly skilled craftsmen who work with unbelievable speed -- and they are virtually never caught!   

“Whether I’m right or wrong about the cause of the crop circles, they have affected millions of people world wide.  Most believe they’re just a joke, but they have to appreciate their unique beauty.  Thousands believe the phenomenon is utterly mysterious, and it has caused most of us (me too) to reassess our lives, and perhaps to choose a more spiritual path.  The bottom line is that Humanity is slightly better off because of the circles.  With the world teetering on the edge of ecological disaster, the circles may be the straw that SAVES the camel’s back! 

“I’m proud to play a role in getting the imagery out to the world.” 

                        ~~Peter Sørensen    June 1, 2001


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