The Dolphin Dream
Yoga for the Body and Soul

Jupiter Powerwear


Simply the best selection of T-Shirts with crop circle designs
-- full stop. I wear them all the time!

Crop Circles
Research of Truth

Source for gem stones, crystals, jewelry Metaphysical, New Age, Contemporary

Songs for spiritual travelers, "Ancient Ancestors" by Colette &
Phil. Some of their music graces the US edition of my 1999 video.

A good site making an effort to help save the Earth and all Her

This link shows pictures of a stone carving in Machu Picchu 
that has the same 16-fold geometry as the Southfield Temple 2000.

The foremost
American crop circle web site: Ron Russell/Midwest
Research at

A Swedish museum that will have a crop circle show next year

Linda Moulton Howe's EARTHFILES
Linda Moulton Howe is the investigator of "high strangeness" whom I
respect most of all.

Pat Fish
Tattoo Santa Barbara
318 State Street at Hwy 101
Santa Barbara. CA 93101-2361 USA

805-962-7552 1-6PM PST most days

Pat Fish is an exceptionally skilful tattoo artist who has been using
my diagrams for several years as reference to draw crop circles onto
people who REALLY participate in the mystery! She also sells a
spectacular shirt made with my graphics.

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