Gallery of the 2001 Croppies

Updated Friday 19th April 2002

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Ron Jones


Mary Marsh

 Rob Baker
A long time but little known Croppie.

AdrianSimon.jpg (24663 bytes)

Adrian and Simon

He was pretending the microlight was his, and suddenly he turned into a used plane salesman, saying, "You want it?  I sell it to you!" (lower left image), and then he laughed (upper rightimage).

Master Nan Lu with "his" airplane

StuartGoggles.jpg (24064 bytes)

Stuart Cyberpunk

GabrielliFranco.jpg (40665 bytes)

Italian researchers Gabrelli and Franco
AlexBonthrone.jpg (27101 bytes)

Alex Bonthrone

VictoriaBonthrone.jpg (23732 bytes)

Victoria Bonthrone

LightJugglerPostCard.jpg (32359 bytes)


Light Juggler Paul Rouse

CharleyMallet.jpg (47330 bytes)

Charles Mallett

FrancisMallet.jpg (44250 bytes)

Frances Mallett

ShyGirl.jpg (25465 bytes)


GabriellaJunta.jpg (29952 bytes)

Gabriella Giunta

Tom&KirkTWK.jpg (33963 bytes)

Tom & Kirk of CircleSpeak Productions (with Larry in the background)

JoEl.jpg (31523 bytes)

Jo El

ChetSnowTWK.jpg (42203 bytes)

Chet Snow

Kallista.jpg (33760 bytes)


NancyPolet.jpg (46911 bytes)

Nancy Polet

RobertNicholTWK.jpg (29688 bytes)

Robert Nichol

Lottie.jpg (178257 bytes)

Lottie the Carnival Princess (at right)

Leila&Liam.jpg (24805 bytes)

Leila & Liam

RodneyAshby.jpg (29034 bytes)

Rodney Ashby

WabiWoodenman.jpg (39645 bytes)

The Wooden Man at Wabi

Busty2001.jpg (26325 bytes)

Busty Taylor

ColinLaughing.jpg (31419 bytes)

Colin Andrews

Mark&Ti.jpg (30901 bytes)

Mark carrying his son Ti

PennelRock.jpg (32826 bytes)

Pennel Rock

SimonGarney.jpg (26920 bytes)

Simon Garney

GordonFinn.jpg (44658 bytes)

Gordon Finn

KathyFord.jpg (35307 bytes)

Kathy Ford

KenKrieger.jpg (53970 bytes)

Ken Krieger


Matthew Williams


Kevin Harper

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