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Ulrich flew over Avebury this morning, where he found an attractive, 150-foot formation, with 8-fold geometry, in the field bordering the NW quadrant of the henge. There is a "signature" not far away that is the Greek letter Pi - the essence of circle-ness, of course.

The 90-foot center circle has a bird's nest in the middle, which spirals out for a few feet, overlapping a radial lay, which in turn overlaps a clockwise lay that completes that circle.

Each of the eight medium size circles has a different lay, ranging from the conventional, to S-swirl, to a sort of bizarre, spiral snake.  These circles are each crowned with a small crescent, and (counting the ones inside the crescents) eight grapeshot adorn all of the eight "branches."

My wide shot is heavily "Photoshopped," but the close-up is not altered at all.

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