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Images by  Peter Sorensen's Homepage

View south, with formation in the middle distance 

An approximately 50 foot diameter ring with a 15 foot standing center, early October, at turn off from Alton Barnes/Devizes road to Bishops Cannings. Report by Peter Sorensen.

Driving back from Devizes on October 5th I noticed some people standing next to a parked car with stalks of maize lying on the bonnet. I thought it would be the farmer or perhaps it was a GM field, and they were scientists. Afterward I had the nagging feeling that the people were familiar, and began to wonder if they were croppies, and that there might be a circle there. But the corn was about eight feet high, and there would be no way of knowing if there was one there without aerial surveillance. I would have flown, but the weather was unsuitable for photography for several days. Then, yesterday I heard from an ultralight pilot that indeed there was a circle there, but by then it had been cut!

Images by  Peter Sorensen's Homepage

View north, showing half of formation - note dark area
in middle of ring, which had been standing but now
removed by harvester.

I had planned to go to Ireland that day, but luckily, was forced to postpone for 24 hours. So I went to the field, and took these ground shots. The flattened crop was in bad condition since the harvesting machine had driven over it back and forth several times, and a number of the stalks had been cut and removed by it.  The inch-thick stalks were all crimped at the base, or, in some cases the roots had given way to allow the plants lie down. The circle must have been there for some time, as some of the plants had died, and the ears of corn had mostly been eaten by mice.

Close-up of downed maize, showing some stalks alive,
others dead.

Of course, circles in maize are very rare, and I have never seen one myself before. IF ANYONE HAS PHOTOGRAPHS OF IT WHILE IT WAS STILL STANDING - ESPECIALLY FROM THE AIR - PLEASE LET US KNOW!

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Peter Sorensen

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