Movie review by Peter Sørensen of

 “A Place to Stay”

from Hollywood Daze Motion Pictures


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            “There is strong evidence to suggest that, for some individuals, the perpetration
of misinformation, doubt and confusion on this issue is a serious business.”    --Hulse & Cayton

The Case of the Vanishing Cameraman
Hammering the final nail into the coffin of the Olivers Castle video

NOW including the FIRST EVER picture of the elusive "John Wheyleigh"
(below) and his car.  You will also discover an important clue to his
 identity in two pictures of his car, at the end of this article.
The Wheyleigh shot was accidental in that, when we met he asked me
not to take his picture.  But the day he gave me the copy of his 
famous tape, he walked in front of my camera while I was filming 
someone else.  Respecting his privacy, I have not shown it publicly 
until now.  (He has revealed his identity for Nippon TV, so I guess 
it’s ok for me to beat them to the punch.)
John Wabe AKA "Wheyleigh" in 1996
© 1996 Peter R. Sørensen

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