The Milk Hill "Aurora"

As to be expected, the first formation in wheat this summer (not counting the little simple circle at Yatesbury), is a bit rough, but quite intriguing.
It seems to be a combination of the 1997 Danebury Triad, and the 2005 Triangle Optical Illusion [Link to] -- with the triangle has morphed into a pyramid.  For the fun of it, I’m calling this one The Aurora, for the wonderful (NOT!) wedge-shaped American spy plane, because the six little circles suggest jet engines.
This is a still-frame from the aerial video that I shot late on the first day, during the very last traces of sunlight.  I had to use a lot of Photoshop to bring up the contrast, and while I was at it I erased the tramlines because, being slightly off centre and at an angle, they were interfering with the design considerably in my humble opinion (view other ‘Connector picture to see the tramline).
This was only my second flight of the summer, and I also caught up with other circles which have appeared recently -- which will be posted soon.



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Peter Sorensen