Star crop circle on Morganís Hill

Updated Sunday 20th May 2007

Image  Peter Sorensen Copyright 2007

A pilot friend of mine called yesterday, May 18th, and told me about this new star formation near Furze Knoll (on the SE side of Morganís hill), which heís certain was not there the day before.  I couldnít fly to get shots until this morning -- which is just as well since the light was much better today.  Itís impossible to find from the road (we tried unsuccessfully yesterday), but the twin Marconi towers are a nearby landmark thatís easy to see from miles off.  The OS map reference is about 035-667. 

 The first formation in barley in England this year, Iíd guesstimate from the number of tramlines that itís a bit over 200 feet in diameter.  Considering that the crop is so young, I was surprised to see that it still has a perfectly clear impression.  (I was afraid that the barley might have sprung back up in the 30+ hours since it arrived, and lost its crispness.) 

 Personally I think that the simple, yet elegant, form of this crop circle is very lovely indeed, and starts the cereal crop portion of this summerís season off beautifully.

The great, ancient ditch of the Wansdyke snakes right past the star circle, and looking at the OS map I discovered that ďourĒ section of the Wansdyke starts on Morganís Hill.  It meanders to the West, passing to the South of Avebury, over Milk Hill, then to the North of Alton Barnes, and ends a total of nine miles away after going through West Woods.  (The construction of the 130 mile long Wansdyke was a Herculean task that makes the building  of Silbury Hill look like childís play -- and I hasten to say that I LOVE Mother Silbury!)  Itís good to see the Wansdyke getting some rare recognition from the Circle Makers!

Peter Sorensen



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