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Image Peter Sorensen Copyright 2006


This formation along the Ridgeway was perhaps my favourite of the
year because it was the reincarnation of a very important one
that appeared near Woodford up in Northamptonshire in 1991*.  (I
sure wish I’d been able to fly and get the aerial shot before it
was harvested!)
I’d been studying sacred geometry since the later 1960s, so when
the original Woodford Rings appeared I realized that it --
together with the great Barbury Castle Triangle* which also
arrived the same summer -- were parts of an old Kabalistic
diagram representing the heavenly and material realms.  The
Barbury Triangle is the “Throne of God” in the centre of the
upper part of the diagram (surrounded by seven angels), and
Woodford is the “Sphere of Creation” below.  There were seven
small inner rings (counting both flattened and standing crop) in
the Woodford formation, which in the Kabalistic diagram
represents the seven then-known planets (I think they are shown
in pre-Copernican fashion, orbiting the Earth).  Interesting
that the new Ridgeway version has nine planetary rings (counting
standing and flattened crop!  The wide outer part of both
versions of the crop circle represents the “orbits” of the

I wrote an article which appeared in The Cerealogist #8 (winter
1992/’93) about the diagram and the Barbury Castle formation
which goes into much greater detail.
*See the Crop Circle Connector archives.



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