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This one was very old and the barley was quite shabby by the time I shot this picture.  But I find the circle very interesting because, as Doug Huffman points out on the CCC forum, itís similar in style to the Indian Mound formation near Miamisburg, Ohio, USA last year.  The mound there is VERY similar to Silbury except only about half as high.  I recommend you look at the pictures at:

In both of these sister formations the alignment of the circles points to a tangent of the mounds, not at their centers. Tangents to sacred sites were discovered by John Martineau to be important over a decade ago.  (I took this picture from this POV especially to discover how accurate the alignment is.  Put a straight edge through the two tiny circles and youíll see!)
By the way, as you can also see, English Heritage still hasnít finished repairing the hole in Mother Silbury -- a disgrace!

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