Updated Monday 5th April 2004

What have we here?!  This ring-like marking is in a field which has been left fallow (no crop planted) at West Overton, to the north of where the Pictogram was.  There is another one just like it about 200 feet away.  (I am using present tense, because unlike the crop circles which have been harvested, these will probably be easy to spot from the air until the farmer plows the field.) 

In the seconds while I was flying over them to take shots of the Pictogram, I assumed that they were made by a car.  But when I studied the video footage, I could not see wheel marks leading to the circles. Perhaps they are ring barrows. 

Although I enhanced the contrast, I have not otherwise doctored the image. 

PS: I visited the site a week later and found that the rings were grass only -- not wheel ruts.  Therefore almost certainly the ghosts of ring barrows.


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