Updated Monday 5th April 2004

The crop circles are all harvested in southern England, so it’s time for the Annual Best Circles of the Season, sponsored by the CIA, judged by Agent Sorensen (code name Croppie2).  

1) Most Original Creation: “The Swallows” (my personal favorite of 2003)

This beautiful design celebrating Nature was in a little, gently rolling, valley-like corner of the field below Walkers Hill in Alton Barnes.  The design is ingenious -- and situated on the undulating ground, the flock seems to be soaring!

2) CIA’s Favorite Creation: “The Pentagon & Pentacles” (you can’t help but love this one if you’re a Government man!).  Except for just one underlying circular guideline for construction, this immensely powerful design close to Avebury was constructed entirely with straight lines.


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