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After being unable to afford to fly of nearly three weeks(!), yesterday I had a free helicopter flight courtesy of Steven Javor, who chartered the aircraft to film circles for Nippon TV. It was a splendid flight, and I caught up on all the recent formations that have appeared in Wiltshire. (Thanks Steven!!!)

The first I've prepared for display is this superb formation which appeared July ??, in wheat, in the field adjoining the North-East quadrant of Avebury -- where so many great formations have appeared over the years. It is obviously in the same family as 2001's formation below Windmill Hill -- which was my favourite last summer.

Although I have removed the walk lines and tramlines from within the masterpiece, I left IN the walk lines that lead to the formation, because there are so many and so bold that they make a rather attractive fractal -- I've never done that before! I have also made subtle corrections to the geometry.

The close up shows the beautiful lay of the crop -- despite being frequently visited by Avebury tourists.

Report by Peter Sorensen

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