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Farmer Richard Hill called me on September 2nd to say that a paid-for formation had been constructed in one of his fields the day before.  (The Saturn circle/ellipse is also on his farm.) 

From elsewhere I heard that it was made by the lads from London for the Orange cellphone company.  In fact, four identical face formations appeared around the UK that morning -- just as Orange was launching their new imaging cellphone. 


The technique is superficially similar to the Alien Face at Crabwood.  Although the woman is also based on a TV-like "raster" of parallel lines, it does not depict shades of gray -- only black and white.  This actually turned out to be an advantage, as the many of the medium shades of gray in the Alien turned out darker than the parts that were supposed to be darkest.  This was because, depending on the sun angle, the flattened crop in the lines would be filled with shadow -- having the opposite effect than what was intended.  The high contrast image of the woman does not suffer from that problem.


The wheat field, which was one of the last in Wiltshire, has now been cut.


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